Barreling through with Bearbottoms

Charging into... MY HEART

Charging into… MY HEART

You’ve already heard about Yotaan’s expansion lull project, now you get to hear about mine! Introducing…


She’s a druid, guardian to be specific, and I’m totally loving her.  I’ve been leveling her up through tanking dungeons and it’s the most fun I’ve had in ages.

First of all, we have her name.  Its just… perfect! See, I have this thing where almost every single one of my toons has the word ‘pants’ somewhere in the name.  The other part of their name has to relate to the toon in some way, either by class  or by race or by spec.  This means I have toons like Yogapants the monk and Stancepants the warrior.  So when I sat down to come up with the name for the druid, I had to keep the moniker.  The only problem was, there wasn’t any good play on words I could think of involving druids and the word ‘pants’.

So with the help of my guildies, I thought a little outside of the box.  What other types of pants are there? Well, there are jeans and shorts and bell-bottoms and…. Bell-bottoms! Bearbottoms! It was perfect.

So now that I had my name all set, I had to pick a race.  I’m no so very keen on night elves and I already had a night elf druid on another realm so I needed to pick another race.  Worgen can be druids, can’t they? I got over my dislike of the female worgen models and we were all set.

The very first thing I noticed about leveling Bearbottoms was how ridiculously tuned heirlooms were.  It had been a while since I’d leveled a toon and I was not prepared for the scope of my OPness.  I was killing things with one moonfire.  I was dinging every other quest.  By the time I got out of the Gilnean pocket dimension starting zone, I was already level 15 and ready to run some dungeons.

First, a little background on how I tank dungeons.

While I might not be the most comfortable max level tank, I’m awesome at tanking leveling dungeons… provided you can keep up.  I know a lot of tanks complain about dps pulling, well, I pull so fast the dps can’t even keep up.  I clear most dungeons in under ten minutes.  Right now you must be thinking “Wow, she’s one of those“.  Well, in reality I am.  But I’d like to think I’m a touch better than all those agressively LoSing speed demons.

For one, I always wait to pull bosses until everyone is there.  I might tear half way across the instance with all the trash tailing me, but when we get to a boss, I’m waiting until everyone is in that room.  For another, I never activate quest items until everyone who’s gotten it needs it.  So you know that famous quest in Escape from Durnholde where you’ve gotta talk to Thrall but you never can because the tank activates him before you can complete the quest? I always make sure I wait to click him until everyone is all set.

The last thing I always do is because of my healer background.  I know firsthand how annoying it is to be trying to heal someone and they LoS you.  And then inevitably blame you when they die. When I tank, I might run out of LoS but I always make sure I’ve got the self heals and mitigation to survive.  And if for whatever reason I don’t, I own up to the mistake right away.  It’s my decision to pull like a crazy person anyways, there’s no reason to blame the healer.

Back to tanking on Bearbottoms.  This was my first experience tanking on a druid, but the experience was very similar to low level warrior.  Charge in (I took that talent), Thrash, Thrash, Thrash, Thrash, Savage Defense, Cat Form and move on to the next pack.  If I’m getting low and the healer is far behind, quickly shapeshift and Rejuvenate.  But what was different from my warrior was my ability to survive.  I could pull the entire instance and survive without a healer anywhere. It’s almost unfair how over powered I am.

And on top of this, I’m still leveling extremely fast.  I can ding two level on average per dungeon if I do the quests, meaning I’m leveling up about every 5 minutes.  It’s totally crazy! Probably broken as well, but I’m going to enjoy it for what it.

I’m most likely going to take Boomkin as my offspec because the legion artifacts for Balance druids are super awesome.  Also, moonfiring things to death is kinda awesome.  I’m playing this druid entirely to have a good time, so I’m not going to worry about min maxing and ‘optimal playstyles’.  And I have to say, that in itself is a nice break from Heroic raiding min max all things mode.  Bearbottoms is my messing around toon.

So this is my little project for the expansion lull.  Will I get to 100 on her? Probably.  Am I worried about that? Not really.  I just want to maul some faces and stare at a pixelated bear butt as it flies through instances.

What are your guy’s expansion lull projects?


(Addendum: the amount of bear related puns I’ve created thus far is staggering.  I mean, look at the title.  Look at it.  It’s glorious!)


4 thoughts on “Barreling through with Bearbottoms

  1. Getting third (!) legendary ring on Cloudzheo. Re-learning Paladin tanking. Will eventually gear Paladin for healing as well. Then plan to get Hunter and Paladin BiS geared like my priest. Then perhaps level a Rogue to max and Warlock to Max so I can experience all the things come Legion.

    • Well I mean I am working on ring number 3 and 4 on my priest and mage respectively, but I figured people would rather hear about leveling a new class than the repeated grind that is LFR. How far along are you on the ring on Zheo?
      Also, dang! I don’t have the patience to BiS gear anything but my main! My next closest is almost 20 item levels lower. Power to ya! 🙂

  2. The nickname is amazing!

    I’m pretty sad about leveling nowadays. When you finish a single zone in full, you’ve overgrown it by 2-3 levels, so the rewards seem outdated, and you never get to see how story arcs end. That may be sick for a person who is new to WoW and wants to experience the story.

    My suggestion would be the same as with Broken Isles. Scaling mobs and rewards according to your actual level will both bring challenge and let you level in whatever zone you wish.

    My lull project is mainly mount farming, especially the token ones like Argent Tournament and Tol Barad. Finishing all the reputation achievements (I’m at 77/81 now). With pre-ordering Legion, I had a spare boost and I spent it on a new character. I’m not fond of multiple specs, so although I’m having an Assassination rogue among my toons, I’ve started a Combat rogue. Combat rogues will be pirates in Legion, cutlasses, gunshots and everything, so it’s a toon exactly to be played in Legion, not Draenor. Meanwhile she’s just slowly leveling her gnome engineering for making toys and I will finish all Draenor questlines again when Legion draws nearer.

    • I think Yotaan made it one of his goals to mount farm, so I’ve been leaving that one to him (and I don’t really have the attention span to do dailies for tokens :P).
      It’s a little sad, I will admit, but I don’t quest once I reach 15 all the way until Cataclysm. It’s just more fun for me to speed through the dungeons than outlevel a zone and get truncated pieces of the story. If they put in level scaling like in WoD, that would be the thing to get me leveling out in the world. If I could get appropriate experience AND leveling lore, that would be the best of both worlds!

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