Busy Bee!


In case you haven’t already noticed this yourself, I’ve been a little absent these past two weeks.  No, I’m not embracing my crime-fighting alter ego, I’ve just been swamped with end of the school year related work.  Sadly this has meant I’ve had to take a step back from blogging, commenting, and playing the game in general.  Not fun!

Luckily, I’m taking my final tests this week which means the end is in sight! By the beginning of next week, Growing Up In Azeroth will be back in action.  Thank you everyone for being so patient.  See you in a bit!

6 thoughts on “Busy Bee!

    • I should! Didya hear that Yotaan? You need to write more!
      (But in all honesty, Yotaan is just as busy, if not busier than me most of the time. Also, I write a lot faster than him so I can write more in my spare time. But I will see if I can get him post more of his thoughts!)

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