Random Acts of Uberness

Source: WoW Insider

Over at WoW Insider, there was a column called Random Acts of Uberness.  The column was basically a shout out to the spontaneous, nice things random people did for another in-game.  Recently, there has been some budget cuts at WoW Insider, and this column will be no longer be able to be published.

I have decided to try to start a similar column here, at my own blog!  Just email me at thefussypants@hotmail.com with your tales of that awesome person, and I will try to publish it here!  Be sure to include the name and realm of the person who was uber, and your name too if you want to.  Hopefully, I will be able to get the first post up by Monday!

Also, a HUGE thanks to Lisa Poisso, and the other writers who helped make Random Acts of Uberness a thing at WoW Insider.  And to all the writers who lost their jobs, I wish you the very best of luck in all your future endeavors!!

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