Growing up in WoW

Yes, I’ve been playing WoW since I was a kid. And before you start making assumption about how bad it is that a child is allowed to play WoW, let me explain my experience.

I remember my dad getting the game after a family friend told him about it. Being naturally curious, I always watched him play. This was the first true video game to enter my house, and it was amazing. It was fascinating to me, like a movie that he could control. So, of course, I wanted to try.

I entered the world as a draenei hunter, named Eightandgreat. I spent the first few play times just running around, looking at everything. At that point, I had no idea about end game, no idea about leveling, no idea about combat. Heck, I didn’t even realize that the other characters I saw were other people.

Eventually, I figured out how to actually fight things. My dad was always there, but he let me explore and didn’t tell me how to do anything. I leveled slowly, fishing as much as I played for reals (sorry, but fishing is not really playing).

Over time, I began to master how to play the game. I didn’t like hunters (at the time they were hard to play) so I tried paladin, rogue, and finally mage. I leveled almost exclusively through questing, and only did a battleground when I was feeling especially bold.

This exploration, without the pressure of the social side, is the way I think that kids should start out with WoW. My dad didn’t even let me look at chat for years, which helped to shield me from that nastiness. I was just wandering through the world and having fun.

I can understand why some adults don’t let their kids play WoW. But I think, that if your child is curious, letting them explore the WoW world is actually a good thing.

I have been playing for about six years now, starting when I was a kid. And I can safely say, that I truly grew up in Azeroth. The game has really shaped who I am, and I wouldn’t want it any differently.

This article was written entirely by Fussypants.

7 thoughts on “Growing up in WoW

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  2. I think that’s a great story! My daughter likes to play around with my toon and one day I hope she will play with me and we can level or quest together.

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  5. Awesome story 🙂 I was in my teens but not really a kid anymore at all when I first started playing, and it just seemed so truly magical. I know that my children, when I have them, will be allowed to play games – I may be a little bit selective, but they will be able to. In saying that I’d certainly ensure that they go outside and play and do ‘normal’ kid things too, but for me I see nothing wrong with kids playing video games as long as they understand that it is not real life etc etc. 🙂

    • I agree; if and when I have kids, I’ll probably let them play video games too (just not first person shooter types). I know that I certainly have learned a lot from WoW, and I would definitely want to give my kids the opportunity.
      It’s very cool to meet another young WoW player with the same mindset!

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