The ‘Its almost Summer!’ Update

Nekkid raiding with the guild!

Nekkid raiding with the guild!

It’s been a while since we’ve written one of these, so we are more than due.  Here’s a litte behind the scenes update on what Fussypants and Yotaan have been doing!

Fussypants: Well I for one have been insanely busy!  School has been ramping up in a last ditch attempt to squeeze as much learning into us as they can before summer break.  But luckily the end is in sight so I will have much more freetime soon! And sleep, so much more sleep!

On the WoW front I have been super busy organizing guild events including (but not limited to) Herald of the Titans runs, Nekkid raids for achievements, Dungeon nights, officer meetings, guild meetings, current raiding, and pvp events.  I’ve also returned to WoD content level after a five month break and plan to start raiding again (but on a very casual level with my guild).

Also, I’ve been building a ton of new transmog sets for all my new characters.  So expect some more transmog articles soon!

And if any of you readers would be interested in doing some casual WoD raiding, defintely hit me up (either by emailing thefussypants(at)hotmail(dot)com, tweeting at me @thefussypants, or asking in the comments)! We plan on starting in the next couple of weeks and will definitely be crossrealming so anyone Alliance on US realms is more than invited!

Yotaan:  Real life has been very busy for me too.  My work has become more involved and I have taken on more responsibilities.  Summer is typically a busy time for me as well, so the work continues!

As for WoW, I have barely played at all.  I did complete the Stables mount training, but that is it.  I’ve had an all time low interest in WoW lately, a nadir since BC.  Not sure where it is going, will keep you posted on that!

So what about you folks? Are you more than ready for summer like we are?

4 thoughts on “The ‘Its almost Summer!’ Update

  1. my guild do naked runs, fun idea but i don’t like to show up without some thing to wear, so i think “Tuxedo Run” will be better, no states at all and you look neat.

    • Yeah, we had some folks who came in stat-less gear for our run as well. Our guild has actually just started running Nekkid raids and we hope to work our way up from Vanilla to as high leveled as we can get while Nekkid!

  2. Question for fussypants…is there anything more involved in nekkie raiding, besides no armor? I know that alone will drop stats to “omg this kill is taking forever” levels, just wasn’t sure if any other twist was involved.

    • Basically for Nekkid raiding, you can be of any level- the only thing that matters is you wear no gear with stats. So we had people as low as 74 up to 100 coming with us. Some folks did opt to bring their weapons because they could not do damage without it (and some bought white quality weapons specifically for this reason). But other than that, everyone is wearing either no gear at all or only stat-less gear.
      Because of the level difference, we still blew through Molten Core, AQ20 and AQ40 with no player deaths. Until you get to raids closer to your level, the group can pretty much blast through everything. We haven’t gotten up to Wrath and Cata raids, but I can imagine that it will get more difficult then.
      The rules we played by was no gear to start with, but if gear drops for you, you can equip it. Depending on your RNG, some people ended just as nekkid as they started while others came out fully clothed (in fact, our only male toon was the only one capable of covering up entirely).
      Really, Nekkid raids are just a fun way to get together with your friends, get transmog and achieves in a fun way, and have a good time!

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