Community Blog Topic: New Years Resolutions

This self scenario was HARD!

Working on the legendary questline.

Over at WoW Insider, they have a column called Community Blog Topic, which is a chance for the opinions of other blogs to be gathered and published on their site.  This week, the question they asked was “What are your WoW New Years Resolutions”?  Fussypants and Yotaan blogged their answers here!
1) Get the legendary cloak!! (1/12 Titan Runestones, I can do this!!)
2) Finally get around to leveling my feral/resto druid.
3) When WoD finally rolls around, I want to try to stick with one character to get to max instead of burning out and leveling alts. I have yet to do this my entire WoW career.
4) I was inspired by some of the commenters on WoW Insider, so now I’m gonna try for every mount in the game that I don’t already have. I am surprisingly far along with this.
5) My last resolution is to continue writing this blog all year. I’m gonna stick with it 🙂
1) Beat Fussypants in getting the legendary cloak!  (I was way ahead of her, but now behind, I only have 2 secrets, not even close to runestones)
2) Play more WoW (see below)
3) Find all the rares in archeology on my dwarf monk
4) Get more reps up on Yotaan, he’s the toon with the most exalted reputations.
5) Write more in this blog.  Fussypants has offered her views often, and it’s time for more contributions from a father’s perspective.
Tell us, intrepid readers, what are your New Years resolutions for WoW?

8 thoughts on “Community Blog Topic: New Years Resolutions

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  5. Green fire for me! Eventually.. I am actually making progress with learning the strat which is such a relief for me as I was feeling kind of hopeless after reading all the strats and watching the videos and still getting no where! I’ll get that darn boss down if it’s the last thing I do!

    • My dad also plays a warlock, and he got the tome thingy pretty early on. But because of that, his gear was not nearly powerful enough to complete it (think ilvl 470). If I remember correctly, he wiped on the last boss A LOT. He’s still working on it too (I don’t know if he’s looked at strats or not). Good luck! 🙂

      • I’m about 510 ilvl and I feel weak and stupid when people say they got it at 490 super easy! Then again every video I watch is of someone with legendary cloak and now geared so it’s really no comparison cause that’s a massive dps increase.

      • @Mon Plays WoW It blows my mind when people say they got it at ilvl 476. How?? And yeah, the legendary cloak would make ALL the difference in the world. Aren’t the mechanics really hard too? I’ve heard something about controlling a dread lord or some such craziness.

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