An open letter to the Warcraft Developers

WoWScrnShot_071815_135824Dear Warcraft Developers,

I want to begin by saying I am eternally grateful for the love you put into the game.  You really put your heart and soul into the game, and it would not be the same without your dedication.  I understand also how difficult your job can be at times.  There are may times when you folks make decisions that some players don’t agree with, and unfortunately those people can respond in less than friendly ways. However, there are also times where people respond with constructive feedback, calmly and politely pointing out what they do not agree with.  These are the kind of people I’d like to emulate.

As you have probably already guessed, I am writing this letter because I am unhappy about some proposed changes.  In particular, the Legion Preview of Mistweaver Monks.  That being said, I promise to you there will be no rioting or angry accusations in this letter.  I plan to explain the reasons for my unhappiness in order to offer another perspective to you.  Whether you decide to take my advice or not, I would still like to offer it up.

The first and probably biggest argument that I have is the removal of Fistweaving.  No wait! Don’t run away now! Give me a second to explain! I will be the first to admit, Fistweaving in its current iteration is a little clunky.  Actually, a lot clunky.  Switching between stances and juggling healing abilities is a touch counter-intuitive at times.  But I would rather see the whole system overhauled rather than removed.

In Legion, there seems to be a lot of stress on class fantasy and Fistweaving seems to fit the fantasy of mistweavers perfectly.  Martial arts is the bread and butter of the monk class and mixing healing with this is not only thematic, its fun.  A large reason why I initially rolled my monk (ha ha puns!… ok I’ll see myself out) was because of fistweaving.  Something about being a melee healer really appealed to me.  I agree that fistweaving would take a lot of tuning and tweaking but I very badly would like to see it happen. I think melee healing is a unique and highly rewarding experience and I am sad to see it go.

What will we be now? Herbalists only??

What will we be now? Herbalists??

If fistweaving cannot stay as a toolset available to all monks I understand, but I would petition that it live on as a talent choice.  Some sort of talent that changes all the monk abilities to deal damage at close range while also healing allies.  Or something like that, you would know best how to implement a thing like that.  I firmly believe that fistweaving is an important part of what makes a mistweaver and I hope that you can find a way to at least keep some aspects of it.

The second element that I hope changes by the time Legion is released is the mechanic of Soothing Mists (and it’s interactions with other healing abilities).  While I again agree that it needs changes, the changes proposed don’t keep with the current theme.  In fact, unless I’m misinterpreting the post, it seems like Mistweavers are being homogenized.  Instead of channeling and instata-casting heals, Mistweavers now will cast their low cost low output heal and their high cost high output heal just like every other healing class.  I play a lot of healing classes and Mistweavers have always one of my favorite because their healing style is just so unique.  I love the channeled heal that allows me to instantly cast others.  I enjoy the extreme burst or the sustained throughput that mistweaving offers.  While I am not playing the proposed changes now, from what was written they just don’t seem like the same mistweaver I know and love.


In the same vein, I also enjoy the ability to build my enveloping mists into a great and satisfying Uplift.  But as it currently stands, its a clunky transition from channeling soothing mists to casting enveloping mists and uplifts.  So what I would recommend is, instead of getting rid of casting other heals while channeling soothing mist, embrace that style.  Make everything instant cast or castable during the channel of soothing mist.  Just like fistweaving, soothing mist is another unique and very monk-like way of healing that I hope is embraced is the spirit of class fantasy.

The last change I want to bring up is actually something I’m pleased as punch that you’ve added. And it’s this

Mastery: Gust of Mists
Your targeted heals also cause a gust of healing mists, instantly healing the target for a minor amount (increasing with Mastery from gear).

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! No one ever ran through those pesky spheres and if there was movement in the fight my spheres would be left behind, unloved and forgotten.  You nailed it with this one!

That just about wraps up this letter to you Warcraft Developers.  I hope I was able to clearly illustrate why I am unhappy with these changes and I do hope that you take some of what I wrote into consideration.  Until next time, stay awesome!

-Fussypants, Career Healer

One thought on “An open letter to the Warcraft Developers

  1. I always run through the spheres – free DPS heals lol.
    I’m not a big fan of the whole “healing with damage” thing (insert Atonement rant here) but in this case I do agree with you – Fistweaving really fits in perfectly with the whole Monk idea.
    Why they would remove this and keep flogging Atonement – that makes absolutely zero Priest sense in any context – is a mystery.
    Sometimes I wonder if the people who come up with this stuff have even tried the game…

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