New Focuses

Can anyone even see this alt text?

Flex Raiding with the Guild

I will admit, after I got my legendary on my mage, I struggled to find a new goal.  As I am an incredibly goal oriented person, this meant that I was barely logging on to my mage or paladin.  I had pretty much maxed out the gear I could get on my mage from LFR, had no transmog, mounts, or achievements I wanted to get.  I was logging only to do my dailies, and my runs for secrets on my pally.

Until I realized something.  The feature I’d used to get the Celestials, Other Raids, could be used to do anything from Ordos to Flex Raiding to Normal Raiding.

I queued up for Ordos, as I now had another outlet for gear upgrades.  I didn’t get anything, but now I had another reason to log on.

Then I realized something else.  I could queue up for a Flex Raid!  It was the day after our guild run, and we hadn’t been able to kill anything, so I was completely fresh.

I queue up, and quickly got invited into a group.  We had a fantastic time, one shotting the first two bosses.  They were extremely patient, and politely explained everything to me, the noob.  Eventually, I had to go, but the experience was invaluable as I learned a great deal about flexing.

I used to think that LFR was the best addition to the game, but I have changed my mind.  Other Raids and Flex Raiding is the new best.  The ease of signing up to a mutable raid instance, without an addon is pure gold.  Its like pugging 2.0, and I absolutely love it.

Now, with my new-found knowledge, I went into our next guild flex way more confident.  We managed to fill up way faster with the help of Other Raids, getting started 30 minutes earlier.  Then, in the raid, I was able to supply information and possible strats for the bosses I had done.  My guild got way farther than we had before, and in shorter time too.

The next challenge I gave myself was setting up my own flex raid.  With some of my guildies and my dad, we got a group together in 20 minutes.  This took place the day after the guild run, again, so we started on Norushen.  After a few wipes, we killed him, and then got the Sha (again after a few wipes).

So what I’m getting at, is I have a new goal.  It’s not finite, like the cloak, but it is most certainly a motivator.  I wanna complete a Flex Raid with my guild.  And I wanna get all the gear (hopefully an heirloom too!) I can from flex.  I wanna raid.

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