Legendaries, Keys, and other Odds and Ends

Third Legendary
First things first, I got my third legendary.

I swear I’ll stop! This is the last one!!

Anyways, I got the DPS cloak for my disc priest (she is also shadow) since I make extensive use of Atonement healing.  I have no plans at the current to buy the healer cloak, but if my heals start to really suffer, then I might pop the 8k gold for the healer cloak as well.

On another, semi related note, I have a quest! My quest, which I chose to accept, is to get the Ahead of the Curve achievement and down all of Normal SoO before 6.0 drops.  I’ve been trying all my avenues, but most have fallen through.  So now I turn to you all.  Does anyone need a healer or dps, horde or alliance to cover for one of your normal SoO raids? My ilvls are between 544 to 553 and I know all these classes like the back of my hand, so you wouldn’t have to carry me (too) much.  Please get in contact with me if you need me to fill in, or if you are willing to bring me along!

Now I know none of you really care about this, what you want to hear about is the beta key we are handing out.

Which is why I’m now going to give a lengthy article about the lack of dailies in WoD, and what that will mean for reputation gains.
Naw, I’m just messing with you all.

So as you all know, Yotaan and I have a beta key to give away.  I’ve spent the past week wracking my brains, trying to think of a fun but fair contest to give it away.  I’ve come up with two options, but I’m not completely happy with either.

The first would be a scavenger hunt of sorts.  I would hide some sort of riddle within this blog, in one of the older articles.  I would give you a clue to which article, and then the riddle would lead to another article, and another, and another, until you got to the last riddle.  Who ever replies in the comments of that article with the correct answer first would get the key (if you haven’t yet been approved for commenting, don’t worry I’ll pay attention to which comment comes first regardless of whether or not it’s approved).
Now, I don’t really like this one because it would be on a first come, first serve basis, and I know that many people won’t be free the moment this article drops.  To make it more fair, I guess I’d announce a couple of days ahead what time I’d post the article, so people would have a warning.  I like that this one is more of a thinking puzzle than a random drawing, but it’s a bit stacked against those in different timezones, and those who aren’t great at riddles.

The second idea I had, was borrowed from Kibler Bits‘ blog.  The idea was that I would host an in-game event, and the winner of that would get the key.  The event I wanted to try would be a race to the top of Ironforge.  Everyone would roll level one gnomes or dwarfs, so there would be no mounts or speed boosts (and if you do use one, you would be disqualified).  Then, at the same time and from the same spot, everyone would run up the mountain as fast as they can.  The first person to the top wins.
The problems with this idea are as numerous as the first one.  I am on US realms so any players from around the world would be unable to compete.  It would be even more tricky to plan with timezones, and many people may not be able to come because of the time.  While I don’t think any of you would cheat, that is still a risk, as well as interference from players outside of the race.  This challenge would be far more luck and WoW skill oriented, but with the pitfalls of timezones.

Instead of deciding by myself, I have decided to put this one up to you, the readers, and the beta keys hopefuls.  Which challenge would you rather do, or is more flexible for everyone involved?  And if you have any other ideas, by all means, put them in the comments! Voting will remain open until Friday.

Also, I was thinking of maybe providing a second and third place prize.  No, it wouldn’t be a beta key, but I was thinking of maybe doing a painting of their main toon (I dabble in some watercolor) or perhaps a Blizzard store pet of their choice.  But like the challenge itself, this one is up in the air.

4 thoughts on “Legendaries, Keys, and other Odds and Ends

  1. Although I have no need of a beta key, I’m looking for as many distractions as I can possibly find so therefore support the idea of riddles on your blog!

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