Durumu: Best Boss Fight in MoP?

‘What?’ you say,  ‘Durumu? The one with the maze? You must have made a mistake here!’ Actually, imaginary interpretation of person, I have not.  I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: Durumu is one of the best boss fights from MoP. And here’s why.

First things first, Durumu the Forgotten is not easily forgotten.  Every single person who has raided Throne of Thunder remembers him.  Most people remember him because of his difficult to navigate maze or annoying cones of light ability, but for whatever reason, Durumu does not slip from many’s memories.  In my mind, and I would assume, in Blizzard’s mind, the best boss is one that people remember.

Sometimes, bosses are remembered because of lore reasons.  The Lich King, Illidan, and Edwin VanCleef come to mind right off the bat.  There is great story behind the character, and the fight is a very personal thing instead of just fighting Evil Troll #4 or something along those lines.  A lot of times, quests or the instance itself lead up to the inevitable demise of said character.  But not every boss has an in-depth fleshed out background.  Not every boss can.  So that brings me to the second reason bosses are remembered.

Bosses are remembered if they have particularly hard mechanics. Things like Yor’sahj the Unsleeping (the dude with the colored globules in Cata), The Occulus (that entire dungeon was frustrating) or Kor’Kron Dark Shaman stick out in people’s minds.  People remember the wipes, the tears, and the time invested in getting those bosses down.  And this is exactly why Durumu  is remembered.  From his hard to see maze with added death beam, to the cones of light revealing Fog creatures, and the pools of badness on the ground, Durumu is one for the record books.

But Durumu’s mechanics aren’t just memorable, they were also creative and new.  The idea of a maze, in which you basically stop dps to navigate is a pretty unusual one.  And it worked.  No other boss in Pandaria had mechanics quite like Durumu.  The boss was a radically different experience from all the others.  It had so much going on, but at the same time was rather easy to understand in concept.

And it was one of the few bosses in Pandaria where dps didn’t matter as much.  If you got to the maze phase, it didn’t matter if you could do 200k dps or 5k, because you have to get through the maze before you could dps.  Raid coordination became more valuable than the gear you were wearing.  Durumu was the great equalizer.

Sadly, the glory days of wiping endlessly in LFR on Durumu are coming to a close.  With a whole new tier, it has become more and more common for people to dps Durumu down before he ever gets to the maze phase.  But I, and many other players, will remember him for far beyond MoP.

WoW needs bosses like Durumu.  Bosses with new and innovative abilities, bosses that require more than DPS or luck to beat.  And honestly, WoW also needs bosses that are ridiculously hard, that challenge even the most elite, and push people to try new techniques.  If every boss was a tank and spank loot piñata, we would get bored with raiding really quick.  So this is why I like Durumu, and why I consider him one of the best bosses in Pandaria.


Addendum: Beta Key Giveaway coming Soon™

10 thoughts on “Durumu: Best Boss Fight in MoP?

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  2. I love that MoP had a solid focus on mechanics in boss fights. Most of the boss fights were interesting, at least the first few times. I remember doing Durumu in LFR the first day it was released–7 wipes before the raid dissolved. It was chaotic for sure.

    My personal favorite for mechanics, though; is Heroic Siegecrafter. More than any other boss I personally experienced this expansion, beating H Siege felt like a win. And from what I’ve experienced in beta so far, we have many more mechanics fights to enjoy in the months to come!

    • I totally agree! There hasn’t been a single boss in MoP that was just a tank and spank. Another layer of complexity was always added, and it made for an impressive array of boss fights. And yes, Durumu shortly after LFR launch was wicked! I did it once, the group wiped several times, and then I waited a month before trying again!

      I’m not familiar with the nuances of the Heroic Siegecrafter fight (hello LFR raider!) but from what I’ve heard, its a doozy. Grats on getting him down!!

    • Nothing is as hard as Hexos!! I don’t know how in the world to beat him! I’m spinning my mouse like crazy, but then I forget to dps so I die to the timer. Or, I’m dpsing like crazy and I forget the maze, so I die to that! I’m at wits end, lol.

  3. To my embarassment, I still couldn’t figure out how to run the maze 🙂 When I was lucky to run among the puddles, the death ray killed me nevertheless. I almost grasped the idea with my last time, and now my 4 leveling chars will encounter Durumu very-very soon to check the skill 🙂 The idea with 3 rays on the contrary is very-very fun, I definitely like when one of them chooses me!

    When talking about unusual boss mechanics, not all of them are actualy fun. T.ex., you need an extreme coordination between parties when opening the treasure pandarian boxes in SoO. Even if your party is performing very well at a good pace and doesn’t make any mistakes, a silly tank or healer or dps throwing mantid bombs here and there could easily wipe the whole raid. It’s always a lottery if you can survive through two parts, and it’s pretty tiresome cause you fire the mantid and the mogu like a missile cannon and all the time keep your fingers crossed for what’s happening on the other side goes smooth too. Such constant tension throughout ten minutes – NOT GOOD.

    Speaking of interesting AND fun encounters from MoP, my favorites are:
    – Norushen. Same deathray that needs avoiding, checks your skills solo when you’re fighting your own sha, and killing adds. Very inmtensive, yet comfortable fight.
    – Tortos. Involves super-mario style bombing with turtle shells!
    – Galakras. It’s really bringing a feeling of epic siege, and I always participate in a tower-raiding party. Makes you feel doing something very-very important, and that’s a solo skill test too, both in dps and solo-survival (despite a healer).
    – Thok! Very tricky encounter, and it took me like 4 or 5 deaths to master the idea. Now I totally love when the beast turns his gaze on me 🙂

    • The unusual boss mechanics I spoke of were more on the difficult side, but to me that makes beating them even more satisfying! Yes some of them were a downright pain (looking at you, Occulus), but beating them seemed more special. I barely remember any of the Wrath dungeons, but boy do I remember the Occulus. So yeah memorable doesn’t always equal fun.

      A trick for Durumu for you! Once he starts the death maze part, get behind him and pop your defensive cooldowns. The purple clouds will damage you, but not as much as the death beam. Hang safely behind him (the healers and your cooldowns should be able to keep you alive) until you see the group of people traversing the maze. Join with them, and stay on the outer edge, away from the death beam. Its ok if you get in the purple clouds sometimes, so feel free to run a bit ahead, but just make sure never to fall back. Another tip, he starts the maze when he yells ‘Watch your footing, mwahaha!’, and the direction he faces is where the death beam will start. Get behind him asap! Hope this helps!

      Hah, as a disc priest I absolutely hate Norushen! I rarely get pull in (or get allowed to go in) to the orbs first, so my heals are weak until I get cleansed. And then, I always have to soak the orbs, so that dampens the damage of my Atonement more! On my mage, the fights ok because I can do a lot of AoE damage on the mobs, but again getting cleansed is an annoying roadblock. But hey, power to you! Enjoy what you love!
      I do love Tortos and Galakras (towers ftw!) though!

      Question for you: Which boss will you remember the most looking back, and which boss was the most fun?

      • Thank you for Durumu hints! Actually I read the tactics at other sites after I couldn’t figure out what to do on spot, but it requires some real action skills at the place (cause “group of people” also tend to wander around wrong places and die).

        There’s a nice name for the deathrays of Norushen and Durumu: crab-slicer. In Russian community, bad players are pejoratively nick-named “crabs” because it seems that they use crab-claws instead of fingers when operating mouse and keyboard.

        Speaking of deadly and hard encounters which will be remembered – it will be The Three Spirits of Golden Lotus warriors and Thok. Many, many, many wipes, but in the end I’ve mastered what to do, where to run and whom to nuke, now these fights fun.

  4. I couldn’t agree more, I loved Durumu. Things like if you were paying attention, there would be a flash of colored light when one of the invis fog beasts spawned, so if your raid was paying attention, you could race right to them.

    • Absolutely! Or the fact that you could make those purple puddles stack in a giant purple space of doom (Or you know, place them responsibly out on the edges of the encounter…)? I love doing that on LFR heh heh 😛

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