Pre Patch Panic

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Between school (5 hours of homework each night!), getting sick, and a super secret project coming Soon™ (ooh, cryptic messages), Fussypants and Yotaan have had almost no time to blog, and even less to play WoW.  Never fear, we are hoping back onto that blogging train, and just in time because 6.0 is on the horizon.

Fussypants: I was doing what typical Fussypants’s do when there is not much coming in WoW; meandering through normals, slowly gearing up, smelling the roses and all that.  And then BAM! Patch 6.0.2 PTR NOW LIVE!

Uh oh.  I need to get moving!  I have a bajillion things I need to do before that patch drops!!
For instance, I want to
⦁    Kill Normal Garrosh for the Ahead of the Curve achievement!  This is an almost obsession, and I’ve been pugging frantically in an attempt to get this
⦁    Get all the Proving Grounds achievements I can, many which will turn into Feats of Strength
⦁    Finally finish up Hexos in the Brawlers Guild (I’ve been stuck on him for MONTHS guys)
⦁    Perhaps get some Challenge Mode dungeons done?
⦁    Kill Ra-Den for the Achievement, which will also become a Feat of Strength
⦁    Get my warrior to 90, she’s kinda stalled out at 80 right now
⦁    Legendary Cloak on my druid if I can
⦁    Start running flex raids with my guild again
⦁    Get at least one heirloom from Garrosh
⦁    Possibly try out RP? Maybe? How does one do that?
⦁    Decide on a main for WoD
⦁    Do stuff on this list!

So yeah, that’s a long list! And I’ve got two weeks to a month at best.  And school is ramping up hardcore. Yikes!

Yotaan: I have been not only busy but I have been distracted by Hearthstone.  Deathrattle Priest for the win! I do have a few things I want to accomplish before the patch drops:
⦁    GREEN FIRE!!!!  I got the legendary cloak on my warlock, so I hope I can handle the scenario questy thing.  I’ll get a cool title too.
⦁    Help Fussypants get her normal Garrosh kill.  I really hope she gets it!  (of course an heirloom for us to share would be nice too.)
⦁    Well, that’s pretty much it actually…

What are all your prepatch panics?

5 thoughts on “Pre Patch Panic

  1. I have chose my Mains for WoD. Poisondart ( DPS ). Annalea ( Tank ). Jeera ( Heals ). I know I know that is a lot but I want to stay well rounded.
    Yotaan, the Green Fire quest is Awesome. I think the green is cool.
    Fussypants, I am still working on th Proving Grounds. So I know your pain.

    • I can’t seem to get past silver on my mage! I can get almost through gold, but those last couple waves, man I just can’t get them all down! I also tried mage tanking, but that was a colossal failure 😛 . Maybe I’ll try healing proving grounds on my pally….

  2. Oh my goodness!! I have so many things that I want to get finished before the patch drops that I am almost completely overwhelmed with all of my 90 alts as well as finishing up a few things on my mains – both Alliance and Horde. I may get it all done and I may not but it sure is almost mind numbing when you look at the hours that need to be put into the game right now. 😀

    • I thought I was all set for WoD, and then all these things were announced that they were going to be removed! It’s funny; I had no intention of doing proving grounds, but once they announced that it was going to be removed, I now feel like I have to! Good luck on your list!!

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