A Call to Arms: Herald of the Titans


Many moons ago, I used to lead runs for this little achievement called Herald of the Titans. It was great fun; I’d bring a group of at-level, at-gear players in to fight the awe inspiring Algalon, in pursuit of a pretty awesome title and Feat of Strength. I had retired these runs a while ago after getting dozens upon dozens of people their Algalon kill, but the time has come to once more venture into Ulduar. Back by popular demand, I am once more setting up runs for Herald of the Titans!

So what exactly is the Herald of the Titans achievement?

Designed to mimic the experience of Wrath-era raiding, Herald of the Titans is a Feat of Strength with some pretty stringent requirements. In order to earn the FoS, players must defeat Algalon the Observer in 10 man Ulduar:

  • At level 80
  • With armor item level 226 or below
  • With weapons item level 232 or below

Effectively, you have to recreate a character as it would have appeared in Wrath (although, you can bring a class that wouldn’t have existed during that time, they just have to follow the aforementioned guidelines). Your reward for completing the encounter as it was designed to be approached is a pretty spiffy title – Name, Herald of the Titans – as well as a shiny new Feat of Strength! Pretty nifty, huh?

This brings me to the Fussypants Herald of the Titans runs!  The preliminary deets are below.

Where: Nesingwary/Nazgrel/Vek’nilash US, Alliance Side
(You are not required to level your character on this realm cluster, but I would highly recommend doing so since I have stockpiled a great deal of foods, enchantments, and other raiding materials to use during our attempts)

When: TBD, depending on the availability of the team(s)

Who: YOU! I’m looking for anyone interested in achieving this Feat of Strength!


Will you answer the call to defeat Algalon in the depths of the titan city of Ulduar? Please fill out the Google form and join this Discord so I can start to organize the groups!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Twitter @thefussypants, on Discord Fussypants#4821, or by email thefussypants(at)hotmail(dot)com.


11 thoughts on “A Call to Arms: Herald of the Titans

    • Apologies for replying so very late to this! While I’m personally not leading Heralds runs right now, I have kept the above Discord server up to date with places where others are hosting runs and I do plan on eventually getting back into it, once my schedule clears up a bit. Do drop me a line on Discord if you’re still interested!

  1. This sounds like lots of fun! I finally got around to exp-locking a horde alt @ 80 on Vek to do this eventually, but this makes me want to lvl one of my long forgotten alliance alts just to run with you sometime..

  2. This is awesome. Too bad me and Princess are on the EU, we’d love to do this 🙂

    I’ve found some pretty cool group forming like this on the /wow reddit. I’ll have to do the same thing for the Balance of Power questline 🙂

    • I don’t know how many of these are still available to get in the game but yup, the Herald of the Titans one is still achievable! That is pretty dang cool in my opinion – the title is rad and the process of getting it is a ton of fun!!

  3. Good luck! I heard a lot about the new scaling having messed this up and made it impossible, but it should have been fixed now.

    • Thank you! Yup, I’ve heard that the changes to endgame content had made this achievement harder to seek out, but most of the reports I’d read were months old, so only time will tell. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too hard!

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