Rediscovering World of Warcraft

Rockin' Out
This is going to sound completely crazy.  Ready for it?

I had forgotten what ‘fun’ was in WoW.

Yup, really.  Recently, I have become so focused on making the most of my WoW time, prioritizing, and getting stuff done.  WoW became almost like a chore.  Ok, first I gotta go my Ordos and Celestial runs on all my 90.  Next I need to run the LFRs for the legendary quest on my priest and then my druid.  Ok, now I need to level my professions on my druid.  Oops, I forgot to post my auctions, better head out to the AH.  It was tedious, it was time-consuming, and honestly, it wasn’t fun.

I was slowly burning out on WoW.  It’s not that I didn’t want to play, but when I was, I’d spent more time reading or listening to music than actually playing.  WoW became a checklist, a job, and that’s not why I love this game.  Until, everything changed one fateful night.

In order to get my last couple of sigils for my druid, I was running back to back LFR.  I was barely paying attention to the raids (you can heal the older LFRs with your eyes closed it seems), and really would rather be doing something else.  So, I turned to guild chat.

For the next couple of LFRs, I chatted with my guildies.  We talked about absolutely nothing, but it was relaxing.  And at times, funny.  There was no pressure to do anything (it’s not like we were in an instance together or something), and time passed really quickly for me.

I finished with my LFRs, getting my last couple of sigils.  But instead of feeling accomplished or even remotely satisfied, I just felt resigned.  First step down, eighty million to go.  Why was I even doing this again?

Some of the guildies that I had been talking to decided to run a heroic dungeon for giggles and chuckles.  There was no gear or anything I needed from a heroic, so I almost decided to pass (like I usually do).  I needed to get working on the legendary questline, right?

That’s when I stopped.  And thought.  And realized that I was being ridiculous.  I play video games for one reason- to have fun.  Not to get the best gear, not to be the most skilled, but to entertain myself.  And was I really entertaining myself by forcing myself to slog through this legendary questline for the 4th time? Not at all.

So I asked to come along on the dungeon run.  My guildies quickly invited me (I was to be the healer) and we were off.

We zoned into Shado Pan Monastery, us guildies and an unknown tank.  Someone joked in guild chat that we should give the tank a hard time, since we were all from the same guild.  Then, rather out of the blue, the tank announced he was ‘baked’.  And what followed was the craziest, most hilarious heroic I have ever run.

We started off with a bunch of potato jokes (because baked, geddit?) which then turned into hilarious ‘don’t do drugs’ facts (Four out of every three people who do drugs die).  All the while, we were speeding through the dungeon, recklessly pulling packs of adds that we probably could have avoided.  At one point, one of my guildies switched on pack, which started a ‘flame war’ between him and another guildie.  It was crazy and hilarious.

I was really doing nothing as a healer, as everyone out geared the content.  So, I switched to my feral spec, and that’s when things got really insane.  Suddenly, one of our guild members started to die during every trash pull (I’m not sure if this was purposeful or not), and this started another ‘flame war’ about who should be taking the blame.  We were still pulling relatively fast, and our tank was starting to joke around with us guildies.

All of a sudden, we found ourselves at the end of the dungeon.  Instead of me going back to resto, we decided to burn the boss, and pop literally every cooldown we had (some of which were not spell cooldowns, but toy cooldowns too).  The boss’s health plummeted, and then we were done! The heroic was complete, and the run ended!

Everyone said their goodbyes, and we parted ways with the tank (I never did write down his name).  I had to log out, as it was getting late for me.  But even after the run was done, I found myself thinking about it.

The heroic was awesome.  It was totally insane, completely out of control, and absolutely hilarious.  That is why I transferred to this realm to play with this guild.  That is why I came with my guildies that night.  That is why I play WoW.

Recently, I reflected, I had forgotten this.  I became so worried about maxing out my characters, about utilizing my time, about only doing the things in the game that will improve my gear somehow, that WoW had stopped being fun.  I was so intent on the legendary questline, and my ilvl, and my auctions, that I didn’t do anything besides that.  I was so focused on my goals that I didn’t even hang out with my guildies anymore.  WoW had become a job.

But my guildies reminded me what WoW was all about.

I don’t play WoW to have the best gear.  I don’t play WoW as a chore or job.  I don’t play WoW to be the best player.  I play WoW because it is fun.  Because the people playing are fun.  Because the experiences I’ve had, and will continue to have, are fun.  I play WoW to have fun.

5 thoughts on “Rediscovering World of Warcraft

  1. Lovely post.

    I agree, I run RBG team in a European server Kazzak and sometimes in the midst of all the rating chasing its very easy to forget why the game is so much worth of playing-It is because of the people we play with, Just the other day I was thinking this: How deep affection I feel towards these people. How it is their warmth and jokes that get me logging on almost everynight and organize together with yet another RBG group and run. Yesterday night we were playing some lower rated RBGs with some new guild members we had and one of our main higher rated team members joined the lower rated team with his main just to make sure we could run the group. He risked losing his rating but he did not care: He wanted to make sure people get to play and have fun. The night turned out to be great fun: Not only were we winning alot, but our dk was doing the best job ever as target caller “He has name alyyna (or something of the like) anyone with that name needs to die” or ” Came here little kitton druid, lets became frineds” when aiming towards their guardian druid.

    It was heart warming night and really needed. Our last RBG night had been struggle, amounted to lost games and lost ratings and left everyone feeling the blues. Hence while I really still hope to chase more rating this PvP season, it would not be worth what is if If woudnt be doing it with my awesome friends and with their retarded jokes!

    (I do have admit tho that to me great part of the fun is the challenge of aiming to became better player and If I only could I would make the game my job 😀 )

    • Thank you! That sounds like you guys had a ton of fun! I agree, working to complete a challenge can make hanging out with friends even more fun. Part of the reason why it was so hilarious instead of painful when I switched to feral was because I was running with friends. Good luck with your RGB ratings!

  2. Yes! I think a lot of us forget why we play WoW, or any game, that becomes a chore. I’m happy you not only had a crazy fun time in the dungeon, but also that you found your fun factor again! I’ve struggled with, and conquered, this myself quite a few times, so hooray! =D

  3. Yep, yep, it’s a game to have fun and sometimes we forget that and start treating it like we would a job racing down the path for that “promotion” – be it better gear, be it anything other than just having fun. I have a few capped characters and I just enjoy playing them – the gear the achievements are just secondary things. If it’s not fun, I’m not gonna do it. 😀

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