You are not your #%$@ DPS

See that up there? It ain't that important.

See that up there? It ain’t that important.

This has been bothering me for a while now- people judge on your deeps/heals, and not on your personality.  This has always bugged me, but not until recently have I really been bothered by it.
The event that compacted the issue happened in a flex raid my guild was running.  We, and some random others, were running the first wing and generally having a good time of it.  Everyone was getting along, and there were many laughs to be had.
Important things to note however, were this.  I was consistently the top DPS (this isn’t bragging (much :P) as it is important to the story) and my guild mates were generally in the middle of the pack.
We got to Norushen, and had our first wipe.  I started to have extremely bad lag issues (3334 latency, woot!), so I had to restart WoW.  Alright, no skin off our backs, we dusted off and tried again.  And promptly wiped again.  I had died halfway through, so I now was trying to restart my computer to fix the issue.  This means I left the voice comm our guild was using too.
When my computer finally restarted, it was slow.  I got back on the voice comm, and was shocked to hear what had happened.  Apparently, the random others had turned against a few members of my guild, citing low dps as a reason to kick them.  One member had gotten kicked, but another in our guild had invited them back to the raid.  This was our flex raid after all.
Then, the randoms started slinging insults at various members of our guild.  The person was kicked again, and this time, our entire group left the randoms.  I was shocked at how quickly that escalated, and fully expected to log into WoW, having been kicked from the group.
But I wasn’t.
It turns out, that because of my high dps, the randoms had waited 15 minutes for me to come back online.  I was astounded by their patience, and then immediately upset.  Why couldn’t they have been that patient with my guildies?
And this is the issue.  People value your DPS over your attitude, or willingness to learn.  My guildies were friendly and nice (until they were attacked), but because they didn’t have the dps, they were given no patience.  I was mostly silent, but had relatively high dps, so they waited a FULL FIFTEEN MINUTES for me to get back.  Fifteen minutes!  And yet they couldn’t do it for my guildies!
It angers me, the things that take priority in peoples minds.  Yes dps is important, but just as much so as a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.  People need to be WAY more patient with lesser geared people, especially if those people are putting their all.
I mean, which would you rather have?  The sullen sour shaman who pulls 20% of the deeps, all while putting down the rest of the raid, or the helpful happy hunter, who many not have the best dps, but is doing the very best he can while being polite to others?
I know that if I hadn’t been a high dps, I would have been kicked too.  No one would have given me tips on how to improve, I would have just been shunted.  Because I would have been taking up their precious, precious time (/heavy sarcasm).
Patience is a virtue that I think everyone can work on.

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13 thoughts on “You are not your #%$@ DPS

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  2. I have experienced that as well. Everything is happy and great until someone posts meters and all hell breaks loose. 😦
    I took a break from having meters while I played and it was much more relaxed and enjoyable. Also, I was much more focused on the game and not the numbers. Win/win.

  3. Think that’s the problem with the random aspect of the game and cross realm grouping etc. All the majority of strangers care about is what you bring to the table in terms of raw dps/healing because they’re not looking for friends, just to get in and get out asap. Not sure how Blizzard can fix it although I’m pretty sure gating heroics isn’t the answer because it won’t stop people like the Warlock Prinnie describes from being a jerk to anyone he or she deems not worthy.

    • I agree; anonymity can make a troll out of anyone. And I also agree that there isn’t much Blizzard can do, besides what they already do.
      As for gating heroics, I think that’s more to keep the clueless out until they have more of a handle on their class. However, the judgmental will still be there. Many people judge on DPS when they feel they are high enough in their own DPS to not be called out themselves. Gating heroics will probably prune out some of the underachievers, but not the pompous meanies like said warlock. And people like the said warlock will still call out those with lower DPS.
      I kinda wish that there was an attitude test, and that in order to do group content (such as battlegrounds or dungeons) you have to pass the test. 😛

  4. Man, I once had a snarktastic battle of the wits across two or three different LFRs with the same exact warlock. I thought he was an asshat and I tried to get him kicked, but he was #2 DPS, so it failed. So basically every time we zoned in and saw each other, the battle was renewed!

    • Man, I always hate when that kind of stuff happens! Sometimes it’s best to just report, ignore and move on, but I agree, its INFURIATING when someone can’t just stop it. And it’s even worse when that person had the group behind them. I hope they didn’t bother you too much!

  5. Unfortunately, this has been the way of things while running dungeons or raids. I know I go in there with a positive attitude, try my very best on whatever character that I happen to be on. You’re in there to learn and to get the gear so that you can be better – that isn’t always met with patience and kindness.

    • I totally agree; sometimes people are gonna be impatient to even those most open to learning. It’s cool to hear though, that there is someone else out there who values patience and kindness! 🙂

      • I always will be patient with others, I’ve been on the other side of the “noob” thing for quite a few years. If I’m tanking, which I have done in the past, and the group starts acting up, I’m good at kicking the GOGOGO and keeping the others. 😀

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