Tales of a Raid Rebirth

Pretend its HoF (I don't have a good screenshot)

Pretend its HoF (I don’t have a good screenshot)

I’m not one for tooting my own horn, but I feel like this is a good story to share.

A little while ago, I was in a LFR for Heart of Fear, trying to get my last sigil of wisdom (yes, I know, I’m lame and everyone and their dog has done it by now).  I zoned in to find everyone in the raid dead, and a pack of trash mobs on me.  So, of course, I died.  The chat was spewing hatred about undergeared tanks and some such junk.  I didn’t really pay attention as I just wanted to get my sigil and go.  So, the fighting in chat continued and we all rezzed and cleared the rest of the trash.

We now stood, waiting to pull Imperial Vizier Zor’lok.  Amid a flurry of insults, the tank pulled, and the fight began.  Things were going pretty smoothly until the boss casted Force and Verve (for those who don’t know, the boss puts out high raid wide damage, which is dampened by shields areas that players must stand in).  About 2/3 of the raid did not get inside the shields in time, and they died.

Me, about five other DSP, some healers and the tanks were all that was left.  This is pretty unusual, as the raid is old content.  The 1/3 left of the raid continued on, and almost beat the boss, until the enrage timer hit.  At this point, the chat literally exploded.  I swear I actually heard a small bang as insults and blame began to fly everywhere.  The damage and healing recounts were posted several times (I was second on damage!) and eventually, some people dropped group.

At this point, I finally committed to this group (funny, because no one else was at the time).  I asked in chat if any one didn’t know the fight.  One person admitted to not knowing it (and I suspected there were more) so I gave a quick rundown of the bosses abilities and what to watch out for.  The tantrum in chat died down (as most of the tantrumers were gone) and we pulled again.  This time I called out mechanics (like when to go in the bubbles and when to target the MC’d people).

Amazingly, we downed the boss first try.  No one even died.  After a bit of celebration, we moved on to the next boss.  Again, I gave a run down for the fight, mainly to stack for Unseen Strike.  After clearing the room, we pulled the boss.  Every time I could, I typed in “stack” to remind people to stack.  And oh, the difference it made!

I think that was the only group I’ve been in where every person stacked when we needed to.  At one point, I miss typed “sack” instead, which created a whole slew of joke in chat.  People were laughing and having a good time.

We cleared the rest of the raid without problem.

I guess the moral of this story is that by taking the time to help people, it can have amazing benefits.  I joined a raid where everyone was fighting and angry, and just by calling out boss mechanics, I was able to change the raid into a joking and fun run.  Instead of dismissing those who don’t know the mechanics, take the time to explain it to them.  Hurling blame will get you nowhere, but being positive can make the most dismal situations better.
It will work out better, trust me.


This article was written by Fussypants, with a little help from Yotaan (he made me put this)


Yup, this is your riddle

Yup, this is your riddle

6 thoughts on “Tales of a Raid Rebirth

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  2. many people are impatient reprobates, but it is really nice when it . just. works.
    (especially if you yourself are the catalyst!)

  3. I’ve never done any kind of raids in WoW, because I fear I’ll be that one person that keeps messing up and dying because I wouldn’t understand the mechanics of everything. Tempers reveal themselves more often than helpful advice in most situations, unfortunately. But it is nice to know there are those out there willing to help a (supposedly) lost cause group.

    • I only started LFRing this expansion, and I agree; the fear of being reprimanded is HUGE. (That’s part of the reason why I don’t ever tank.) When I started raiding, I only DPSed so I could hide in the crowd. Once you try it though, you tend to learn how to act and react, and it get less scary. And just being friendly can draw out all the other friendly people too 🙂

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