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Six months, forty posts, and 1,575 views later, and Growing Up In Azeroth is still here.  Not only that, we are here and thriving!  When Yotaan first proposed that he and I start a blog, I didn’t really think anyone would read it.  Maybe some friends and one or two family members, but really that was it.  And yet, here we are half a year later. Twenty different people follow us, and the bulk of them aren’t friends or family! Twenty different people (and probably more) think that our blog is worth reading.  And that means a lot to me, and to Yotaan.  I want to take this moment to give you guys our utmost appreciation for your continued readership.

So, in light of this astonishing success, Yotaan and I have decided to broaden our horizons.  We have expanded to Twitter, where we hope to connect more with other bloggers, and with you the readers. You can find us at @TheFussypants and @TheYotaan.  Feel free to follow or ask us questions (but we may not answer right away because I have school and my dad has work).

I want to thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for you guys reading and commenting on our blog.  You guys rock!

Teaching an Old Paladin New Tricks

Light of Dawn
So, the other day I decided to change my paladin’s Tier 3 talent.  Since the dawn of time (more like patch 5.1), I’ve been using Sacred Shield as my talent choice in that bracket.  I knew that SS was not the best choice for the kind of healing I do (mainly LFR and Flex) but stubbornness and laziness had kept it that way for several patches.  I decided, rather out of the blue, that I was going to switch to a different talent.
Eternal Flame was the HoT choice, and I really didn’t want to turn my pally into a druid.  So I went with Selfless Healer.
Oh my goodness was I missing out!
For those who don’t know, Selfless Healer causes your Judgements to do two big things: gain a Holy Power charge (the secondary resource of paladins) and it reduces the cast time and mana cost of your next Flash of Light, Divine Light, or Holy Radiance.  Selfless Healer can stack up to 3 times, and at three stacks the heals are instant cast for a super amount.
By weaving Judgement in with Holy Shock, Holy Prism, and Holy Radiance, I was able to pump out massive AoE heals, and I never dropped below 250k mana. I was an unstoppable juggernaut of healing powah!
All misgivings I had with the game play of holy paladins melted away in the radiance of Selfless Healer.  There’s a sort of snappyness that the talent gives you, a flexibility.  If there are any other holy pallies out their reading this, I highly, highly suggest giving SH a spin.
So, after that little slice of heaven, I started doing LFR again on my paladin.  I finally finished up with the Secrets part of the legendary questline, and am now well into Runestone territory.
Now, there is more to this story than the miracle of SH.

While doing all these LFRs, I started to use my healing cooldowns.

Yup, Fussypants, the healer who will save her cooldowns until the ends of the earth waiting for the perfect moment has started to use her cooldowns more than once in a fight.
It started innocently at first; I popped Avenging Wrath in an attempt to keep my self from dying from add aggro.  Then it got worse.  Soon I was using Divine Favor to try to eek out first place on the healing meters.  Then, I was using Guardian of Ancient Kings to intensify my tank healing.  Before I knew it, I was using those cooldowns, almost to the second of refresh.
I blame my druid, and her carefree use of Tranquility and Incarnation: Tree of Life.
But in all seriousness, I have become a much better paladin healer.  Now I am using my cooldowns on spike damage, and thanks to SH, I can spam Holy Radiance (with a sprinkling of Judgements) without nearly as much mana draining.  My numbers are improving (though my gear is not) and I am gaining better and better reflexes towards spike damage.
And most importantly, I am enjoying my paladin again.  I love the raw power I can pump out of my heals.  I love the ‘do damage to heal better’ aspect that is Selfless Healer.  I can hold my own against healers with much better gear, and have the most mana at the end of the fight.  I finally feel powerful.
So now, needless to say, I have fallen in love with my pally again.  The game play has become significantly faster and more engaging.  I absolutely love it.
Maybe this will even get me to switch out my useless Hand of Purity…?

Addendum: Sorry this was so pally focused; I know all of you don’t play pallies and this must seem dreadfully dull.  I’ll attempt to get other class specific posts up soon!

Liebster Awarded!

A couple of days ago, the wonderful Erinys over at Harpy’s Nest nominated me and Yotaan for the Liebster Award! Thanks so much!  It took a little while to get the whole thing together (I’m off on break so its been family time, and it’s really hard to motivate Yotaan sometimes), but here it is!


1. What’s your favourite line from a boss fight? Can be from any game with vocal boss mobs.

Fussypants:  Let’s see, favorite boss line… hrmm.  Well, I’ve always loved ‘Peppers!’ in Stormstout Brewery, but I think my favorite would have to be the ICC one with the dragon who yells, “I’ve opened a pourtal into the dreeeeeeam” purely because it is so ridiculous sounding!  Really though, I love imitating all boss lines :)

Yotaan: Line from a boss fight?  They talk?  I’m listening to the WoW music!

2. What’s your comfort food? The one dish which always makes you feel happy and safe when you sit down with it.

Fussypants: Comfort food would have to be either my mom’s Cajun meatloaf or Kimchi Bowl Noodles (with added kimchi).

Yotaan: My fave comfort food includes anything with potatoes!

3. If you could only have one book, what would it be?

Fussypants: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, hands down.

Yotaan: This one is difficult, I read books all the time.  If the Wheel of Time series were condensed into one gigantic book, that would be it.

4. Create a battle pet/non-combat pet for the game of your choice. What would it be and does it already exist in your chosen game world in one form or another?

Fussypants: I would create a miniature flying unicorn that poofs rainbows as a battle pet ability.  I don’t think there is such a thing in WoW yet!

Yotaan: My WoW battle pet would be a wombat, ’cause that would be awesome.


5. Dinosaurs or Sharks?

Fussypants: Sharks!

Yotaan: Sharks (just been to the aquarium – favorite shark was the zebra shark.)

6. Favourite NPC in the game of your choice and why are they your favourite, what makes them special?

Fussypants: Sully ‘The Pickle’ McLeary and his horde counterpart Riko.  They are the only NPCs that have made my laugh out loud at their jokes every time.

Yotaan: Favorite NPC from WoW -Mankirk, the poor guy.

7. From a Lore perspective, what’s your favourite WoW race?

Fussypants: From a lore perspective, draenei are my favorite race.  They are noble and heroic, but have not been reduced to the sparkly perfection of vampires elves.  They have such a great story with such depth, and are just SO DANG COOL!  Basically, this is why.

Yotaan: By far my favorite WoW race are the Forsaken, which has been tough since Fussypants plays Alliance.

8. Do you play in silence or must you have music on? If the latter what sort of music makes up the soundtrack for your gaming?

Fussypants: Usually I play with the game sounds and music on because I really love the music of Pandaria and hearing what is happening helps me connect with the game better.  But sometimes when I am farming or vegging out in a lower tiered LFR, I play alternative rock really loud.

Yotaan: As above, I like listening to the WoW music.  My favorite zone for music is Grizzly Hills.

9. PvP or PvE?

Fussypants: PvE.  I’ve tried several times to get into PvP, but the whole ‘you have to PvP your brains out and get the gear before you can give it a legitimate shot’ turns me away every time.  Also, the ability to get really close to maxing out your character’s potential that PvE offers really satisfies my OC (Note: I actually don’t have OCD, but the skittles have to be color coded!! D: )

Yotaan: Both, but this expansion PVE much more than PVP.

10. Best and worst quest in-game?

Fussypants: Well, I have two favorite quests.  The first would have to be that one in Vash’jir where you kill crabs for the lady in the cave.  The quest itself is pretty standard, but the congratulations that the lady gives you is priceless.

“Why, <name>! What a surprise! “If anyone ever calls your character into question you be sure to send them my way.  I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen that in my moment of need, you gave me a case of crabs… “

The first time I didn’t get the joke, but then I took health in school.  The next time I did the quest (yes, I did Vash’jir on 3 characters, I know I’m crazy), I literally died.  It’s so perfect!  My other favorite quest is the one with Maximillion   The absurdity of the quest (DRAGON!) is incredible, and the things that Maximillion says are hilarious!  My least favorite quest is that one where you run half way across the zone to kill those animals missing vital body parts.  No, not that one.  The other one.  The one you tried to hard to push out of your memory after you spent the better part of an hour trying to complete and ended up abandoning.  Yeah, that one.

Yotaan: Way back in BC, when Yotaan was a budding Troll Shaman I really enjoyed the class specific quests to get your totems.  Worse quest – I’m getting really tired of the “kill ten rats and bring them back to me” quests.

11. Ignoring WoW, what’s your favourite computer game?

Fussypants: Really, the game I play the most is WoW (despite what I have said), but I would say Sim City.  I had the game installed on my computer for a couple of days, and it was totally awesome! And then it permanently crashed.  Ah well, it was a great game while it lasted.

Yotaan: Hearthstone, by far.


Ok, now for the random facts part!

11 Random Facts About Fussypants!

  • I sing.  Hardcore.  As in, I’ve-been-in-a-professional-grade-singing-group-for-half-my-life singing.  Mostly we sing college level choir music (we are not a college level choir),  and it’s pretty awesome!
  • I can lick both my elbows (not at the same time) in real life.  Apparently, that’s a one in a million skill!
Me if I were a gnome.

Me if I were a gnome.

  • I have really boy-short hair.  It looks kinda like that ^
  • When I grow up, I want to be either an author or an architect.  Or an architecture critic.  Best of both worlds!
  • I don’t think I’ve ever played a warlock in-game.  Ever.  My mage-y-ness has kept me strong :D
I'm rather proud of this one

I’m rather proud of this one

  • I’ve moved three times in my life.
  • I make my own earrings.
  • My mom offered a slew of facts about me, none of which appeared on this list.
  • I love drawing unicorns on birthday cards.
  • I have eaten a lollipop with a scorpion in it.
  • I like to fly kites.

11 Random Facts About Yotaan!

  • I can whistle the Andy Griffith theme song.
  • I don’t smell (much.)
  • I like wearing colorful socks.
  • One of my ears is slightly higher that the other.
  • I’ve jumped out of an airplane (with a parachute.)
  • I make it a point to eat alligator yearly.


  • I fondly remember the Atari 2400, particularly playing Adventure!
  • Autumn is my favorite season.
  • I make a mean batch of Army Style Spaghetti.
  • I refuse to check my /played in WoW.
  • Fussypant’s mom helped me with this list.

Ok, nominations time!  Many of the blogs that I read have already been nominated, but a few of my favorites still need one.

Player vs Developer
The Writing Corner

And your questions are…
1.    What is your favorite noob moment in WoW or another video game (the more embarrassing, the better :D )?
2.    You are going to be trapped in a hotel with your family for one week.  You get to choose one book, one board game, and one video game to have for that week.  What would you choose and why?
3.    If you could have one WoW spell in real life, which one would you choose?
4.    Zombies or Unicorns?
5.    What is your favorite WoW joke/pun?
6.    It’s the last day of WoW before the servers shut down permanently.  What do you do?
7.    All time favorite movie?
8.    If you could kill off one WoW characters to bring another WoW character back, who would you kill and who would you bring back?
9.    What was your first WoW character? (Calling it now, it was a night elf hunter!)
10.    What was your first video game ever?
11.    What is the one food that you want to try, but are too afraid to?

New Direction

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.22.24 PMAfter many days of decision making, Yotaan and I have decided to change the focus of the blog.  From now on, we will cease writing about WoW, and start writing about a new addictive game we have discovered called ‘Minecraft’

We came to this decision after we realized that both Yotaan and I were spending way more time playing Minecraft than WoW.  We do love WoW, but to us Minecraft was the better and more attention grabbing game.  Thus, it would be silly to continue to write about a game we rarely play so we decided to switch the blog’s focus.
From now on, this blog will be called Growing up in Minecraft, and will be all about Minecraft.


Random Acts of Uberness: Cross Faction Relations

When the well-loved column, Random Acts of Uberness on WoW Insider had to be retired, I decided to pick up where it left off and continue writing the column on my own blog! So, as promised, here is this week’s uber people!

RAOU Caelum
Caelum-Windrunner US
I was on my level 89 druid in the Vale, waiting for a dungeon to pop.  As I usually do, I was rare hunting to pass the time (it’s really fun to try to down rares when you are under level and under powered).  I came across Ai-Ran the Shifting Cloud.  There was already a tauren paladin there, so I tried to tell him that I would help him down the rare using emotes (opposite factions, so no chat available).  He then emoted back that he would let me have the rare!  After double checking with him if that was what he wanted, I pulled and he helped me try to down the rare.  Unfortunately, we both died, and were unable to kill Ai-Ran (I think I was in resto spec, and he was a prot pally, so we had very little dps).  When we both rezzed, I emoted him to wait, and hoped on my horde alt.  Together, we burned the bugger down and went on our merry way.  I just want to thank Caelum-Windrunner for being such an awesome and friendly player! (Anonymous)

Email me your tales of uberness at  Be sure to include the name and realm of the person(s) who were uber, as well as your own if you want to be credited. Hopefully, I will be able to post this every other Monday!  Until next Monday, be uber to each other!

It was the best of pugs, and the worst of pugs…

Best Dance Animation EVAH

I’ve been healing a lot recently (wow, shocker), mostly leveling dungeons on my new druid. And I’ve been noticing some very interesting things about both healing, and the attitude towards healers.
Leveling Dungeons are really hard
Once you finish with the faceroll of Wrath dungeons, healing gets really hard. The gear wall for Cataclysm (made doubly hard by how heirlooms level scale), left my druid with half the health of everyone else in the dungeon, and scrambling to mash the buttons fast enough to heal. Then, once you finish with Cataclysm, you get to Pandaria.
I had this foggy notion that Pandaria healing was easier than Cataclysm, and I wouldn’t have to be popping Tranquility every boss fight. Boy, was I wrong.
To start off, mana starts to matter. Instead of being able to simply frantically mash buttons to heal everyone, I have to mash buttons in a mana efficient way. Which is way harder than it would seem. A lot of times I let dps die in order to keep the tank up, because I simply don’t have the mana.
Although my heals can heal for a pretty good amount, I’m constantly using my healing cooldowns (such as Ironbark) to keep up with the damage. I had to research how to use my cooldowns, because I genuinely needed them. And the funny thing is, is that I’m using more cooldowns in leveling dungeons than I ever do in raids or max level dungeons.
I truly believe that leveling dungeons are harder than max level healing. I have to be way more on my toes and use way more abilities to keep everyone up. This may be a factor of how druid healing operates, but I don’t think that is the case. I have to be on top of every decurse, every damage spike, every HoT, or I cause a wipe.
But, by leveling dungeons being so hard, I am getting a way better grasp on my druid and how to play it than I got on my paladin (who leveled tanking). I know what my cooldowns are and when to use them. I know how things interacts, and what heals I should do in what order. And I know who is takes higher priority when there’s a lot of damage. Leveling dungeons are hard, but instructive.
Many players are rude/don’t care
Now, this may just be my experiences, but the majority of the groups I’ve been in are, for lack of a better word, crappy. Melee standing in the badness, ranged not stacking for heals, tanks not waiting for me to get mana. It hasn’t been fun.
On top of that, people are more impatient. I was in a group where the tank pulled a boss while I was mana-ing up. I was locked out, and after a bit, they all wiped. I patiently explained to them that I was getting mana, and that I was sorry I didn’t make it inside in time. But in response, one of the dps raged at me, blaming me for taking “10 hours to walk up stairs”. Then, after that, s/he passive aggressively asked before every pull if I was ready, and blamed me every time they dropped below 50% health. While that was definitely the worst incident, many runs have been similar.
It seems that players just don’t care anymore. We are at this stage in the expansion where most everyone is old pros at this content. They all have their overgeared 90s, along with haughty attitudes. No one gets out of the bad because it “doesn’t matter”. No one is friendly to each other because we all just want to get this last alt up to 90.
But what we have to remember, is when we are in leveling dungeons, we typically aren’t playing our overgeared 90s. We are playing our undergeared 85+, who do take significant damage from the bad stuff on the floor. And by ignoring this, you are making your friendly neighborhood healer’s job that much harder.
It’s not that hard to get out of the bad, and say hello when you zone in, and bye or ty when you zone out. People need to remember that it still does matter, even though you’ve done it a million times before. And for goodness sakes, wait for you healers to get mana!!
Leveling brings out the worst, and best, of people
I have been in slow groups, fast group, silent groups, and talkative groups. I have been in groups where the tank can’t keep aggro for anything and where dps are more aggressive pullers than the tanks. But I have also been in fantastic groups where the tank does a fantastic job keeping aggro, has a good pace, and then manages to cast Inneravate on their healer when it comes off cooldown (seriously, any tank or dps who does that deserves a gold medal). Everyone reacts differently to the tedium of leveling.
But when you are stuck in that repetitiveness, remember that everyone else in the group is too. We all want to do the same thing, level up, gear up, or just experience the content. So how hard can it be for everyone to just treat others how they themselves wish to be treated? We are all in the same boat; try not to tip it over for everyone.





Now, please go back and re-read the title, but in your head use Covert to Raid’s podcaster Koltrane’s voice, because that is exactly how it feels.  Yotaan has reached legendary status with his new cloak, Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu’lon.  It feels awesome.  Even though the cloak has been described as the people’s legendary, it still feels great to have that orange text.
A very big Uber thanks goes to Fussypants on helping Yotaan so much in his legendary quest.  She gave great pointers for the final single person scenario when you fight the Black Prince.  While I was expecting a challenge I thought I was ready for it.  Hah!  Wiped easily a dozen times.  Had to repair my gear.  May have cursed once or twice too.  Then, along comes my daughter with excellent suggestions (gotta use the balcony trick) and the Black Prince was down.
Then, Fussypants becomes even more Uber.  We then proceeded to the Timeless Isle and begun the Celestials part.  Fussypants immediately created a raid and then we methodically mowed each celestial down.  She even was able to change over to a new alt with each new boss!  I actually thought this part would take a lot of time but it was the easiest and fastest part of the entire quest chain.
Finally, a quick quest turn in, and Yotaan is legendary!  The DPS change is very noticeable and very fun.  Thank you Fussypants!