Avatar: The Last Windwalker Monk

This was my life for a couple weeks, but it's all good now!

This was my life for a couple weeks, but it’s all good now!

Before I dive into an article, I want to offer an apology to you guys.  Yotaan and I abruptly stopped blogging last week, and we didn’t really give you a warning.  You see, the boss fight called SCHOOL OF IRL got down to the last 2%, and I was required to help down that last bit.  The debuff FINALS has kept me away from blogging and WoW for the last couple weeks.  Don’t worry, I’ve dispelled the FINALS debuff, and have almost downed that boss.  We are back in blogging business!

So now, onto the article!  I received many ideas for an article from the friendly people of the twitters after my plea for help went out.  The venerable SpaceBard suggested I write a spin off of one of his articles in which he assigned classes to his favorite characters in the TV show, the Walking Dead.

I’ve decided to do the same, only with the TV show, Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Aang- As the title suggests, I can totally see Aang as a windwalker monk.  He’s a very much use his enemies weapons against them in a way that Windwalkers do.  Also, monk just fits because he is an air nomad.

Katara- Katara would probably be a cross between a frost mage and a resto shaman.  She can fight like a BA (hence frost mage… ha ha, you know where my loyalties lie), but also is concerned with healing and balance between people and the planet, like a shaman.

Sokka- This one is easy; I totally see Sokka as a warrior.  The way he fights, and the way he thinks are very warrior oriented

Toph Beifong- I have no freaking clue what Toph would be.  A tank of some sort, maybe?  Prot warrior?  Guardian druid?  She’s got such a layered personality.

Zuko- I can see Zuko as a cross between a Fire mage (because firebending) and a combat rogue because of his stint as the Blue Spirit.  His personality matches both too.

Azula- Demo warlock most likely.  Fiery and unstable, but cunning and controlled and all at the same time.  Actually, her insanity is mostly why (MAGES RULE!)

Iroh- Brewmaster monk.  Definitely.  Iroh is both deep and thoughtful, as well as free-spirited and jovial.  Plus, he loves food and tea, and is obsessed with balance.

So, what do you all think?  Do you think I have matched up the characters pretty well, or was I way off the mark?
Also, if you couldn’t tell, I’m kinda a cult Avatar: The Last Airbender fan.  If you haven’t seen the series, I strongly suggest you watch it!  Even Yotaan as an adult enjoyed it!

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