To Beta or not to Beta part 2

A couple of months ago, Yotaan wrote  an article about whether or not he was going to participate in the WoD beta.  Originally I had agreed with all the points he made, and was not going to try the beta.

Then the beta was actually released.  And I’m having second thoughts.

On one hand, I want to avoid spoilers for story from WoD as much as possible.  I have this bad habit of reading the ends of books before I get to them just to read all the twists, and I don’t want to know the plot twists of WoD.  I try not to look at the new lore, new characters, or new zones too much as well, because I want the experience to be brand new when the game launches.

If I were to join the beta, it would be like me flipping to the back of the book but not reading the plot twists, just the other narrative stuff.  It would be very very hard not to spoil parts of the story for myself.

However, on the other hand I have been eagerly reading up on all the quality of life and mechanic changes.  Things such as the change to banks, reagent stacking, and especially character models interest me incredibly.

So lets say for a second that I’ve gotten into the beta.  My plan would be to test out the new models, and check out how said models have been implemented around Azeroth (not Draenor).  I would test the class changes and provide feedback.  I would write about the changes I experience in this blog. But the one thing I wouldn’t do, is actually go to Draenor.  Is that a good use of beta privileges?  Would that be a waste of testing? And most importantly, would I be spoiling WoD for myself?

This is my current conundrum, and so I turn to you, the readers.  What should I do? Opt into beta and play it, or let someone else use that pass?


Addendum: As you can see, we are back!  We should be updating the blog regularly now, so about 1-2 posts a week.  Also, you may notice some slight changes in the appearance of the blog.  What do you all think?

5 thoughts on “To Beta or not to Beta part 2

  1. Since we had to start completely over with Beta after the latest rebuild, I’ve only logged in to see the mechanics on the characters, the new character models and haven’t returned to Draenor as of yet. I do want to get a feel for the Garrisons to see what it is going to be like w/o being booted out every five or six minutes and numerous other bugs I encountered.

    I am also like you in the fact that I don’t want to spoil the new expansion for myself either because we may have the thing for quite some time if history repeats itself. I also intend to take my time getting into Draenor once it drops too – I’m not to keen on the mad race to see who can level the fastest – not my kind of fun. 😀

    • I used to race my friends and family to max on my first toon and then would level slowly and take it all in on my second, but with many of my friends not playing anymore, I don’t know what I will do this time. One thing is for sure though, I do love reading all the quest text and finding all the hidden details in an expansion. So if I were to opt in for the beta, I run the risk of spoiling some of those details before the expansion ever comes out.

      • With Beta testing, I will scan the quests rather rapidly and move on to test out the actual mechanics – when the actual expansion drops, I stop and read every single word. LOL, my son is laughing at me, however, I do plan on not even hitting Draenor when it goes live for at least a month – I have quite a few unfinished things in MoP that I want to finish before I start the next chapter in WoW. 😀

  2. My experience is that doing beta takes some of the joy out of the expansion once it goes live, as it is not new. But that might just be me. My daughter loves being in beta. (Though then she never plays much when the expansion goes live, proving my point.)

    • You bring up a good point that I didn’t think about. Novelty. One of the best things about new expansions in their novelty, and a mark of how good they are is how long that novelty lasts. Thank you for that point of advice!

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