10 Years, 10 Questions


Forward: Yotaan and I may be on vacation, but there’s no vacation from blogging. 😛

So I saw this on the internets, and I just had to contribute. ALT:ernative Chat is attempting to make a documentary about World of Warcraft players of EPIC PROPORTIONS! She is asking everyone who plays WoW or has played WoW in the past to answer 10 questions (as it is WoW’s 10th anniversary coming up). Then, rounding up all of the answers, ALT:ernative Chat will create a series of six 30 minute podcast documentaries containing the best responses. I highly encourage you all to take the time to take part in this documentary; you will find all the info you need here. Without further ado, here are mine and Yotaan’s answers!

1. Why did you start playing Warcraft?

Fussypants: A little back story before I answer this one.

When my dad and I first heard of the game, I was very young (about 7). A family friend was telling my dad about the game, calling it the best video game he had ever played. I had never played a video game before, so I had absolutely no idea what this friend was talking about. At that point, I didn’t really have an interest. My dad got the game and began playing.

At first (I didn’t know this at the time, but I have learned this as I’ve grown older) he played when I was in bed so I never even saw WoW. Eventually, my dad let me watch him play. So, every time he would log on, I’d be right there, waiting to sit on his lap and watch. I remember being enraptured by WoW. It was like a movie, only my dad could decide what the characters did. It was an entire world in that screen, and I was incredibly curious as to what that world held.

I began to ‘help’ my dad play by mashing the space bar as fast as I could, and sometimes moving the character around. Then, I asked my dad if I could create a character for myself. Thus was born a lifelong career of World of Warcraft.

So I guess you can say I started playing because I saw my dad playing, and I wanted in!

Yotaan: I would like to add even more backstory:

When I was in middle school, I had a group of friends who played AD&D. Now, only the old folks reading this know what that is! I had a cleric who I played steadily the entire time. I have a lot of great memories of that time, drawing pictures of the character, imaging how the gear looked, and looking forward to the next dungeon we would run. I even recall the sex change he (then she) had, by sitting on a chair!

So, fast forward to 2007 and I learned about WoW from the family friend and it sounded like playing AD&D. I had missed the whole MMORG emergence due to work and family life, so it was brand new to me, that you can play online in a fantasy world with other people, lots of other people.

Tried it once, and I was hooked!

2. What was the first ever character you rolled?

Fussypants: The first character I rolled was a draenei hunter named Eightandgreat. Each part of that character was carefully thought out, as only a child would. I spent over an hour designing that character, agonizing over her hair and face. Draenei was because they were the ‘prettiest’ of the races, in my little kid mind. Hunter because I could get a pet who would follow me around where ever I went. How cool was that? And the name Eightandgreat was because I was eight years old at the time, and I considered myself pretty great!

Yotaan: A dwarf hunter, because in the vanilla cinematic, that dwarf with the bear looked so cool. He lasted all of a day. I don’t even remember his name.

3. Which factors determined your faction choice in game?

Fussypants: Honestly, I don’t think I got the idea of ‘factions’ as a kid, and I just picked the most visually appealing character. I stuck with Alliance though because as a kid I always wanted to be the ‘good guys’ races. Horde was evil you know!

Yotaan: Don’t the “bad guys” always get the most fun? That’s part of the reason I went Horde after the dwarf hunter. Additionally, the friend who introduced me to the game had a belf warlock, so I was leveling a troll shaman to play with him.

4. What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

Fussypants: This is a hard one. I’m stuck between three different moments!

The first was when a good friend of mine started playing. A different friend has gotten him to start the game, but I was the one to really play with the guy. Some of the noob things he did were hilarious! He only played blonde blood elves and to give you an idea about his character names, ‘Nobananas’ was one he took pride in. Watching him march into a BG, a dress wearing fish wielding rogue was one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. So that whole time period while he was learning the game was a ton of fun.

The second moment was when I first joined my current guild. I had just created Fussypants (the namesake of this blog) to play with my no longer noob friend, when he invited me to his guild. I was welcomed warmly by everyone online. Someone from the guild personally flew me to Stormwind, gave me one hundred gold, and several netherweave bags, before promising that if I ever needed help, the guild would be there. This sort of thing had never happened to me before, and I was floored. Needless to say, I’ve stayed with that guild and am now an officer!

The last moment was more recent than the first two. I was in the Jade Temple instance leveling my mage. No one else in the group knew the dungeon (it was early on into MoP) but me. But instead of charging in for an inevitable wipe, the group asked me for instructions. So I gave a rundown of every boss before we fought them, and gave advice on how to handle certain adds, and what to CC (remember, this was the beginning of MoP so this sort of stuff mattered). We slowly but surely made our way through, everyone being patient with each other when we made mistakes. It was the most supportive, most friendly, most positive group I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in, in my entire LFG career!

Yotaan: I always enjoy playing with Fussypants; she is one of my main motivators to keep playing. We coordinate our mains and alts in many ways and that keeps me engaged. I love her excitement and enthusiasm. I have the best memories of when she was starting out, and I have too many to list here.

My two best memories before Fussy started both were in a BC era. One of them was when I was leveling my troll shaman (then named Yotin) in Tanaris. A request over chat came up, looking for more for a dungeon run. I was free and joined. Sadly, there were no tanks or healers. I was elemental, and another shammy was enhance and there was a hunter and a mage, plus one other DPS. We decided to go for it, with me as heals, and the enhance shammy as a tank. It was awesome! This was very unusual in those days to try this without the proper specs. We barely made it but it really felt like a true challenge and the group was amazing. My other great memory is a Warsong Gulch battleground. Off in the corner, again on Yotin, I faced off against a human paladin. We were so evenly matched in skills that the 2 of us personally battled for what seemed like 5 minutes. Both of us did great saves, interrupts, and cc’s, and, finally, I lost. He /bowed to me and I could tell the other player had enjoyed it as much as me. For the rest of the battleground, we did not attack each other out of respect.

5. What is your favourite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?

Fussypants: My favorite aspect of the game is by far raiding, especially healing in raids. But, since I only started in raiding in MoP, that hasn’t always been the case. Before I loved raiding, I think leveling was my favorite thing to do. And when I was really little, fishing and exploring.

Yotaan: Leveling and battlegrounds are my fave in general. I am really looking forward to the PVP changes in WoD because currently I do not the PvP as it stands. Before I started playing routinely with Fussypants, I was on a PvP server, which I think is more exciting, cause you never know if a gank is around the corner. Plus, I admit, I like the lore.

6. Do you have an area in game that you always return to?

Fussypants: Most of my characters hang out in Ironforge when managing bank, AH and profession business. I wouldn’t say I always return there, but I do hang out there a lot.

Yotaan: Since I have switched from Horde to Alliance, I don’t really have a spot to go back to now. It would have been Ogrimmar.

7. How long have you /played and has that been continuous?

Fussypants: Oh dear, dare I look?

Wait, I’m on vacation, I can’t! Ha ha, let’s just say a lot for the time being (I’ll update this when I get back).

And yes that is continuous, as I have never taken a break from WoW

Yotaan: Dude, no way will I ever check /played – I have played continuously since 2007.

8. Admit it: do you read quest text or not?

Fussypants: When I was little, I did all the time as that was how I improved my reading skills. I kinda fell out of that habit over the years, and tend to skim. But with MoP, I tried and successfully started reading quest text again! So the answer would be yes!

Yotaan: Always – have done so from the beginning.

9. Are there any regrets from your time in game?

Fussypants: YES! You know that beloved character from a couple questions above? Eightandgreat? Well, I deleted her! To make room for a worgen warrior nonetheless! If there would be one thing I’d like to go back and change, that would be it.

Yotaan: I have no true regrets, but I do miss being on a PvP server.

10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming?

Fussypants: World of Warcraft has had a truly enormous impact on my life. As I have said before, I’ve grown up in this game. I’ve gotten better at reading, pretty much learned to types, and learned how to talk to people of all different ages. I’ve learned how to deal with trolls, and how to thank those who are nice. I’ve learned how to prioritize my time (I used to have little books filled with information of who to play, for how much times, and what I would do in that time) and the basics of supply and demand (AH for ya). I’ve met amazing and famous people, learned how to work as a team, and eventually learned out to be a leader. And, Warcraft has led me to blogging about it. So in a way, Warcraft has helped me to become a better writer too! I have really grown up in Azeroth!

Yotaan: I would have never thought that a video game would impact my family life in such a way. Fussypants is not the only household member to play beside me. And, doing a little writing in a blog about it too never, ever crossed my mind. Plus, it is exciting to see Fussypants grow and change!

11. BONUS: Would you be comfortable being interviewed?

Fussypants: Sure!

Yotaan: Wait a minute Fussypants, did you ask me if it’s okay to be interviewed? Hmmm, I think it would be fine.


So there you have it! Probably far more than you’d ever want to know about Yotaan and me!

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