Ayayron Wave

Back before Fussypants was a “serious raider”, before this blog was even an idea, Yotaan was Yotin, a troll shaman on a pvp server.  I had always played Horde and had no interest in the Alliance.  However, Fussypants convinced me to change factions, so I left the Horde behind.

Then, Fussypant’s leveled a Horde priest and raided on her.  That when she got “Ahead of the Curve.”  Wait, what happened to this Alliance thing?

So, back to the Horde!  I rolled a Forsaken Rogue, loaded him up with heirlooms, and unleashed him on Azeroth.  Did a little BG’s, some questing (got Rhea’s last egg – everyone ought to try that quest line a least once), and a bunch of instances.  After a few weeks, he was up to level 60.  Along the way he dabbled in mining and engineering.


Since Fussypants and Yotaan play together, we have 2 accounts.  Time for the digital upgrade for Warlords and the boost to 90 for the rogue on one of the accounts.  The process was pretty simple to do on the character screen and, then, lo and behold, the rogue dinged 90.

While I knew the profs were being boosted to max level as well, I didn’t know about the gear and the embersilk bags!  The gear looked nice, a possible transmog option actually.  However, it was immediately replaced (except for trinkets and daggers) with timeless pieces as Fussypants had a massive stockpile of them.  All the old gear and ‘looms were in the mailbox, and most went into the bank.

So far so good.

Next up were the Warlords introductory quests – I started the sequence, then realized that I was going to wait for Fussypant’s belf to help.  She had found out that the boosted characters were having a tough time with the introductory quests  and she wanted to help me.  Nuts, now I had unanticipated free time.  Now, with the boost, a majority of the abilities were gone.   Just a few basic ones were there.  The notion, I suppose, was to learn the abilities as you move along the quests, learning as you go.  The quest I had, when completed, was going to provide more abilities.  Back to the free time – the rogue checked out the Darkmoon Faire.  There are some updates and changes to the Faire that I wanted to see.  During that time I did one of the engineering quests to get tickets and Bam, new abilities were learned too!  Not exactly anticipated but fun nevertheless.

Finally, Fussypants was available and helped the rogue through the quests, which was great because it was actually a bit difficult to complete the quests without all the abilities available.  I am not sure if I could have completed some of them.  Honestly, that is good, because a challenge is always more fun.  Foreshadowing of Draenor perhaps?  At end, all the abilities were dumped in my bars, now they are a complete mess that needs straightening out.

The only thing left to do (I think) is to practice pickpocketing the named mobs.  There is a flavor thing for rogues that you can summon Griftah to fence your stolen goods.  I have to do that!

See you in Draenor (but you won’t see my rogue, until it’s too late…)


This article was written entirely by Yotaan.


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