A Whole New Guild

WoWScrnShot_020515_204251I’ve been having a ball in WoW recently.  No, I haven’t been raiding. Or PvPing.  Or even on  my main characters that much.  No, I’ve been in the WoWInsider Blizzard Watch guild ‘of The Queue’.

I rolled a draenei mage named Fussypants (surprise surprise) shortly after hearing about the guild.  I had created a character more just to have one in there, pop in occasionally, and stay connected to the Queuevians.  What I didn’t expect was for me to log onto that character everyday.

When I joined there were about 20-30 members; not huge but considering the guild was a day old, not too shabby either.  But over the next couple days, the guild grew explosively.  I think right now we are at about 270 some members.  And very few of those are alts.   So with about 200 active members, you can just imagine what chat is like.  Yup, solid wall of green.  Often times there are two if not three different conversations going on at once.  People are chatting, joking, and laughing at all hours a day!  For someone who has never been in a huge guild before, this is a pretty cool thing!

At first I was logging on just to level, read the chat, and occasionally contribute.  I sent out a lot of green linen shirts as a joke, but other than that I didn’t do too much with the guild. I was content to be a lurker.  But everything changed when I proposed an idea.
Of The Queue Guild SSAs a goodbye to WoWInsider, I set up and organized a guild screenshot to submit to Around Azeroth (and yes, it got chosen!)  All the members of the guild met up at the steps of Stormwind Keep in their best guild tabard and outfits, and we took bunch of screenshots.  It was a ton of fun and a huge success!

Shortly after this, I was offered, and accepted, a promotion to officer.

Now I’ve been spending most of my time sitting by the Stormwind fountain, chatting in /g, whispering various people, and setting up guild events.  I never knew how much fun it was to be a contributing factor in a huge guild.  People want to do things together and are always full of ideas!  I’m really enjoying just talking with so many people at one time.  I rarely ever level now; I just stand in one spot!

I won’t say that I was burning out on WoW, but I was definitely less motivated to log in.  I was slowly leveling up my toons, but not really for any reason, more just to have them all at 100.  Even PvP, my newly discovered hobby couldn’t keep me occupied for long.  I guess what I needed was a huge change up.  And the Blizzard Watch guild was just that.

So this is what I’ve been doing with most of my WoW time.  Socializing.  Heh, never thought I’d say that! I’m happy that this guild is working out thus far as its a really fun place to hang out!  I love my main’s guild too; its great to be in two different guild both full of great people!

Come join us! ‘Of The Queue’ is always recruiting any readers, lurkers, or commenters from WoWInsider Blizzard Watch! We are located alliance side on Nesingwary/Vek’nilash/Nazgrel US realms.  If you need an invite just make your way to the Stormwind fountain and, odds are, you will find me or some other member there!  Oh and yeah, we have a pretty spiffy forum page too!

8 thoughts on “A Whole New Guild

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  2. Sorry to bump an old post, but I was searching for info on the “of the Queue” guild and this was one of the first hits. Plus I read your blog weekly, so I’m familiar with the candidness the two of you put forth. I feel that I’ll can get the brutal truth (my expression for “non-sugar-coated truth”) from you.

    My Alliance guild has died and the server it’s on is all but dead. I was considering moving my allie toons over to Nessingwary to join the folks there. I enjoy the sense of comradery that seems to flow in the comments section of the BW posts.

    I’m curious about any application process for the guild’s raid team(s) and the raid schedule. I enjoy raiding, but most of the serious raiding guilds on my server only raid when I’m at work or when I’m sleeping (sometimes being a responsible adult really sucks). I haven’t found any middle ground yet.

    Would you say I should take the plunge, or just roll up a toon on that server and see how well I’d fit in with the folks there?

    • I’m glad to hear that we come off as a fount of truth! And don’t worry about bumping old blog posts, it’s fun for me to come back and see what I’ve written!

      Regarding joining the guild, I will always advocate for trying something out before spending money on it. While I personally love , we are most definitely a social guild first and foremost. If that’s the sort of thing you are interested in, fantastic! But if you do plan to roll alts or transfers toons in, I would recommend you do that soon. As of typing this, we are at 968 members and rapidly running out of room!

      On the front of raiding, again I do want to stress that we are a Casual Raiding guild. This means that we place having a good time ahead of chasing after those record boss kills. This being said, just because we are not casual does not mean we aren’t out for success. We supply the guild bank with potions, flasks, food, enchants, gems, augment runes, and anything else under the sun that people need for raiding. We do have a Mumble (though it is not required) and we do ask that people at least read up on the fights before we attempt them. Because of all this, we have been progressing extremely fast. We are currently 12/13 normal and looking to work on Heroic in the next coming weeks.

      But like I said earlier, we put priority on creating a good time for all. So I would say our only requirements for raiding would be an ilvl of at least 675 (simply to make the run easier on all) and patience. We raid Wednesday and Saturday, starting at 8 CST (server time) going to 10-11, later typically on the weekends. And we understand if life comes in the way, and you have to show up late or leave early or miss entirely (just give us a little heads up!). Other than being able to make the times, we don’t have any sort of application process. We do bring cross server people, but first priority will go to guildies if we start hitting that 30 person cap (which we have many a time). I would definitely recommend transferring in to the server if you plan to raid with us long term.

      On the whole, I absolutely love ! It’s probably the friendliest and most understanding group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with in all my years of WoW. I would highly, highly recommend joining up with us!

      If you need an guild invite, shoot an ingame mail to Fussypants-Nazgrel or you can email me at thefussypants(at)hotmail(dot)com to swap battletags. Can’t wait to play with you!

      EDIT: You’ve been hit by Wall of Text! It’s super effective! Can you tell I am passionate about my guild? 🙂

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