Another Name Article (Demon Hunter Edition)

I was inspired (Artwork by Fussypants)

I was inspired (Artwork by Fussypants)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past week, you probably will have noticed the monumental announcement regarding the next Warcraft expansion.  We won’t bore you to death with the details since you already know those, but rather focus on one particular aspect that interested both Yotaan and Fussypants alike.  Demon hunters.

Fussypants: My first reaction was something along the lines of “OMG this is the class I’ve always wanted and never knew until now gimme gimme gimme!”.  The lore behind the class was extremely compelling and honestly, demon hunters look pretty badass.
However the more they talked about the class, the more a nagging doubt echoed in the back of my mind.  Demon hunters were repeatedly mentioned as ‘agile and mobile hand to hand combat fighters’ with lots of abilities that move them around the map.  Sound familiar to anyone else? To me, that sounded exactly like the description of monks.  And since monks have become my second favorite class (only after paladin) I became a touch worried that demon hunters would fill our niche.
I understand that this is only the announcement and we don’t even have a beta yet, so I’m not actively fretting the demon hunter take over. But hey, it’s just some food for thought. And if-

demon hunter 2
Yotaan: Fussypants.

Fussypants: What?

Yotaan: What are we going to name our demon hunters?

Fussypants: Well, I don’t know.  I’ll probably name mine something ending with ‘pants’ because that’s become my thing.

Yotaan: I want to name my demon hunter Sally.

Fussypants: Sally? Seriously? This wickedly awesome and deeply scarred elf and you wanna name her Sally?

Yotaan: Well it seems that Sally is taken on our realm.  Hmm… Mindy? Also taken.  Oh I know, Suzie!

Fussypants: Suzie.  Are you serious?

Yotaan: Suzie has been reserved!

Fussypants: *facepalming very hard*

Yotaan:  You know what would be cool?  We should name ours together, like twins.  But inanimate objects! Lamp and Lightbulb! Or Fork and Spoon!

Fussypants: Spork and Fapoon?

Yotaan: That. Is. GENIUS!

Fussypants: Everyone is naming their demon hunters something serious and demon-y and we are naming our Spork and Fapoon.

Yotaan: Yup.  It will be great!

Fussypants: *sigh* Well, what do  you think of demon hunters?

Yotaan: Kidding aside, I am excited for a new class.  I always level them up, if only to experience how they play.  I played with my death knight up to max level.  Actually, I enjoyed him a lot.   He was blood specced and at the time, was unstoppable with awesome DPS.  Of course I played a monk as well, and leveled him to max and for some time played him even more than Yotaan.

demon hunterI think the most interesting part of Demon Hunter is the lore potential.  The notion of them being Elf only is very appealing.  Here’s to hoping for a great introductory questing sequence for the demon hunter.  If it is at all like the death night initial experience, then I am sold!

That being said, as I peruse the Legion website, the night elf versions look better than the blood elf versions.  Since Fussypants has convinced me to play Alliance, I am happy that night elf is in my faction!

Oh, and by the way, Suzie is a killer demon hunter name….

So what are you most excited about for the class? And what are your awesome Demon hunter names?

7 thoughts on “Another Name Article (Demon Hunter Edition)

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  2. Beautiful drawing! You are so talented! 😀
    OMG I never thought to reserve a name! D:
    All my characters’ names end in “cat” so…hmmmm…this is going to be tough. Something evil and demon-y that ends in “cat” – and hasn’t been taken already lol.

  3. First of all, very nice dynamics at the picture 🙂

    Second, I’m totally doing at least the starter chain for DH. I’m not sure if I continue to play it, but it looks like I may finally have my first tanking toon. And it’s the first time I want a MALE Night Elf among my toons 🙂

    • Thank you! I spent a good chunk of time on that drawing and I appreciate the feedback 😀
      I know I’ll probably level my demon hunter to max level (given how close they start to it anyways) but only time will tell if I actually like the class or if I only like the novelty of the class. And I’m still holding out for gnome demon hunters!

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