Happy Noblegarden Internets!

Happy Noblegarden everyone! As per Noblegarden traditions, Yotaan and I and our family decorated eggs in real life last night!  I went a little overboard with mine (and I’m never eating them!)
WoW Easter Eggs
The one on the left is the class icon for mages, and the one on the right is the class icon for paladins.  The egg in the center was the suggestion of @ScottLeyes on the Twitters, and is the Green Proto-Drake.  As he put it “If you decorate them as Proto-drake eggs, you MIGHT get a mount!” All in all, it took me over two hours to make them all.
I posted these on Twitter last night, and was pleasantly surprised to see that @Warcraft had re-tweeted them (actually, I ran all around squealing like a little girl).  Since then, I have gotten 56 re-tweets and 133 favorites!  Happy Noblegarden and enjoy!!

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