Growing old in WoW

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Well, I wanted to respond to Growing up in WoW for several days, and I have been thinking about how things have changed for my daughter and me over the years playing the game.  Also, explaining the decision to let a older child play WoW is something I felt I ought to express.

In the beginning, like most first time players, I had no clue how to play.  Additionally, I didn’t know what would happen on the screen next.  So, when I first started to play, our home setup was such that the available computer to play was in the basement.   This was perfect.  I didn’t want anything inappropriate or frightening to appear if I had an audience when playing.  I even remember waiting until after bedtime before logging in, just in case.  So I had played for several months before Fussypants even knew about the game.

Eventually, she saw me play and, as you know, she was very, very interested.  She started to ask if she could watch, which was fine at the time.  Then, she asked to sit on my lap and “help” me.  She would run around and jump, and jump some more.

Many months later I had seen and learned enough about WoW that I knew that Fussypants could play, as long as I watched her and hid chat.  Honestly, I had a great time watching her figure it out.  A few years later our family moved up to two computers and I was able to play with her and it only got better.

Now we have raided, quested, dueled, explored, and battlegrounded together.  We’ve shared achievements and argued (a lot) on what to do next.  Now, she has become the primary player and I watch her play.  And then, this blog was born.

Couldn’t be happier.

This article was written entirely by Yotaan.

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