First Normal Highmaul!

Hey, would you look at that.  I actually got a screenshot from the raid!

Hey, would you look at that. I actually got a screenshot from the raid!

As the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  And this proved to be true for me.  Mere hours after I posted my last article about my inability to raid this expansion, I got some fantastic advice in the comments and an invitation to another blogger’s normal raid.  You guys absolutely rock!

So problem solved! I now know the Highmaul fights!  And here’s how it happened!

Shortly after posting the article, I got a twitter DM from another blogger named Ambermist (you should all go check out her blog, she has some amazing stuff on raiding and WoD in general) offering to take me along on her normal clear of Highmaul.  I got Yotaan’s permission, downloaded Mumble, upgraded some gear and I was ready to rock.

I was invited to the raid and right away given a quick and concise rundown of the fight (it turns out there are tiger pits in the Kargath fight).  As soon as I was caught up, we were off!  I was healing so I got a good feel of the damage going out in each fight as well as deadly mechanics to watch for, which is absolutely perfect!

We tore through Kargath (if he focuses, run him through fire) and sped onwards into the raid.  Before each boss, Ambermist would give me a great little overview.  The Butcher (stack with ranged, run back after knockback) and Tectus (move right if you have debuff, otherwise move left) both went down without a hitch, and we were at Brackenspore (heal the mushrooms!).  We did wipe to this but we quickly picked ourselves back up, located the problem, and fixed it, downing Brackenspore with ease.

Up next were the Twin Ogrons.  I was a bit worried about this one because this is the one fight that people wipe on in LFR.  But my fears were unfounded because a quick explanation and boss fight later, and the Twin Ogrons (stack, avoid fire, shield charge, and ground swirlies) were down!  Ko’ragh was up next (run away when boss is coming to make silence circle, heal hardcore through shadow and energy marked players) and before I knew it, we were at Imperator Mar’gok.

Mar’gok unsurprisingly was the toughest fight in the raid.  There were a lot of mechanics to watch for (jump DON’T SURF waves, stack and avoid runes, stack for intermission unless you have mark, heal like crazy all the time) and a lot of raid wide damage going out.  We wiped a few times, but each time we popped back up and tightened our method.  Finally, with the help of another healer from their guild, the sorcerer king fell!

I want to send a huge thanks to Ambermist and her guild Check Please! Without them, I definitely couldn’t have done this!  The raid was clean, efficient, and cheerful, a perfect environment to learn the fights.  And I just want to say, I was super impressed by their ‘get stuff done’ manner! When things were going horribly wrong, we would quickly and cleanly wipe it instead of wasting time.  And even though people were streaming in and out of the raid group, everyone who joined was super focused and professional!  Very remarkable!

So now I have a pretty solid working knowledge of the fights in Highmaul.  I also have quite a few Normal pieces of gear (something I did not expect at all!) which helped greatly to increase my ilvl! I am ready to begin raiding again!  Huge thanks to Ambermist and Check Please for unlocking the world of raiding for me!!

7 thoughts on “First Normal Highmaul!

  1. Yay! Congratulations! I’m glad you found a good group, and now you’ll have the achievements and some gear which should make it easier to find a pug group in the future. Hooray!

    • Yup! Thank you too for the guild info; I will definitely keep it in mind if and when I ever need to commit to a raiding guild (either because pugging goes out of fashion or I find a great group). Highmaul, here I come!

  2. I’m so glad you got to come and pick up some loot along the way, too! 😀 We definitely raid because it’s fun, and it makes me happy that you got to come and have fun with us.

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