A Legendary Update



Yotaan has finally started playing WoW regularly again, but a bit too late. Fussypants achieved the cloak first on Monday, finishing her year long journey.

Fussypants:  Yay!! I just wanna say a quick thanks to all the people who stayed in my celestial group for all 4 bosses!  With the advices of commenters on WoW Insider and the help of Other Raids, we got it done in under an hour.  Woot woot!!!!
Now that I’m done on my mage, I’m turning my full attention to my paladin.  So far, I’m at 8/20 Secrets of the Empire, and no trillium bars.  And it begins again!

Yotaan:  Congratulations to Fussypants.  Honestly, I really had no chance, but I did notice an uptick in her enthusiasm when I challenged her!  Now, to beat the pally…

How far are you on the legendary questline?

3 thoughts on “A Legendary Update

  1. 7 more secrets to go (after I kill Sha with his definite one) and got like 16 bosses left to kill for possible chance – fingers crossed! Then I best grind some rep, kill some random Nalak spawn dude who wants to kill me, scenarios and all that fun stuff and then finally find an Alliance group doing them all! Ugh, may as well go Horde as they always do celestials. Do you have to do them all in a row, or can it be as long as you do each one it’ll be done?

    • You don’t have to kill them all in a row, you just gotta kill ’em. I would highly recommend the Other Raids feature in the Social tab for finding a group for the celestials. (Click social, then go to raids, then click other raids). You can sign up for a number of things, and you’ll get invite into a group incredibly quickly. Good luck!

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