Blizzcon, and Transmog, and Trailers, Oh My!

LegionIt’s information overload! I was expecting information for sures (I mean, that’s what Blizzcon is for) but I wasn’t expecting this much! Taking the 5 changes I thought were the biggest, here’s my take of the news from Anaheim! Now with convenient hyperlinks so you know what I am discussing.


Transmog UITransmog Changes
We are going to talk about this first because this is the most important change to come from Blizzcon.

…Alright, maybe not quite number one.  But its high up there.

I am so super stoked by this announcement, I actually squealed when I heard about it.  Transmog has become a very large part of the game for some players (and the reason to keep playing for others)  and I am glad that Blizzard has decided to revamp the whole system.  Learning the appearances will free up thousands of bag spaces over all my toons.  Having transmog sets linked to spec has been something I’ve been asking for for years.  And the ability to save sets in game is honestly amazing! I can’t wait for Legion to drop, if only for this!
Profession UICrafting Changes
And all the crafters of the realm doth sayeth ‘Finally!’

All kidding aside, I am excited by the changes that Blizzard has announced (and I know there will be more).  It sounds like they are really pushing to make crafting relevant and interesting again and are not tying it to one specific aspect of the game (cough cough garrisons).  The new UI they demo-ed was sorely needed and the “disenchanting” of other professions goods solves the problem of what to do with old profession stuff.  This change was badly needed and greatly appreciated!

I don't even play my disc priest that much, but I may start to if only for this awesome looking staff!

I don’t even play my disc priest that much, but I may start to if only for this awesome looking staff!

I…. I have mixed feelings about this.  One on hand, I love the idea of having a weapon that you keep with you and get to augment and I really love the idea of a talent tree for the weapons.  But on the other hand, I worry that it might become a required and grindy activity after a while.  Also, I’m not a huge fan of being locked into one particular weapon type all expansion.  Especially considering a certain plate wearing healer I play is going to have to lug a lame book around with her all expansion.

I think if artifacts are going to work and stay relevant all expansion, Blizzard will need to make them upgradable through numerous channels so there is a choice on where to grind.  In addition, I vote that we should be able to transmog them into other types of weapons that our class can use.  While I love the staff that brewmasters get, I love duel wielding kegs as well.
Leveling LegionQuesting Changes
I’m tentatively optimistic about this change as well.  If everything really and truly scales then this will allow an amazing amount of leveling freedom. One possible downside I could see is that if we have to unlock the Pillar of Creation on each toon then doing every zone on 3+ alts could get grindy and redundant. If Blizzard plays it smart, they will allow for alternate ways to get that Pillar than questing so that while you need to go into every zone, you don’t have to do the same things every time.  I’m excited to play through this change as well!

The Trailer
Fussypants: The very first thing I thought of when the trailer first started up was ‘oh no, this is like the beginning of the Lich King trailer with the My Son business, has something happened to Varian or Anduin??’ which then turned in to ‘foreshadowing, foreshadowing, FORESHADOWING’ as the dialogue went on.  However as soon as the trailer really got going and the action started I began tuning out Varian’s dialogue.  I believe this is the first time we’ve gotten a CGI cinema with Varian and Sylvannas and I’ll be honest, I was drinking up the beautiful rendering of them.  Blizzard has once again delivered with a visual masterpiece.

At the part where Varian plunged into the water, I will admit I was genuinely worried we were about to lose him right there.  All that I could think of was how lame it was that a simple ship sinking took him out for good when he’s been through so much more, and how awesome the Fury Warrior artifacts were going to be. (In hind sight, I probably should have been more concerned about the fate of my supreme leader but I was more considering rolling a warrior to get his swords).

I will say, this trailer did not give me quite the chills that previous ones have, but it was still incredibly well done! Fantabulous fuel for the hype train!

I already cannot wait for Legion.  With all the quality of life changes, revamps, and new content promised, Legion is shaping up to be one heck of an expansion! All aboard the hype train!

Look for Yotaan’s responses in the next coming days…

8 thoughts on “Blizzcon, and Transmog, and Trailers, Oh My!

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  2. I’m happy about crafting change, new interface as i wished, still think that each profession can have its own interface, and i’m happy that trainers don’t give you recipes and you have to look for them, this is how it should be, it encourage exploring and going to dungeons.

    Still waiting for more details about crafting, like scribes and what can they make when glyphs are removed? also will they bring back enchantments for other professions? like tailoring and leatherworking? or spikes and chains for blacksmithing? crafting needs more of these items for each profession.

    Other changes? Blizzard just need to deliver everything they talked about in Blizzcon, many people are excited about Legion.

    • The crafting changes are awesome, I agree! It looks like they took some of the best features from crafting addons and put them into the basic game UI, which is awesome!
      I believe (though I could be wrong) that scribes are still making minor glyphs and a new sort of augment rune. Minor glyphs are now consumables too, so people will constantly be needing more. And those augment runes only last for a little while, so again that gives a sustainable market for scribes to produce for.
      Ooh yeah, I do hope other professions get their enchantments back! And on the topic of enchantments, from that screenshot in the post, it seems that enchanters will be getting shoulder enchants back. It sounds like Blizzard has really been listening, let’s hope that all of this makes it to live!

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  4. “In addition, I vote that we should be able to transmog them into other types of weapons that our class can use.”

    I think I recall seeing/reading (but can’t look up since I’m at work) that you can transmog FROM the Artifact weapon (i.e. to something else) but not TO the Artifact weapon.

    • I have also heard that we can transmog over the artifacts; my question is will this follow the typical weapon transmog rules? So, for instance, if I have a book offhand, can I transmog it to a shield? Inquiring holy paladins would like to know!
      I can also see a great number of shadowpriests wanting to transmog that dagger into a staff. I wonder where Blizzard will draw the line on this.

  5. “I think if artifacts are going to work and stay relevant all expansion, Blizzard will need to make them upgradable through numerous channels so there is a choice on where to grind.”

    – yes, they’re upgradable through Artifact Power, which you can obtain from PvP or raids or dailies or whatever you’re doing in game. Plenty of possibilities.

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