The Noob Experience

A good friend of mine recently got World of Warcraft for the first time.  I think this had been her first MMORPG experience, so she was completely new to the game.  As I played along side her for her first time, I realized some amazing things.
All Newbies Play Hunters
My friend decided on night elves, so we both rolled night elves.  I rolled a rogue, and she rolled a, you guessed it, hunter.
When you think about it, all new players begin with a hunter, or try a hunter at some time.  Case in point, I started the world as a draenei hunter.  My dad began playing as a dwarf hunter.  My brother started as a night elf hunter.  My best friend started as a blood elf hunter.  And now this friend of mine was starting as a night elf hunter.  Its kind of bizarre.
You Forget How Complicated Things Once Seemed
I fully expected my friend to need help navigating the world.  But what I did not expect, was the amount of help she needed.  There were many times where I would ask her to come to me or loot this corpse, and she wouldn’t know how.  I had forgotten how even (seemingly) simple things are hard for beginners to get.
The New Player Realms are CRAZY!
When my friend got the game, she was instantly shunted to one of the new player realms.  To make things easier, I rolled a character there, and we were off.  And it was insane!  There were over 60 other characters in the starting area alone!  Every mob had to be camped at some point, and we kept losing each other in the sea of purple night elves.
When You Teach A Friend, You Teach Yourself
I won’t deny it, teaching someone how to play WoW can be trying at best, and down right aggravating at worst.  But even through the repeated trips to the same area for the quests you thought your friend had gotten, to the general wandering of all new players, I learned something.  Being able to share something that you are really passionate about with someone who will listen is awesome.
I loved questing with my friend.  True, it was slower than I usually go, but it was worth it.  I noticed a lot of little things in the game that I normally would miss.  I also learned a lot about me (as corny as it seems).  I had to work on patience, but it was more than worth it.
All in all, I really am enjoying questing through the world with my noobish friend.  We are slowly, but surely, exploring the world.
I will probably post more about our mishaps and adventures as we go, so stay tuned!

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