Dragonhawks Infestation

The reference photo

The reference photo

Many readers may have been wondering why our posting habits have become rather erratic over the past couple of weeks.  The reason for this being a dragonhawk infestation in real life.
At school Fussypants is taking an art class in school called Design and Sculpture.  And, the mother of all school sculpture projects is none other than papier-mâché.  So, Fussypants decided to make a dragonhawk from World of Warcraft for her project.  She researched online, found a reference, and sketched out what she was going to make.

The Concept Sketch (I'm ridiculously proud with how well this turned out!)

The Concept Sketch (I’m ridiculously proud with how well this turned out!)

So, as you can see, Fussypants had set her self up for a massive challenge.  However, she was undaunted, and started to create the beast.  Fussypants had planned for it to be about a foot tall.  Needless to say, it did not turn out that small.

The body, once papier-mâchéd, was about 3 1/2 to 4 feet long. It took about a week to construct the base, and two and a half weeks more to cover it in newspaper.  The time to complete the project in school had long run out (though Fussypants’s teacher was very kind, and allowed Fussypants for more time), and Fussypants brought the beast home.
There it sat, unpainted and unfinished for about two weeks before Fussypants’s mom guilted her into working on it again.  The two of them spray painted the beast, and Fussypants then painted on bronze accents.

Now, the real challenge had come.  How in the world was Fussypants going to attach wings to this monster?  She attempted several different methods, before putting the project aside for a bit more.  A few weeks later, Fussypants took another hack at it.
Using the power of physics, wires, and time, Fussypants crafted a wire framework.  She wrapped this around the body of the beast, and began to drape her fabrics!  The dragonhawk was coming together!
Another quick paint job later, and the beast was finally done!

So, this is Fussypants’s pride and glory!  A life-sized (although she didn’t mean it to be) sculpture of a dragonhawk!  It is also the LAST project of this magnitude she is attempting for a long while.  Enjoy!!

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