Flying Feud


I realize that I’m basically preaching to the choir here, but I needed to get this off my chest.

Ok.  I told myself that I wasn’t going to write this post.  I knew it was a can of worms and I swore not to even get near it.  I couldn’t stay away.
Today, we are going to talk about flying.  Or rather, the reaction to the possible removal of flying.

You see, I personally don’t care one whit about the whole ordeal.  Whether it’s in the game or not does not impact my playtime much, if at all.  I’m completely ambivalent about the whole thing.  But what I’m not ambivalent about, is the discussion it has generated.

The majority of WoW players do not hold the same view as me. In fact, many seem to feel very strongly about the issue.  And on both sides of the argument (and yes, it has become an argument) are guilty of overreacting to the issue.

I understand that flying is an important issue.  And I understand that you want to get your opinion out to the world.  I feel the same way about changes that effect me.  But there come a point where it’s no longer expressing an opinion.  Where it’s no longer offering constructive criticism.

I’m definitely not saying to stop talking about flying.  Feedback and input are what tell Blizzard what works and what doesn’t.  But please, for the sakes of others, don’t smear your opinion everywhere you go.  Not everything connects back to flying and not every opportunity should be taken to complain about it.  Submit feedback, discuss in appropriate threads and forums, but don’t bring it where it has no place.

And another thing, most people are set on their decision on the matter.  Your continued arguing and bickering over the matter won’t convince anyone that your side is right.  If you are going to discuss your stance, please try to do so in a constructive and calm manner.  More people will listen to you if you aren’t antagonistic.  Civility to others, and especially those who don’t share the same opinion.

The bickering and arguing, while tiring, is not my worst gripe with this whole matter.  It’s the threats to the creators of this game and those who you disagree with.  Once you feel the need to threaten the safety of another because of an opinion, this is where you become a problem.  While it might seem like a good way of venting your anger, that is a terrible and immature way to respond.  Children respond like that.  Not adults.  I know not everyone on the internet is an adult (I know I’m not) but you owe it to the other Net denizens to at least try to act like one.  Please don’t threaten violence.  You see the line? That is way to many steps over it.

Please remember that there are real people behind the avatars.  The pro-flyers are real people.  The no-flyers are real people.  And especially, the developers are real people.  So stop treating them like garbage and start treating them like human beings.  How would you feel if everywhere you went on the internet, you had people telling you you were an idiot.  That your choices were the worst thing ever.  That you were ruining peoples lives.  That you were a monster.  That they would harm you or your family.  It wears on a person and it makes them feel terrible.  I would never wish that on anyone, and I hope none of my readers are doing that to others.

I understand that flying is an important element of the game and that people feel very strongly about it.  But be constructive in your debate.  Be calm in your discussion.  And be humane in your conversation.  You are not the only one with a strong opinion and just because someone else doesn’t share it, that doesn’t make them wrong.

I know this is a lot to ask for, with the anonymity of the internet.  But I believe in the power of the community.  We are better than this and we can solve our differences peacefully.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

One thought on “Flying Feud

  1. Well, for me it’s not so much about flying/no flying – it’s about taking away options.

    If you hate flying and think it ruins immersion or PvP or whatever, then you have the option not to fly.
    If you enjoy flying, you should also have that option without having to hang around old expansions from 5 years ago.
    Taking flying out of the game for WoD and possibly future expansions takes away another option.

    That’s what makes me more mad than anything.
    If they want to make me really mad, put the flying option in the Cash Shop so I have to spend real money to enjoy something in the game that was previously an option with the purchase price of an expansion PLUS a gold expense in the game.
    Removing and gating options that end up in the Cash Shop is nothing more than another cheesy F2P strategy 😛
    Anyway, it’s not about immersion or PvP or any of the other “arguments.” It’s simply cheaper development costs. They should state that instead of trying to fool us with tired platitudes.
    Considering the reduced content we got in this expansion (more passive than active) it’s no surprise they didn’t bother with flying.

    It also raises the question of what other options will be removed in the future that might wind up in Cash Shop – certain zones, “special” dungeons/raids, what else?

    Removing the flying option might just be the beginning…

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