100th Blog Post Contest!

My photoshop skills are improving!

My photoshop skills are improving!

One hundred.  That’s a pretty big number.  And especially for blogging, one hundred posts is a lot of blog posts! Today, as of this post, Growing Up in Azeroth will hit this big milestone!

In order to celebrate this milestone, Yotaan and I have decided to throw a little contest for you guys! The theme is “Who is your Main Character?”

How does one participate?
The idea of the contest is for you guys to tell us about your main character.  Why did you make them? Why are they still your main? What is your headcannons/RP? In order to tell us this, you can submit an entry two different ways. (Note: If you do not have a main character, you can still join in! Just tell us about your favorite character.)
Option one: Write about it! Write up a blog post or an email explaining your character, or telling your character’s RP story.  The more creative the explanation, the better!
Option two: Take a screenshot of said character that best represents them.  It can be an action shot or a still shot and again, creativity is king.  Also, artwork of your character is more than welcome!

How does one submit entries?
You can either blog your entry or email us at thefussypants(at)hotmail(dot)com .  If you do a blog post, please let us know!  Please make sure to include a method of contact (email, twitter, etc).

You said contest, so what are the prizes?
There will be two winners, a written and a screenshot.  The winning entries will get a choice of prize: either a Blizzard Store Pet of their choice worth $10 or custom artwork of their character done by Fussypants (digitally sent).  The winners (and perhaps the runners up) will be displayed on the blog as well!

How are the winners selected?
The day that the contest ends, Yotaan and I will round up all the entries and pick which ones we like best.  Yotaan and I are the sole judges of this contest.

When does the contest end?
The contest ends Sunday, April 26th and winners will be contacted shortly after.

And the contest starts right now! Good luck everyone!

10 thoughts on “100th Blog Post Contest!

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  4. OK, this runs through MOP, but never got back in game for WOD (though I alluded to it based on the spoilers at the time). But since I put this in the cloud, I still have it so here you go:

    Amaxe the Philosopher
    Female Draenei Shaman
    Height: 7’1”
    Weight: 192
    Age: Over 10,000

    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Training: Miner/Engineer
    Enhancement: 3333221
    Major: Flame Shock, Feral Spirit, Shamanistic Rage
    Minor: Astral Recall, Spirit Wolf, Lakestrider
    Elemental: 3333231
    Major: Flame Shock, Shamanistic Rage, Totemic Recall
    Minor: Astral Recall, Spirit Wolf, Lakestrider

    Amaxe was born on Argus, and at the time of the exile, she had begun her path as a philosopher, having completed her education. Had the corruption never occurred, she might have gained renown as a scholar and a teacher. But at that time, she had was seen merely as a talented new philosopher. She was too minor to know about Sargeras’ offer at the time, but when the call came, she trusted Velen and joined the exile.

    During the travels of the Draenei, she eventually married the Paladin, Txartiko. She had two daughters: Haukena and Iresbelun. She was fascinated by the beings she encountered on the worlds they traveled to, seeking to learn what they knew. She became quite adaptable, making use of technology, her training and what she picked up from these different beings to help her get around these worlds (Engineering) and collecting mineral samples (mining).

    On Draenor, Amaxe just as fascinated by the orcs, and did her best to learn while spending time in Telmor (which was the central location for trading with orcs), learning what she could learn about the orcs. Through contact with an orcish shaman named Talkraa (about a hundred years after their arrival), she was granted permission to travel with an Orcish hunting group for a period between the semi-annual Kosh’harg gatherings. Whether she could stay longer would depend on his apprentice, Nergis who would be teaching her. If she was willing, she could stay longer in learn.

    Unfortunately, Nergis did not like the Draenei outsider. She did her duty in teaching Amaxe, but would never open to friendship. Amaxe believes she felt threatened by her constant questions in seeking to know more, as if it were a challenge to their ways. Amaxe hoped that she would be permitted to take part in the Om’riggor rituals, but Nergis refused and so Talkraa refused. Amaxe was asked to leave.

    That was the last time that she was able to travel with the orcs within their society, even though she continued to learn as much as she could, meeting orcs in the occasions the two races traded.

    She wrote a treatise on the orcs, analyzing what she had learned and explaining how the Orcish society worked. (Much later a rumor started that she had predicted the Orcish uprising. Amaxe denies this, saying she was also surprised. She never anticipated them being corrupted by the Burning Legion or targeting the Draenei). Her book discussed that with the very rigid way the Orcs clung to tradition and the ancestors and had no checks and balances against these shaman, that a dishonest shaman could exploit the Orcs into a unified force for his own benefit. However, she expected them to go to war with the ogres and the gronn.

    She was away at the Temple of Karabor, visiting her daughter Iresbelun, when the two young orcs, Durotan and Orgrim came to Telmor. So she was unable to learn from them and had to get all she could from Restalaan and Velen of what they learned instead. She wondered if the Frostwolves might be open to letting her live among them.

    She was still angling for another invitation to follow the orcs (it had been a hundred years, and those who remembered her previous trip were dead—though there were still some stories of “the foolish woman” as legend) when the orcs attacked and slaughtered a hunting party.

    This attack brought home to her that these orcs were no longer the innocents they appeared to be. While she had guessed right that the orcs could be organized for war, but she had guessed wrong about who the targets were. She disagreed with Velen’s decision to appeal to the orcs, arguing that they had to defend themselves and that this was not a misunderstanding—they were being motivated to do this.

    When she was given the option to go along with Velen to Oshu’gun, she wanted to refuse. She believed that the orcs had no desire to correct any misunderstandings. She especially did not want to walk there unarmed. But Velen prevailed on her and they were captured. It was a miserable experience. She had known that the orcs were a violent culture, but this was a hatred that seemed racist in nature. She observed the Orc Durotan display a closed-mindedness that refused to consider that he was doing wrong. She was surprised that they were freed, expecting to be murdered.

    Thus, the Draenei realizing that the orcs were bent on genocide, prepared for war. Amaxe did her part in the defense. Some of this was as a technical advisor based on what she had learned—though that became less helpful as the orcish society continued to change, and some of it was as a fighter, which became more frequent once her knowledge was obsolete, she took up the role of defending the innocent, seeking to especially rescue the children and families.

    Her family members died in close succession. Her daughter, Haukena disappeared during the defense of Telmor and was presumed killed. (It was later learned that she had been badly injured and had been carried off by some survivors and was hiding with them in Auchindon). Her daughter Iresbelun was killed in the fighting for the Temple of Karabor. Her husband died in the defense of Shattrath. Amaxe was chosen as one of the ones to go into hiding, because she recently learned she was pregnant with a third child, and it was hoped that in saving her, they would be saving two Draenei. But hiding in the hills above Shattrath, she miscarried, losing her child—her first son.

    She spent the time in hiding between Zangarmarsh and Terrokar. During the time of recovering from her miscarriage and crawling out of her grief, she began to learn of the controversy with the Broken. She was torn. On one hand, she was as frightened as any other Draenei over the unknown disease. But on the other hand, her conscience told her it was unjust to treat them that way. As much as she was able (and at that time, she was not able to do much), she tried to encourage the Draenei to remember that the Broken were still their kin.

    With the appearance the Naaru after the shattering of Draenor, Amaxe made her way back to the ruins of Shattrath, and worked with the Aldor on helping the survivors. There she encountered her daughter Haukena, and learned that her daughter had been in Auchindon all this time, and had thought that Amaxe was dead. The two of them worked together to defend the Draenei from the predators.

    She and Haukena were part of the group sent to take the Exodar from the Blood Elves, and so they were on it together when it crashed on Azeroth. There, she encountered a group of exiled Night Elves on Azuremyst Isle. Befriending some of them, they formed a group to defend the innocent of her new home world—especially as she learned more of her world, she learned that one of the causes of suffering was her old nemesis, the orcs. Unfortunately it seemed their leader was weak and his subordinates were able to commit atrocities without Thrall’s being able or willing to rein them in. Moreover, a good portion of the orcs seemed to think of their past as “good.”

    And so she fought… in Azeroth, back on Draenor, in Northrend, among the cataclysmic damage to Azeroth and then Pandaria. She had been recovering in Halfhill from an injury when the news came of a new portal and a new band of orcs. Calling together her allies, she set out for Stormwind once again.

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