A Tale of Two Auction Houses

Auction House
Fussypants:  The other day, I had an epiphany.  What if the horde and alliance auction houses on each server were combined into one super auction house per server? Would it be bad? Good?  I decided to sit down and write out all the pros, cons, and neutrals.


  • There would be a larger pool of items and merchants, causing prices to stabilize
  • There would be more items period, making it easier to obtain things
  • This means for your only, lonely alt on the outnumbered opposite faction would be able to gem and enchant just as easily as your other toons
  • Rare items may be up more often
  • Finding transmog greens would be easier
  • Possibly more sales due to increased amount of people


  • Prices may dip too low, and sellers will not be able to turn a profit
  • More competition
  • No more monopoly
  • There could possibly be faction animosity, and the two factions would not get along
  • When the economies combine, one factions economy may get worse
  • Initial time would be filled with fluctuations in availability and price


  • Supply and Demand would change (unpredictably)
  • Wealth distributed more evenly on both sides
  • Easier way to give money to opposite faction alts
  • No more neutral auction house (for it would be redundant)

Fussypants:  I am all for combining the auction houses.  This allows goods to be available to more buyers, and more sellers to post goods.  Supply and demand would be increased (probably close to equally), and this would bring in the outlier markets across the servers. The empty overpriced markets would be brought up to their cross faction’s market, and the overfull under-priced markets would dip down to their less successful opposite faction’s market.  This would also divide the number of total markets across all servers in half, making it easier to manage for Blizzard to manage them all.

The only drawback I see is the loss of total monopolies on some of the smaller markets.  But, a monopoly is only fun for those who control it, not for the buyers that need the monopolized goods.  Much like America did to the railroad barons, it is time for Blizzard to get rid of the auction houses monopolies.

Yotaan:  I am against combining the auction houses.  The current situation is not ideal, but this alternative is not better.  The factions rightfully are separated for a reason.  It would not make sense to combine the two sides.  While Fussypants’s suggestions may broaden the market, I do not think this is necessary.  Server merges have already accomplished this.  All those valid points have already happened.
Now, I do think the neutral auction house could be spiced up.  Perhaps combine the neutral action house and the black market auction house?  That would be interesting…

What do you, the readers, think?

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Auction Houses

  1. I actually have run alts until I’m getting completely crazed with some of the stuff due to the auction houses and the costs being prohibitive to gemming and enchanting my plethora of characters. However, I think a lot of this may be changing anyway once WoD drops – I’m taking a wait and see attitude on it right now.

    • I have one horde alt on my main server and only manage to gem/enchant by using the neutral auction house; there is literally nothing on the horde side auction house. It’s really a huge pain. And yes, while the number of gems and enchants a character needs will go down in WoD, we will still need some, so the issue will persist. Here’s to hoping though!!

      • I have used that route as well before I started “growing my own” alts to help out – it’s time consuming, however, the prices in the AH can be very daunting. Yes, I do use the alternate route of the neutral AH too.

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