A Drought of Content

Spongebob Water Content

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It’s been a long, long time since there was new content.  To give you an idea, Patch 5.4 was released in September 10.  September.  And now its June.  Nine months of Siege of Orgrimmar.  Nine months of Timeless Isle (which by the way, is not as timeless as its name may imply).  Nine months of…. nothing.

And frankly, for the majority of players, nine months is way too long to wait for content.  Many players have completed their Siege of Orgrimmar difficulties and stopped running the raid.  Timeless Isle is only inhabited on Tuesdays, when everyone wants their weekly Celestials and Ordos runs.  Many more players have simply left the game entirely.  And WoD is not due for months.

For a subscription based game such as WoW, this is bad.  Very bad.  Like you are in the middle of a vast desert with no water bad.  Blizzard needs to give the players our precious water of content, or we will start dropping off like flies.

But not all of these metaphorical flies depend on this new water to survive.  Some of us find older water in the desert that some of the other flies do not look for.  Some players, my self included, are finding content new to us within the ten years of old content.  We are finding new things to do without needed more content spilled over us.

And, some other flies are just now starting to drink the waters of MoP, of Cataclysm, of Wrath, of the entire game.  Some of us are struggling to catch up.

But unfortunately, the majority of the flies are not interested in discovering older untapped waters.  They want new, and they want it now.  This is an absolutely valid opinion, but these flies need to remember that not all flies feel the same way.  Many players fed up with the lack of content are going out and complaining to Blizzard and to each other that everyone wants new content and that everyone will leave if they don’t get it.  These flies, these parasites are making a grave mistake.  They are generalizing the entire WoW player base to prove their point, and they frankly are wrong.

Remember, these players are also about as influential as flies.  Blizzard knows that they are upset, and can acknowledge the problem, but it really can’t go much faster without producing crappier content.  And when these players drone on endlessly, they start to be swatted away and ignored.  They become pests instead of aids.

If you are tired of the lack of content, then unsub until more comes out.  Go play Wildstar or something.  But please, don’t whine and complain and moan and tantrum that there is no content.  We all know that.  With this endless complaints and this endless negativity, you are turning the WoW community into a sour angry mob.  I completely understand your anger, but please. Little angry buzzing flies, go find your water somewhere else.


9 thoughts on “A Drought of Content

  1. I’m spending most of my time “catching up” to everyone in-game and playing my alts. I’ve got tons to do with all of my characters until WoD comes out. Rep grinding, doing things that I didn’t do when I was racing through leveling – taking time to spell the roses and not just give them a cursory glance. 😀

    • That is me too. I’m working on rep on several different characters because I leveled so slowly through Pandaria the first time, and when I got to max I immediately went to dungeoning/raiding. Heck, I probably won’t finish all of MoP before Warlords!

      • I’ve done all of the quests;etc on one character out of all of mine, so, don’t feel bad if you don’t finish it before WoD – nice thing is that it will be there to work on afterwards too. 😀

  2. It is way too long of a time when you think of how late WoD is gonna come out. I’d done everything I could possibly want to do. So for the first time since BC I am letting my sub run out. I think I might try WoD a few months after it releases, but I feel obligated cause I bought the expansion as soon as it was released..that and a 60 day game time card in my purse somewhere. My guess is I’ll try it, check out the basics and then let my sub run out again. It’s so sad for me! This has been my fun game for such a long ass time.

    I think it sucks and I think a lot of people have absolutely every right to be annoyed with blizz. But my opinions are nothing new….so I just whine about it to my BF and stay clear of the forums and trade chat arguments about it.

    • I agree that it is FAR too long a time span, and I truly appreciate the grown up way you commented and are portraying your side! Truthfully, this rant was brought on by reading WoW Insider’s Queue today, and all the negative and blindly angry people (and WoW Insider is usually a pretty cheery website).
      I don’t think we will let our sub run out (heck, I’m not in charge of that, Yotaan is), but I will probably play less than I used to. WoD had better be the most amazing game I have ever played, for the amount of time it’s taking to develop!!

  3. yeah its been a long one. My guild has gotten to heroic jugernaut and haven’t been able to pass it since changes in schedules and changes of interest. I myself since the less serious of raids have taken back to the grinding of reputations (working on Insane in the Membrane first) and have already completed gold challenge modes, I’d work on more tmog too if i had more room for it *heh*

    • Transmog is one of those ageless things that you can always do, until you run out of room for gear 😉 . And that’s really cool! I wish I had the time/dedication/high enough leveled rogue to work on Insane in the Membrane. Good luck!

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