Dirge of A Dead Realm

Since the writing of this article, my home realm was announced as one of the future connections! Yay! So instead of a self-pitying complaint, you all now get a joyful celebration!

Okay, maybe the title was a bit dramatic. But the notion still stands. My server, horde side is dead (Alliance side is actually lively, and quite nice). There are no auctions on the house, and when there is, those auctions are way overpriced. The Shrine is empty at peak hours and no one ever speaks in trade chat. I single handedly filled half of the auction houses listings one day without even trying. I think the alliance beats us 4 to 1 for players.
Now, I don’t mind the lack of people, more so the lack of economy. In order to fully gem and enchant my character, I had to use the neutral auction house to get all the materials. There was NOTHING on the AH at the time.
So, you can just guess how ecstatic I was to find out that my realm was slated for a future connection.
I’m thankful for multiple reasons, in fact. First of all, BETTER ECONOMY! With the new hordies, there is bound to be more items on the AH. Supply and demand will work its magic, and hopefully the insane prices will go down.
The second reason is new players. I know full well that the connection will not balance the horde to alliance ratio. At this point, all I care about is there being more horde players online. The server connection will bring us fresh blood, so to speak, and I can’t wait.
The last reason is more guild options. On my realm, there is three guilds with a good amount of people. I’ve been in two of the three, and I can tell you that both are completely silent. Hopefully, the connection will either bring over lively guilds, put new life into our guilds, or create new guilds.
Overall, I am stoked. In my opinion, this is one of the smartest and most exciting changes that Blizzard has proposed thus far. I cannot help but feel positive about the changes to come!

One thought on “Dirge of A Dead Realm

  1. Hey all, sorry this took so long. I caught a case of life, and between school, and the holidays, and other stuff I wasn’t able to post. Most of that is over, so I should be posting more often again!

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