Leveling Professions – Or at least I’m trying to

Bonus points for anyone who gets the references

Bonus points for anyone who gets the reference

Warlords is in the end of expansion doldrums. Unless you raid like Fussypants, there is not much new to do. So I usually level some new characters. In MOP I leveled up a dwarf windwalker monk. Now that was fast, with heirlooms and the monk leveling bonus that little dude skyrocketed to max level!

So, this expansion, I was looking at the Legion changes for the difference classes. They are planning to really emphasize the fantasy of the class. Some are pretty much the same and some are a lot different. I then read about Shadow priests and their resource change to Insanity. That sounds cool! I’m gonna level a shadow priest! What’s even better is that it will be Horde and Forsaken – clearly the most obvious choice.

Now in the past 8 years of WoW, I have leveled plenty of toons. There are scattered ones over several servers at many levels. However, this is the first time I leveled during this expansion.

I wanted to make this a quick endeavor, I don’t need to spend a lot of time at lower levels. Thus, I fully outfitted my new baby priest with heirlooms. I had a plan of attack – go through Tirisfal Glades and then on to Hillsbrad. Gotta do the Welcome to the Machine quest!

Ahhh, relaxing leveling. Oneshotting the mobs. This is easy! Then I made a mistake.
I decided to level professions at the same time.

Oh boy.

Well, it turns out the real challenge is the professions leveling!   I chose Enchanting and Tailoring. These typically go well together as you can disenchant your tailoring greens as you move up in the profession. No biggie, I thought. My leveling priest even had the advantage of a guild bank (albeit on a very quiet sister guild of the main Alliance guild.) The GB even had a lot of leveling mats. No problem then, right?

Nope, it was a big problem. Even with the extra GB mats, I still needed a lot more cloth. I wiped out the bank’s supply of different cloths pretty quickly. Linen? Gone. Wool? Gone. Silk? Gone. Now, it was rough but manageable.   And yet, getting to the 50’s profession level was terrible. The different cloths rarely dropped. Very little was in the bank. I had to rely on the Auction House – very, very ,very expensive. My toon soon ran out of gold (twice).

So leveling my character took a backseat to leveling my professions. She had to run Stratholme over and over again to get certain mats (at least 10 times overall.) She entered the dungeon queue of Vanilla dungeons only to get more cloth drops. My toon also scoured the AH for underpriced items she could disenchant. The wall I was being hit with was Enchanting; I could not get it to 300.

Eventually, Fussypants lent a hand. By AH machinations we were able to push my professions well into Outland territory. Thank you, Fuss! We will probably have to do that again once or twice. I also have become savvier in the AH and bought underpriced enchanting mats that I will eventually need.

Clearly this is a big problem, leveling professions. While methods have been available to speed up a character’s level, nothing has been done about the professions. Some may argue that the Warlords catch-up mechanic is the solution. At Warlords level of 91 to 100 you can catch up on any profession. But that’s not the solution for my now 64 Shadow Priest. It would mean that she would not level her professions at all until she reached Draenor. Where’s the fun in that?

Hopefully, this will be addressed in the future expansion in some manner. It is more interesting to make my character improve all of her aspects together rather than just her level. I would even be okay with some cheap chintzy solution such has tailoring grey items and making dummy enchants if it only increased the skill level. At least, that way I can make a cool pair of pants and put +8 intellect on it when it really matters.

So, what do you think? Is it worth Blizzard’s time to rectify leveling professions? Or is this a waste of time, since most will use their boost to bypass the earlier expansions?

3 thoughts on “Leveling Professions – Or at least I’m trying to

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  3. The situation with professions is disappointing for the exact reasons you mention and then for the added fact that they aren’t worth it as much anymore. When I first started playing, it was possible to make gear that was better than quest rewards and most drops for your level. it wasn’t always great gear and some of the best gear for your level really required a lot of work for how little play you got out of it. But still, it wasn’t always bad gear and it could be worth the time. That is definitely not the case now. Heirlooms obliviously make much of crafting pointless as your heirlooms will almost certainly be better at level.

    I would like to see professions revamped although I’ll be honest that I don’t know how it should be done. I think you are right that most veterans will blast through leveling anymore and even new people might not linger long. Even if you want to level slowly, not using heirlooms or multiple LFD runs, you’ll still out-level an area before you finish all of the quests any more (I think). So that being the case, I’m not sure how you could make professions more interesting and useful and level fast enough to match the character level.

    I only know Coraline from the movie, but awesome reference! Well done!

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