To Beta or not to Beta

Hello everyone!  Before we get into the beta question today, I wanted to say that I am so proud of Fussypants.  Taking over the Uber column from Wow Insider is a big responsibility and a wonderful idea.

Now, on to the Beta question.  Should Yotaan experience Beta Warlords of Draenor, or should he wait until the expansion officially comes out?

First, some background is in order.  I started to play when a friend of mine told me about WoW.  This was back in BC.  Leveling my then troll shaman was fun and there was a lot of trial and error.  Then Wrath came out and I wasn’t even aware of the beta and just kept playing.  However, I did learn about WoW podcasts and website and learned a ton during Wrath.  Every expansion since I was aware of the Beta and considering trying it out.  Even so, each time I would avoid spoilers and not enter the beta so the new expansion would be a fun wide-eyed experience.

Now, things are different.

My daughter (and me too, a little bit) started this blog.  And people read it.

There seems to be a bit of journalistic responsibility here.  I feel that maybe Fussypants and Yotaan should go into the Warlords Beta so we can report back here and talk about it.  That’s what real writers do.  Yotaan ought to dive in and level up in the beta learning all the great bits.  Then we can share this on the blog…

But, then again, I am far from a real writer.  And I have avoided spoilers (for the most part) so far.  What little information that has come out is so exciting.  And waiting heightens anticipation.  And it would be more fun this way…

So, my decision is  – to not Beta.

Now, what will Fussypants do?

This entire article was written by Yotaan.

2 thoughts on “To Beta or not to Beta

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  2. I am very much in the “not beta” camp myself. As much as I want to peek at the new stuff, I also feel it takes the edge off of the fun of going through the new content when it finally goes live. I can wait.

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