Comic from the Dark Legacy Comics!

Comic from the Dark Legacy Comics!

So, I have a conundrum.  And it has to do with addons.

I don’t use them.   I don’t have a single one installed.  I raid without DMB, use the basic UI, and use the basic auction house layout.

But the problem is, is that I want to get an addon.  A damage/healing meter.  I’m always curious to see how well I perform compared to my fellow players (and I also love being at the top 😛 )

But this would be my first addon ever.  This brings me to my conundrum.

Should I download a meter and feed my vanity, or remain pure and not download one?

The reasons why I would are simple; I would know how good my deeps/heals are compared to others, and find ways to improve myself.  I would have that knowledge, satisfying my curiosity regarding my output.

There are many reasons, however, why I should not download one.  For starters, this would be my first addon.  I would go from being ‘pure’ to relying on addons to play the game.  I have a sense of pride for being able to play as well as I can without addons (other people who don’t use addons may feel the same way).  And I would essentially lose that specialness.

The more important reason is that I would probably become one of those people who can’t get their eyes off of the meter.  I would be so worried about getting to the top that I wouldn’t move for bad, or worry about aggro.  I think the comic at the top from Dark Legacy Comics perfectly describes me.

So, I’m asking you guys, meter or no?

3 thoughts on “Conundrums

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others. You could use a DPS meter in combination with the training dummies in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and simply not use the meter during actual play.

  2. I’m going to give myself one week’s time for this poll, and to make my decision. I’m really torn on this, so please vote! XD I’ll post something about my decision when I make one.

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