Yotaan’s First Real Raid

We forgot to get a screenshot from the raid (as we are prone to do) but we both agreed that this was a great screenshot all the same.

We forgot to get a screenshot from the raid (as we are prone to do) but we both agreed that this screenshot, from the guild holiday party, was pretty great all the same!

During this recent holiday vacation, Yotaan stepped out of his comfort zone and tried real raiding.  Not the LFG, mind you, but the real deal.  There was Mumble, call-outs, raid chatter, and all that fancy raidin’ stuff.  The group was coordinated.  Loot distribution was organized.  Fussypants was in her element, smiling the whole time.

Now, my experience with raiding is pretty limited – so I can only assume so much.  We were raiding Normal Lower Hellfire citadel, a holiday raid for the team.  Normal level raids need to have a certain level of organization and intensity, so I think this is how a raid is supposed to go down.  The team was relaxed, as it was not progression for them.  Yotaan was focused on the encounter as it was progression for him.

However, Yotaan was almost a fish out of water.  He’s not used to such coordinated play.  Now, I must admit, I had it easy.  I was literally sitting next to the Pants on our laptops.  She called out what I needed to do to keep Yotaan alive and dps’ing.  So, overall he did well.  Maintained some reasonable dps, not the lowest in the raid and certainly not the highest.  No wipes were caused by him.  Yotaan lucked out on some tomes, and he even got an weapon upgrade!

It was a lot more fun and a lot less stressful than I expected.  The group was jovial and fun.  I was even able to join some of the raid chat and had a good time.
As an outsider joining a group of established raiders, it appears that Yotaan joined a dance.  It was like a complicated stage dance, perhaps in a musical.  Some were going that way, some were going the other way.  It was fun to watch and the guild team was orchestrated very well.  Participating with over a dozen other players in a coordinated dance is a great way to pass the time.

And yet, while the experience was ideal, Yotaan does not feel the strong urge to raid again.  By raiding you are committing to a schedule.  You are the boss or have a boss (the raid leader.)  You are expected to show up on time and be prepared.  There are responsibilities.  There are requirements.  Wait a minute, this sounds like work.  It sounds like a job!  I already have one of those, I don’t need another one!
I want to play on my own schedule and time.

In the past I have written about not chatting and doing my own thing which I still like to do.  Of course, I also resolved to play with the Pants more this year as well.  But I don’t think raiding will fit the bill as a routine item.  Perhaps now and then I will join, but frankly, it’s not my thing.   I am glad to experience it and I understand the draw.

But raiding seems like work to me, and I play to play, not to work.


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