Random Acts of Uberness: I love this Community

When the well-loved column, Random Acts of Uberness on WoW Insider had to be retired, I decided to pick up where it left off and continue writing the column on my own blog! So, as promised, here is this week’s uber people!

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When I proposed that I would continue writing this column in the Queue, I was expecting little fanfare and attention.  But instead, I was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the WoW Insider community, and the original writer of the column (Lisa Poisso) herself!  So the first uber people have gotta be the ones who encouraged me to start writing this 😀

Sember-Moonrunner US, Zenstorm-Moonrunner US

RAOU Zenstorm RAOU Sember







Well, I know this is likely the last of these, so I’ll take an opportunity to shout out to Sember and Zenstorm (Darkspear Chophouse, US-Moonrunner, Horde), my fellow guildies, who despite already having long completed it, came out to kill High Marshall Twinbraid with me last night for the quest (I’m a bit behind on my legendary). It was much appreciated, especially since Krasarang is a wasteland these days. Another shout out to Sember for helping a group of us finish our Lich King dungeon achieves for the Red Prodo Drake, again after she’d already gotten hers. Glad to be in a great guild with great people. (Commentor bundtcake from WoW Insider)

Source: Wowhead

Source: Wowhead

I know I suck, but I can’t remember my nominee’s name.  All I can tell you is that he’s from Farstriders Horde.  Last month, I lucked upon a corrupted hippogryph loot card, and really wasn’t that interested in the model, so I decided to sell it off on the AH.  Starting bid of 100K, with a buyout of 150K.  Shortly after posting it I received an opening bid and a tell from one very interested prospective buyer.  He offered me buyout price and a mechano-chopper (which were going for 17k+) if someone were to outbid him before he could liquidate enough assets to afford the buyout–I happily agreed.  Well… the auction ran it’s course, and no one outbid him (or even competed for that matter)… so he got his corrupted hippogryph for 100K.  The next time I logged in, I was met with another tell from my buyer… who insisted on meeting me, because he “owed” me a chopper.  I explained that he’d won the auction fair and square, and that he didn’t owe me anything…  he said, “no, I promised you a chopper and you’re getting a chopper”. We met, he showed off the mount (which I was eager to see), and sure enough gave me a chopper.  I was astounded… it’s rare to find someone so true to their word… especially under the circumstances.  Sadly, I was a bit tipsy when all this went down, and didn’t think to add him to my friend’s list (or I’d be naming him now)… but that was one super cool move and hands down the most random act of uberness I’ve experienced in my 7+ years playing the game (or any other for that matter).

So what became of the chopper?  Well, I already had one in my stable, but my girlfirend (who recently started playing) did not… and has been oogling them ever since her first glimpse.  So, I sold it.   *grins* I’m joking…  I gave it to her, and it’s hands down her favorite mount.  She rides the thing everywhere (often when she could be flying).  In fact, we’ve been playing “motorcycle gang” with our alts as we level them… taking turns riding in one another’s side carts. (Commentor Bhuta from WoW Insider)

Email me your tales of uberness at thefussypants@hotmail.com.  Be sure to include the name and realm of the person(s) who were uber, as well as your own if you want to be credited. Hopefully, I will be able to post this every Monday!  Until next week, be uber to each other!

8 thoughts on “Random Acts of Uberness: I love this Community

  1. And the fact that you picked SEMBER…. Who is the most awesomeness woman in the world (next to my wife) is beyond cool!

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  3. Awesome 🙂 Also, super cute that the gf rides her chopper when she could be flying somewhere. Love that part!

  4. Fun fact: The original Random Acts of Uberness it what got me started in blogging. I submitted a story to them, and shortly after it was published on their site. I realized how much I loved to write and to see it published online, so my dad suggested we start a blog. A few months later, and here we are! 😀

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