Transmog and class changes and bag space, oh my!

WoWScrnShot_072216_162345First there was stillness.  A veritable pause, as if the very air was waiting, frozen solid in anticipation.  And then, the call was sounded.
The servers are coming back up!  The patch is here, the patch is here!
And with that, the frozen clarity of the moment shattered.  The people logged in and basked in their new transmog and bag spaces and class changes.  The streets of Stormwind were flooded (for it appeared CRZ had been turned on there) and the taverns filled with chatter.  A new era began.

A prepatch so momentous deserved and introduction like that, don’t you agree?  This Tuesday, a couple hours ahead of schedule, Patch 7.0.3 the Legion prepatch went live.  Fussypants (and a few hours later, Yotaan) were right in the thick of it, digging into the new transmog and class changes.  Here’s what they thought.

Fussypants:  Oh man oh man oh man, I’ve been waiting for this for months! Where do I even begin?
Well ok, let’s go through the path I took when logging in.  Like many, the very first thing I did was log into every single one of my characters and learn the armor and weapon appearances.  I had two alt guilds full of gear just waiting for the wardrobe and so this task took me two days to fully complete.  And even now, I still need to go back through with a fine toothed comb.  However at this point, I’d build up enough appearances in my wardrobe to begin the second part of my prepatch adventure.

Shadow, Holy, and Discipline sets, respectively

My Shadow, Holy, and Discipline sets, respectively.  SO MUCH PRETTY CLOTH!

I honestly don’t know how I survived without the wardrobe, it is truly fantastic!  Hundreds of pieces I had no idea I had, thousands of possible combinations; it was transmog heaven!  And the ability to set transmog sets per spec, man oh man is that amazing.  If I had to make one complaint, I would say that I wish I could view other types of armor than the one my character uses while viewing through the Collections window.  But in the grand scheme of things, that’s small potatoes.  The Wardrobe is still a beautiful, beautiful thing.

After going through and nailing down transmogs, my next step was to set up all of the specs on all of my toons.  That task took the better part of two days as well (when I mean all specs, I mean all specs).   I have not gotten to test anything super extensively but I did get to run a good number of timewalker dungeons while trying to get the hang of the new Holy Paladin (verdict still incoming on that spec).  I have to say, it was super exciting to set up the “new” spec on each toon that I previously had never played.  I can dps now!

Of all the specs that I looked at, the one that caught my eye the most was, of all things, Shadow Priests.  Partly in an attempt to test drive and partly to farm up some Marks of Honor for transmog, I did a number of battlegrounds with my priest.  Now I’m not the most PvP oriented person (raiding is really my bread and butter) but I actually had a ton of fun Mind Blasting the Horde.  Putting everyone on equal footing stat and gear-wise meant that for the first time, I had a fighting chance.  I wasn’t being roflstomped by people geared out to the nines; I had a chance to fight back.  It was wonderful!

As for Shadow Priests as a spec, I found myself really really loving the new Insanity mechanic.  Shadow Orbs were ok but I always thought they were a little simple.  But this new resource, man is it fun! I love the interplay of building it up and then trying to maintain void form for as long as possible.  And void form itself, what an awesome spell effect that is!  Shadow Priests felt loose, fast, frantic, and fun.  I’m not so sure how this will look in a raid environment but for PvP and soloing, I was having a blast!  And how could I forget the best part?  Surrender to Madness, best talent 2016.


Look at how many followers these guys have gathered!

Look at how many followers these guys have gathered!

The last part of the patch that I want to touch on is the very beginning of the invasion event: the Doomsayers in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.  Talking to them yields you one of twelve pamphlets on topics ranging from Buy Demon Insurance to Burn all Worldly Possessions.  It’s a relatively small detail but it’s starting to build towards the actual invasion in a gradual yet still noticeable way.  Also, there’s a Feat of Strength attached that basically involved killing your character repeatedly.  Ok maybe not exactly that.  But killing your character does speed up the process.

Overall, this patch is looking like it’s going to go down as one of my favorite prepatches of all time.  I was pretty underwhelmed with the Warlords prepatch but this time round, I’ve got nothing but praise.  Still, I’m reserving final judgement until those demons start popping out.

Yotaan:  Content, FINALLY!!!  It has been months and months of no updates, no patches.  While one can argue that there is plenty to do in the World of Warcraft game, we all know that new content is the most exciting.  So what I am excited about?

Unlike Fussypants, transmog is not a big thing for Yotaan.  He is happy to look like a mismatched clown.  Well, that may not be entirely correct as I do turn off the helm and sometimes the cape.  I did mog my helm to the fel sunglasses too.  Okay, I transmog a little bit, like dipping my toes in the pool.  I never fully jumped in.  I did check it out and I am impressed with the options and the UI.  What amazed me a little bit more is how few pieces of mail I have collected!  Yotaan (formerly Yotin) has been my main for many years and I assumed that I collected a lot of quest gear and such.  Boy, was I wrong!  There are pages and pages of stuff to get.  The little OCD dude in me starts twitching when I look at the uncollected.  Additionally,I don’t think we have another active toon playing that wears mail, so any new mail armor is just for me.  Hmm, now that is something to do, collect mail!

For me the other big content change is the complete and utter change to my elemental spec.
For the umpteenth time.

We are greeted when we log in to our elemental toons practically empty action bars.  I mean no buttons to click, no keys to mash.  It was a bit of shock actually.  So I went through my spell book to repopulate my bars.   The basics are there, my shocks, lightning bolt, lava stuff.  Um, so, where are my totems?  So many are missing!!!  Nooooo!   Okay, it’s okay, Yotaan can survive this.  I pull every single DPS spell I can and rearrange a few items.  Wow, I have a lot of empty space still.  I hope the talents can fill this out a bit.

Heading over the talent window was a nice surprise really.  There were lots of new and elemental specific choices.  This was a welcome improvement.  All my talent choices seemed meaningful and fun.  There were even totem options, yay!  If this is how the honor talents for PVP looks, then I am a happy panda indeed.

Speaking of PVP, that was my next step.  Fussypants was playing on her alternate toon, Fancypants who she specced shadow of all things.  She was telling me the great time she was having.  I figured battlegrounds would be a good place to practice new rotations and get a hang of Legion lightning and lava slinging.  It was fun!  I was getting owned by rogues and death knights, but my survivability is greatly improved since my previous foray into PVP in Warlords.  Yotaan clearly needs more haste (and surprisingly to me, healing) but overall it still felt elemental and exciting.  There may be a lot more PVP blogging in the future of Yotaan.

Overall, things are looking good.  I’m thinking that one of the two of us will prepay to get a Demon Hunter early (yay more content.)  So looking forward to smacking those demons!

2 thoughts on “Transmog and class changes and bag space, oh my!

  1. I’m not one of those people that does a lot of transmog, so, I’m sitting here in a daze with all of the stuff that I have accumulated over the years. Now, I just need to figure out how it all works – bank is full of clothes, armor;etc. I’ll get it eventually – where are the directions on how to do this? ROTFL – see, it’s got me all confuzzled.

    • Ha ha, yeah I had to sit down and explain to Yotaan how all of this worked as well. He’s pretty much done Loremaster so we had tons of armor appearances as well (which is awesome for my transmogging addiction!).

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