Teaching an Old Paladin New Tricks

Light of Dawn
So, the other day I decided to change my paladin’s Tier 3 talent.  Since the dawn of time (more like patch 5.1), I’ve been using Sacred Shield as my talent choice in that bracket.  I knew that SS was not the best choice for the kind of healing I do (mainly LFR and Flex) but stubbornness and laziness had kept it that way for several patches.  I decided, rather out of the blue, that I was going to switch to a different talent.
Eternal Flame was the HoT choice, and I really didn’t want to turn my pally into a druid.  So I went with Selfless Healer.
Oh my goodness was I missing out!
For those who don’t know, Selfless Healer causes your Judgements to do two big things: gain a Holy Power charge (the secondary resource of paladins) and it reduces the cast time and mana cost of your next Flash of Light, Divine Light, or Holy Radiance.  Selfless Healer can stack up to 3 times, and at three stacks the heals are instant cast for a super amount.
By weaving Judgement in with Holy Shock, Holy Prism, and Holy Radiance, I was able to pump out massive AoE heals, and I never dropped below 250k mana. I was an unstoppable juggernaut of healing powah!
All misgivings I had with the game play of holy paladins melted away in the radiance of Selfless Healer.  There’s a sort of snappyness that the talent gives you, a flexibility.  If there are any other holy pallies out their reading this, I highly, highly suggest giving SH a spin.
So, after that little slice of heaven, I started doing LFR again on my paladin.  I finally finished up with the Secrets part of the legendary questline, and am now well into Runestone territory.
Now, there is more to this story than the miracle of SH.

While doing all these LFRs, I started to use my healing cooldowns.

Yup, Fussypants, the healer who will save her cooldowns until the ends of the earth waiting for the perfect moment has started to use her cooldowns more than once in a fight.
It started innocently at first; I popped Avenging Wrath in an attempt to keep my self from dying from add aggro.  Then it got worse.  Soon I was using Divine Favor to try to eek out first place on the healing meters.  Then, I was using Guardian of Ancient Kings to intensify my tank healing.  Before I knew it, I was using those cooldowns, almost to the second of refresh.
I blame my druid, and her carefree use of Tranquility and Incarnation: Tree of Life.
But in all seriousness, I have become a much better paladin healer.  Now I am using my cooldowns on spike damage, and thanks to SH, I can spam Holy Radiance (with a sprinkling of Judgements) without nearly as much mana draining.  My numbers are improving (though my gear is not) and I am gaining better and better reflexes towards spike damage.
And most importantly, I am enjoying my paladin again.  I love the raw power I can pump out of my heals.  I love the ‘do damage to heal better’ aspect that is Selfless Healer.  I can hold my own against healers with much better gear, and have the most mana at the end of the fight.  I finally feel powerful.
So now, needless to say, I have fallen in love with my pally again.  The game play has become significantly faster and more engaging.  I absolutely love it.
Maybe this will even get me to switch out my useless Hand of Purity…?

Addendum: Sorry this was so pally focused; I know all of you don’t play pallies and this must seem dreadfully dull.  I’ll attempt to get other class specific posts up soon!


6 thoughts on “Teaching an Old Paladin New Tricks

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  3. I will give SH a try 🙂 I’ve pretty much stuck with eternal flame this expansion but I’m always open to trying new things out.

    Side note — There is a running joke we have about druid healers (And I say this as a druid healer myself, as is my wow bud)… I would say in LFR most of the resto druids we come across use their tranq on trash when there is almost NO damage going out (or during fights for that matter). Then when damage spikes they don’t have it ready. I think for those types of healers, they do it early on in the fight to pad their numbers, cause literally almost no damage is going out, but they wanna be pushed to #1 heals immediately. We always laugh about it tho… 4 seconds into the trash mob, the tiniest blip of damange, “Oh, look, 3 druids doing tranq…” >.> we laugh every time 🙂

    • Cool! I’d really recommend SH, it’s surprisingly easy to adapt to as well.

      As as response to your side note, that’s absolutely true! I don’t use my Tranquility on trash (excepting the occasional time on the mobs leading up to the Thunder King, those guys can kill). But you are right, and it’s pretty funny 😀

    • Yeah, I totally agree! One of my favorite things about playing my resto druid is the ability to completely change how I heal with Glyph of Efflorescence. I also think I’d really like Fist-weaving (if I ever get around to leveling my monk).

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