For the Alliance!

WoWScrnShot_022414_201002The other day, I was chilling in Stormwind, waiting for my dungeon queue to pop, when I noticed someone advertising a raid group killing the Horde faction leaders.  I whispered the dude, and lo and behold, they actually were about to head out to kill them!  I hopped on my mage, and joined up.Dead Garrosh
A quick summon to Durotar, and we were all set to get Garrosh.  We flew in, all in a line, and dropped down on the Warchief himself.  The orgrimmarians (if that’s what you call them), put up a measly defense, which we quickly cut through in our path of destruction.  In little under ten minutes,  Garrosh Hellscream himself had fallen to our hands.
We engaged in a quick brawl outside the throne room, but eventually pulled out.  There was much work to be done.

Getting Baine
Next, we flew to Thunder Bluff.  As one, we stormed in, and challenged Baine Bloodhoof himself.  The tauren put up a strong defense, but they were no match for our constant /moo ing, and our sheer numbers.  The bull eventually fell, and we took off again.

Hijaking a zepplin

Ok, we actually just rode on top.

We flew back to Orgrimmar, and hijacked a zepelin, killing all aboard.  A short plane ride later (there was no food, and they didn’t play a movie!), and we were in the Undercity.
As before, we flew as one, down the vile sewers, through the twisting halls, and into the throne room of the Dark Lady herself.  After some confusion involving the other undead in the room, we turned our sights to the Banshee, and burned her down.  Five minutes later, and Sylvannas was down, and we were heading off again.

Getting Sylvannas
The winding sewers of the Undercity took a few victims, as some of our members got lost in their depths.  The rest continued on, to the beautiful lands of the sin’dorei.
Once arrive at the portal to the elven lands, we rallied more forces to storm the city by foot.  We all charged in, through the Ghostlands, the Dead Scar, and into the city itself.  The blood elves were so terrified of our might, that they allowed us to waltz right in, and waltz we did.

Getting Lor'themar
We came upon the leader of the Blood Elves like a storm.  In less than a few minutes, he too fell, and we were triumphant!  Every leader of the Horde, struck down by our hands!  Many among our group received a vicious bear mount as reward for our valiant deeds, and we all headed our separate ways, satisfied.  It was a glorious night!
The star of the night was Cervantis of Professional Slackers, who led our mighty force through desert and forest and crypt.  We salute you, and your monthly quest to dominate the Horde.
For the Alliance!

Addendum: This is acting as the Random Acts of Uberness for the week, for we didn’t receive any submissions.  Please email us at with your tales of uberness!


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