Patch 6.2 Impressions

6.26.2 has officially dropped, unlocking Tanaan Jungle, shipyards, mythic dungeons, a raid, and much more for the players to explore. Especially since the patch came after a long drought of content, the Fury of Hellfire has been the talk of the community. So what have Fussypants and Yotaan been doing?


Fussypants: I have been eagerly awaiting this patch! The new content is great fun to do together with my guild and I really enjoy the ‘Timeless Isle’ nature of Tanaan Jungle. My one complaint is, like most content, it is not really geared towards healers. So consequently, all of my exploration of Tanaan has been with others. Because of this, I am probably not as far along as others with the rep grinding and whatnot. This is of little important though; I am really enjoying exploring the zone. And finding all the hidden treasures has been one of the coolest thing.


On the shipyards front, I am less impressed. I wasn’t all that excited about shipyards in the first place and I’m just luke-warm about it now that I have one. My problem is two-fold. First, it seems so hard to get off the ground and start actually getting useful things from the shipyard. The rewards for the naval missions are rather boring and I often can’t get over 80% on the mission success rate. In addition, everything is so spread out! It’s a trek down to the docks, and then another trek between the ship making guy and the ship sending guy. I know this might sound like lazy complaining, but the time really does add up. All together, the shipyard hasn’t really been worth my interest, so I haven’t really done anything with it.


But the rest of 6.2 has been superb. I can’t wait to start running some mythic dungeons with my guild and really digging deep into the secrets of Tanaan. Oh, I almost forgot the best change! You can spacebar through the garrison mission animations. I don’t use MasterPlan (and was chuckling when it was down for those two days and y’all were dying) so I was using the default UI which used to take forever. But not anymore! *happy dance*

The most I have done with this place is give my ships silly names, really (Fussypants)

The most I have done with this place is give my ships silly names, honestly (Fussypants)


Yotaan: Well, my interest in WoW has been very low lately. I stopped playing for several weeks. Yotaan languished in his garrison, looking for something to do. He heard that Fussypants was busy, but he just didn’t care. Then, news of 6.2 came along. Hmmm, somewhat interesting, but nothing compelling, really. But one significant change gave Yotaan a goal, finally something to work towards. Flying. While I have not been a proponent of flying in the game, it was intriguing enough to go after. And Yotaan ventured out the garrison, doing Apexis dailies and gathering treasures. He even raided with Fussypants once!


Now 6.2 has dropped, and there is stuff to do! Honestly, I haven’t gotten very far, but it has been interesting. The on-rails feeling was there to get to Tanaan, but it was an enjoyable set of quests. I am not so sure about the shipyard, and why did have to rescue the rebel orc shipwright? The night elf dude is making my ships! My other quibble is that the story is disjointed if you don’t raid. All of a sudden Gul’dan is in charge, and I don’t know why. Anyhow, it has been great to finally do some new things and see new sights. Yotaan will be working on those reputations to get flying for him and Fussypants. Of course, he will explore all he can and get that flying mount!


Fussypants: Oh yeah, I forgot about that, thanks for reminding me Yotaan! I also thought that the ‘And Gul’dan said Let there be Fel, and there was Fel, and Gul’dan saw the Fel was Good’ switch was rather abrupt. We go from fighting the Iron Horde all expansion to suddenly hello! Burning Legion!

Also why did the Alliance have to go get that orc guy anyways? We have countless engineering feats (Stormwind Harbor, Deeprun Tram, Skyfire, to name a few) so why couldn’t we build a simple dock and some ships? We recruit the orc and then he just disappears? I think that might have been Blizzard’s way of showing the collapse of the Iron Horde, but they could have come up with a better reason for the Alliance to recruit the orcish shipwright.


So what did you guys think of 6.2?


Note: Fussypants and Yotaan are going on vacation for a bit, so there will not be a blog post next week. Us writers need a summer too!

Garrisons Going Onwards

WoWScrnShot_061915_220553Garrisons are inarguably a very central part to the WoD expansion.   But, as it has been mentioned a few times, they will not be coming with us to the next expansion.  At least, not in their current incarnation. But it does seem likely that Blizzard will take some of the technology and ideas from the garrison and use them in the next expansion.

So, what would I want to see?

It’s hard to say exactly what I would want because we don’t yet know what the expansion will be.  The garrison of WoD was intrinsically linked to the story and feel of WoD as was the farm to Mists.  So whatever the next expansion would be, the next incarnation of the garrison would have to fit in with it thematically.  However, without knowing what the next expansion will be, there are still some things I would want to see with the next garrison.

One of the my main issues with the current garrison is that it is so large.  There is a lot of space to cover, which makes running around doing chores can be a very tedious thing.  This space made sense since the garrison was a military outpost, but in the next incarnation, I would like to see something a little different.  Something a little more compact.

If at all possible, I would like to see Garrison 2.0 as one building, sort of like a compound.  Specialization of your garrison would come from the rooms you picked rather than separate buildings.  Keep in mind, I do not want to see the next garrison become a house.  But I think it should be smaller than it is, and making it a compound would be a good way of keeping it smaller.

I would also like to see race themed buildings in Garrison 2.0.  Especially if it is one building, it would be much easier to design for all the race (smaller space, reusing models).  My gnome is sick and tired of barely being tall enough to see things in her garrison and my draenei would really prefer a few more floating crystals.  The changes wouldn’t need to be huge, just enough to give each race a little ‘flair’.

The other problem with the garrison was that once you had it all set up, there was very little reason to leave it.  People would log into their garrisons, do their garrison chores, check their bank and AH, and queue up for their instances.  I know Blizzard doesn’t want people to hang out in the capital cities all the time, but hiding in our garrisons was even worse.  So the next incarnation of the garrison will need to include much more incentive to venture out.

In order to do so, Garrison 2.0 should have more quests to find things outside the garrison with enticing rewards.  Think the Inn, but with quests to find things out in the world as well.  There should also be randomly spawning things out in the world that you can find that would help your garrison. So while you wait for that instance queue, you are out in the world searching for something, or trying to complete a quest.

The Alliance Garrison is so picturesque!

The Alliance Garrison is so picturesque!

Finally, professions should not be a part of the new garrison.  Sure, the garrison might award some mats or recipes for them, but nothing on the level of the Herb Garden or Mines.  And definitely no crafting huts like we have today.  People should have to again go out into the world to gather their mats and craft their stuff.

One thing I thought was very well done, was the set and forget missions.  I would like to see something similar (but not the same!) in Garrison 2.0.  While I’m not entirely sure what the next version should be, I do like the mini-game of missions.  I would advocate for less missions but the ones we keep give more interesting rewards, but missions are in a pretty good state where they are.

Here’s an idea actually, for missions 2.0.  Players can set out missions for other players to complete instead of their followers.  Both those setting out the missions and those completing them get some sort of specific reward that helps them to further their garrison.  For example, setting out missions gets you a garrison specific currency while completing missions nets you in gold.  And then that garrison specific currency can buy things like gear, toys, pets, and more. That could be a fun way to get people out into the world again.

I think garrisons have been an overall very successful part of WoW.  However, like all things they have had their faults.  Moving forwards, I really hope that the next garrison encourages more ventures into the world as well as interaction between players.  The next garrison should be less of a home base, and more of a starting point for your playtime.

Tin Foil Hat: What is the Light?

Priest Healing
Warning: What you are about to read is pure speculation, a Tin Foil Hat article if you will, about the nature of Light and Magic in World of Warcraft.  Please do not take this as 100% true fact until you hear Blizzard themselves confirm or deny it.

Last night my guildies and I had a very interesting and speculative conversation about the Light in World of Warcraft.  It all started off with a discussion of Sylvanas (as all good conversations do).

As the lore goes, Sylvanas was first killed by Arthas during the Third War and then resurrected as a banshee.  Her first experience with the afterlife was peaceful, comforting, and warm. When Arthas was killed at the end of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Sylvanas jumped off of Icecrown Citadel to her death.  However, this second experience with the after life was starkly different.  It was dark, painful, and terrifying.

These two versions of the afterlife (Azerothian Heaven and Hell) seem to be connected with the Light since Sylvanas was a High Elf originally (and the High Elves were believers in the Light).  So it is safe to say that the second time Sylvanas died, the Light had abandoned her.  But this begs the question, why?

Was it because Sylvanas did evil things in her second life? Or was it purely because she had been raised by necromancy and the Light had deserted her right after that regardless of her own morality?

Pulling evidence from other Light users in the game lore, neither option seems to be the answer.

The Scarlet Crusade is many things, but morally right is not one of them.  They commit acts of murder, torture, and worse.  However, the Light has not abandoned them.  In fact, the Light is one of their principle tools for wrong-doing.

Or another instance, the Blood Elves.  Their Light practicing started out with them literally sucking the Light out of a Naaru like vampires.  They stole and slowly killed Muru but were still able to wield that Light energy.

So is the Light simply a tool? Is there no morality, no good and evil attached to it?  Wielded by the Scarlet Crusade, the Light seems more akin to the Force of the Star Wars franchise.  But then that means Sylvanas was abandoned to the light because she was resurrected by corrupting necromancy.

This would make more sense when compared to other instances of Light abandonment.  Take for example, Nobundo.  Nobundo was a paladin fighting against the orcs in the original timeline.  However, exposure to Fel magics caused the light to abandon him and he turned to shamanism.  So there is yet another example of the Light abandoning because of corrupting forces.

But there is still a wrinkle here that hasn’t been explained.  What qualifies as a corrupting force? How much exposure must a Light user have to corruption before the Light leaves them?  And why is the Light so different between races?

The Blood Elves bear the fel taint in their very eyes, but they can still use the Light.  However, the Broken have been exposed to fel and their connection is cut off.  Night elven priests wield the Light of Elune (the Moon) whereas Tauren priests pull from An’she (the Sun).  And what about Pandaren priests??

The more you look at it, the more inconsistent the Light seems to become.  So many different races use so many different Lights and all of them have slightly different rules.

Is it possible… is it possible that there are different Lights?

But how?
PrismWhat if there was a spectrum of ‘Light’ and every race pulled from a different part of that spectrum?

That way all Light users are using the Light, but each Light they channel is slightly different.  Because of the cultures of the races, they are more attuned to pulling a different ‘flavor’ of Light.

What if all magic was that way? All part of a spectrum of Magic with Light being just one ‘color’?

Imagine that magic in Warcraft is white light reflecting through a prism.  So we have warlock, priest, shaman, druid, death knight, and mage magic are all different colors on the spectrum but essentially all part of the same rainbow.  The rainbow of magic (oh how corny).

But if that’s the case, then what is the white light?  What type of magic can be broken down into all of these varied forms.  I would argue that it is Arcane.

When you think about it, every type of magic except arcane is modeled off of a natural phenomenon or element.  Fire, Water, Shadow, they are all mimicry of a real thing in the world.  But Arcane is the only one that is not.  Arcane is not corrupting, nor does it copy an element in the world.  Arcane seems to be the pure form of magic.

However, once you add the ‘prism’, Arcane magic can be broken down into many different colors of magic.  So, within arcane magic, you can find the magics of every other class in game.

This can also help to explain why different races seem to use slightly different variations of the name magics.  That is because they are pulling from different ‘shades’ of one color of magic.
Going back to light magic, Draenei, trolls, and Pandaren are all pulling from the part of the rainbow of magic that contains Light magic, but they pull from different colors of that spectrum.  So for example, if Light were yellow, the Trolls might pull more of a green yellow color while Draenei pull more of a orange yellow and Pandaren pull the true yellow.

This can also explain why certain magic users seem to overlap in their magic types.  Mages, Shaman, and Druids might pull from ranges of the spectrum that overlap, but they do not pull the exact same colors.

A races’ society and natural adeptness influences what types of magic they can pull from the spectrum of magic.  And this spectrum is what creates the varied forms of magic throughout the World of Warcraft.

/end Tin foil hat

Transmog Time: Fashion Fusion

I love mixing and matching different ‘official’ gear sets. And apparently, this is a cardinal sin of transmog but I especially love mixing sets from different expansions. Sometimes, one can really tell the age difference of those pixels. But every so often, I get it right. And what I create is a great fusion of two different eras of WoW.

Today’s sets aren’t entirely fusion sets but a good number are! I am featuring a lot of plate and cloth after the leather heavy last article. Without further ado, here they are!

1 Purple CasterDraenor Spellcaster

I always loved the cloth BoA set that the garrison Bunker/Mill sold. However, I was not as big a fan of the rather revealing nature of the robes from that set. And on the other hand, I’ve always loved this chest model from BC. So I took pieces from both and fused them together! I think this one turned out really nicely! Since both are from ‘Draenor’ of sorts, it keeps with the extraterrestrial and rugged theme. The pieces of set should be very easy and inexpensive to obtain, which is another bonus!

The chest piece can come in either robe or shirt model, which lets you choose if you want to wear a skirt or pants.

Chest: Eternal Chestguard (shirt)                or: Eternal Wraps (robe)

Pants: Shadowmoon Leggings                   Shoulder: Shadowmoon Shoulderguards 

Head: Shadowmoon Cowl                          Hands: Eternal Gloves

Feet: Eternal Boots                                     Waist: Shadowmoon Sash



2 Iron Pally Iron Paladin

This set unfortunately is restricted to paladins only, which is a shame because it’s such a great plate set. I mixed WoD PvP gear with a personal favorite of mine- the Overlord plate set. The result was a more rugged (might I say… savage?) paladin set that works great for displaying tabards. I picked the Shado Pan tabard because the colors contrasted nicely, but any tabard would work well.

Chest: Overlord’s Chestplate                                      Pants: Overlord’s Legplates

Head: Overlord’s Crown                                              Wrists: Overlord’s Vambraces

Waist: Primal Gladiator’s Girdle of Victory                  Tabard: Shado-Pan Tabard

Shoulder: Primal Gladiator’s Scaled Shoulders (paladin only)

Hands: Primal Gladiator’s Scaled Gauntlets (paladin only)

Feet: Primal Gladiator’s Warboots of Prowess


3 Draenei Mage SetAldor Sorcerer

I almost didn’t want to share this next set; I liked it that much. But since I love you guys that much, I will show you the Best Transmog for Draenei Mages Evah™. The set is a mix of BC tiers with a WoD staff added in. I absolutely love the colors and mageyness and I think the set actually looks good on any race! (But best on draenei). And excepting the head, the rest of the set is not class restricted!


Chest: Robes of Effervescent Light               Shoulder: Mana-Sphere Shoulderguards   

Head: Cowl of the Tempest (mage only)       Hands:   Energis Armwraps

Feet: Silent Slippers of Meditation                 Waist: Oracle Belt of Timeless Mystery

Staff: Sol’s Magestaff (Normal mode drop)

4 Silver and Gold PallyRadiant Light

This was another one of those ‘I want to keep this all to myself’ sort of sets, but I decided to post it all the same. I’m sure versions of this have been done before, but I really, really like this one that I made. It’s everything that a paladin should be: radiant, glorious, and shiny. And you guessed it; it’s also paladin restricted.

Chest: Breastplate of Radiant Glory (paladin only)          Feet: Pillarfoot Greaves

Shield: Skyguardian’s Shield                                           Sword: Azuresong Mageblade

Pants: Vicious Gladiator’s Scaled Legguards (paladin only)

Shoulder: Vicious Gladiator’s Scaled Shoulders (paladin only)

Hands:   Vicious Gladiator’s Scaled Gauntlets (paladin only)

Waist: Vicious Gladiator’s Clasp of Cruelty (paladin only)

5 Blue Cowled MageWizard in Blue

I’ve always loved the style of the Tier 4 Mage set, but I try not to transmog an entire tier. So I took bits and pieces of the PvP recolor, matched it with a classic robe, and voila! I like the simplicity and mystery as well as the color coordination of this one! (And yes, this is mage only)

Chest: Robes of Shame              Shoulder: Merciless Gladiator’s Silk Amice (mage only)

Waist: Veteran’s Silk Belt             Head: Merciless Gladiator’s Silk Cowl (mage only)

Hands: Merciless Gladiator’s Silk Handguards (mage only)

Feet: Veteran’s Silk Footguards

6 Golden WarriorGolden Fire

And last but not least, an oldie but goodie! Two versions for you to mix and match with! (And no class restrictions)

Chest: Conqueror’s Breastplate                      or: Hyperion Armor

Pants: Legplates of Blazing Light                   Shoulder: Replica Lightforge Spaulders

Head: Crown of Empowered Fate

Feet: Magma Tempered Boots                       Weapon: Blade of the Titans

Hands: Heretic’s Gauntlets                             or: Fiery Plate Gauntlets 

Waist: Hyperion Girdle                                   or: Girdle of the Fallen Crusader



Lots of paladin, mage, and PvP gear this time round! I think my next challenge will be to create some good mail sets since that is the one type of gear I haven’t hit yet.

What do you think of these? Any suggestions or improvements you would recommend?


Flying Feud


I realize that I’m basically preaching to the choir here, but I needed to get this off my chest.

Ok.  I told myself that I wasn’t going to write this post.  I knew it was a can of worms and I swore not to even get near it.  I couldn’t stay away.
Today, we are going to talk about flying.  Or rather, the reaction to the possible removal of flying.

You see, I personally don’t care one whit about the whole ordeal.  Whether it’s in the game or not does not impact my playtime much, if at all.  I’m completely ambivalent about the whole thing.  But what I’m not ambivalent about, is the discussion it has generated.

The majority of WoW players do not hold the same view as me. In fact, many seem to feel very strongly about the issue.  And on both sides of the argument (and yes, it has become an argument) are guilty of overreacting to the issue.

I understand that flying is an important issue.  And I understand that you want to get your opinion out to the world.  I feel the same way about changes that effect me.  But there come a point where it’s no longer expressing an opinion.  Where it’s no longer offering constructive criticism.

I’m definitely not saying to stop talking about flying.  Feedback and input are what tell Blizzard what works and what doesn’t.  But please, for the sakes of others, don’t smear your opinion everywhere you go.  Not everything connects back to flying and not every opportunity should be taken to complain about it.  Submit feedback, discuss in appropriate threads and forums, but don’t bring it where it has no place.

And another thing, most people are set on their decision on the matter.  Your continued arguing and bickering over the matter won’t convince anyone that your side is right.  If you are going to discuss your stance, please try to do so in a constructive and calm manner.  More people will listen to you if you aren’t antagonistic.  Civility to others, and especially those who don’t share the same opinion.

The bickering and arguing, while tiring, is not my worst gripe with this whole matter.  It’s the threats to the creators of this game and those who you disagree with.  Once you feel the need to threaten the safety of another because of an opinion, this is where you become a problem.  While it might seem like a good way of venting your anger, that is a terrible and immature way to respond.  Children respond like that.  Not adults.  I know not everyone on the internet is an adult (I know I’m not) but you owe it to the other Net denizens to at least try to act like one.  Please don’t threaten violence.  You see the line? That is way to many steps over it.

Please remember that there are real people behind the avatars.  The pro-flyers are real people.  The no-flyers are real people.  And especially, the developers are real people.  So stop treating them like garbage and start treating them like human beings.  How would you feel if everywhere you went on the internet, you had people telling you you were an idiot.  That your choices were the worst thing ever.  That you were ruining peoples lives.  That you were a monster.  That they would harm you or your family.  It wears on a person and it makes them feel terrible.  I would never wish that on anyone, and I hope none of my readers are doing that to others.

I understand that flying is an important element of the game and that people feel very strongly about it.  But be constructive in your debate.  Be calm in your discussion.  And be humane in your conversation.  You are not the only one with a strong opinion and just because someone else doesn’t share it, that doesn’t make them wrong.

I know this is a lot to ask for, with the anonymity of the internet.  But I believe in the power of the community.  We are better than this and we can solve our differences peacefully.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

The ‘Its almost Summer!’ Update

Nekkid raiding with the guild!

Nekkid raiding with the guild!

It’s been a while since we’ve written one of these, so we are more than due.  Here’s a litte behind the scenes update on what Fussypants and Yotaan have been doing!

Fussypants: Well I for one have been insanely busy!  School has been ramping up in a last ditch attempt to squeeze as much learning into us as they can before summer break.  But luckily the end is in sight so I will have much more freetime soon! And sleep, so much more sleep!

On the WoW front I have been super busy organizing guild events including (but not limited to) Herald of the Titans runs, Nekkid raids for achievements, Dungeon nights, officer meetings, guild meetings, current raiding, and pvp events.  I’ve also returned to WoD content level after a five month break and plan to start raiding again (but on a very casual level with my guild).

Also, I’ve been building a ton of new transmog sets for all my new characters.  So expect some more transmog articles soon!

And if any of you readers would be interested in doing some casual WoD raiding, defintely hit me up (either by emailing thefussypants(at)hotmail(dot)com, tweeting at me @thefussypants, or asking in the comments)! We plan on starting in the next couple of weeks and will definitely be crossrealming so anyone Alliance on US realms is more than invited!

Yotaan:  Real life has been very busy for me too.  My work has become more involved and I have taken on more responsibilities.  Summer is typically a busy time for me as well, so the work continues!

As for WoW, I have barely played at all.  I did complete the Stables mount training, but that is it.  I’ve had an all time low interest in WoW lately, a nadir since BC.  Not sure where it is going, will keep you posted on that!

So what about you folks? Are you more than ready for summer like we are?

Satire: So You’ve Been Banned for Botting

banned(Warning: Heavy Satire)

My friends you find yourself here because you have a problem.  A problem that I can help you fix.  I know this problem well as I have faced it many times.  Each time I have overcome it.  Let me teach you how to do the same.
So You’ve Been Banned from WoW for Botting
First things first, make sure that you have actually been banned.  Blizzard is a corporation made of pansies and lily-livered ninnies and often times they threaten to do things and never follow through.  Especially when that thing is ban botters.

You see, the truth is Blizzard is terrified of us botters.  We have figured out how to avoid their greedy corporate scheme to actually get us to play the game.  Blizzard is actually scared of us botters; we have found the secret.  No longer must we level, raid, farm, or do anything else at all in game manually.

This knowledge is power, and this power of ours is why Blizzard is so afraid of us.  Always remember, Blizzard fears you.  And because they fear you, they hate you.  You personally.  If they got the chance, they would smash your computer right in front of your face.   Burn all the remains and dance in the ashes.  They have a picture of your face (yours!) and they draw moustaches and horns on it for fun.  Because that’s how much they are afraid and that’s how much they hate.

If you haven’t been banned, great! Continue flashing that middle finger of righteousness to Blizzard by botting.

If you have been banned, continue reading.

But why me?????
As we have touched on before, Blizzard hates your guts with a burning passion.   And as such, they will ban you to spite you.  While they cackle with glee.  In their mom’s basement.  Which is also Blizzard headquarters.  Yeah, they are total nerds like that.

WTF I’ve been botting for 9 years now, why was I caught???
It sounds to me like you are an unlucky one!  As it has been proven time and time again, the amount of time you’ve been botting is directly proportional to your chances of getting caught.  The longer you have been botting, the less likely you are to be caught.  Blizzard is also dumb (did I mention this?) and if they don’t catch you in the first couple months they will never check your account.

Unfortunately this tried and true rule goes out the window when Blizzard does huge ban waves like this most recent one.

Huge ban waves? What does that mean?
Think of it this way: Blizzard is a fisherman.  They only want to catch the sexy silvery fish (us botters) but we hide within a larger crowd of fat ugly fish (all the non botting nerds).  Blizzard is really stupid, so they just throw a huge net in and pull out a bunch of random fish.  They then throw back all the ugly fish, leaving all the sexy fish exposed to Blizzard.  In a situation like this, there is really nothing you can do but pray to the RNGods that you don’t get caught in the net.

Luckily for us though, they don’t often throw out nets since they are so terrified of us clever (and sexy) botters.

This is great and all, but I still banned!
At this point, you must bust out your trusty thesaurus and typing skillz.  This is where you confront Blizzard directly.  Mano a Mano.

Which is the best way tell Blizzard how bleeping stupid this ban is?
There are many good ways to give Blizzard a piece of your mind! Some of these include:
(editor’s note: Please don’t actually do this folks! Blizzard is a company made of real people with real feelings!)

  • Raging on the official forums
  • Harassing them on Twitter
  • Complaining on a botting site
  • Giving them bad reviews on Amazon
  • Sending them a strongly worded letter
  • Driving to Blizzard Headquarters personally
  • Smoke signals of hatred
  • Telling on them to your parents
  • Burning all your Blizzard merchandise

and my personal favorite

  • Creating a United States Petition to get Blizzard to change their ways

What do I say to those maggotbags????
What you actually say has very little importance; the tone is what really matters.  Anger and disgust are a must, throw in some condescending or vulgarity for better results!  Remember to use many exclamation points and profanity.  Blizzard is more likely to take you seriously if you cuss at them.  And use that thesaurus to really get in a variety of swears.   You need to come across as big, bad, and scary.  Remember: Blizzard is terrified of you, use that power!

If all goes well, you should have your account back within 24 hours! Good job, you certainly showed them in a mature and well reasoned way!

I still firetruckin’ banned? Now what???
Obviously you are weak with your words.  Continue to show Blizzard your displeasure and make sure to follow my advice exactly.  Do better next time scrub.

If you for some reason don’t have the fingers to type, voice to shout, feet to operate a car, or hands to create a fire, you can take the second option.  Quit all Blizzard Games forever.  You definitely won’t be back in 6 months when your ban ends! Nope! Not at all! Ha ha, that isn’t a new account, nope! WoW is dying anyway, why would anyone play this stupid dead game? Hah, you certainly showed them!

I give up, I’m just gunna wait out until the ban ends
Do you want Blizzard to win?? Do you want to give in to the corporate greed?? DO YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME??? You sicken me.

Last Words
Never lose sight you your goals fellow botters! We are the supreme WoW players! Unlike everyone else who has to slog through and actually play the game, we have risen above that.  We are the enlightened few who have witnessed the truth! Never surrender, never give up!

And most of all, never manually play the game!!

(Disclaimer: Don’t bot guys, its cheating and foolish.  And don’t spew hatred when you get caught doing something bad.  In fact, don’t spew hatred at all.)