A Crossroads

It’s been three weeks and I don’t know how to write this. I’ve tried multiple times, drafting about 5,000 words in total and still, I can’t manage to put my thoughts down on the page in a manner that I like and that seems true to my emotions. However, it’s been too long a wait at this point. I can’t hold out for perfect, I need to achieve ‘completed’.

Firstly, hi! Long time no see! In the months since I last wrote consistently, life has been totally crazy for me. I helped raise $36,255.17 for the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital through the Perky Pugs Violet Spellwing campaign. I coordinated over half a dozen Herald of the Titans runs. I raided on mythic difficulty, and for real this time. I started college, moved across the country, joined my school’s debate team and was actually halfway decent at it. I’ve been writing and writing and writing, but almost none of it has made its way here.

Speaking of here, I’ve missed the blog. With a million other things all demanding my attention at once, I’ve found myself absent from my little corner of the internet. My dad and I both still play the game (more on this in a second) and we definitely still talk about it but we haven’t found the time to write much of anything. I can’t speak for my father, but I know for me personally, I miss writing greatly. There was nothing like drafting a blog post to organize my thoughts and light my creative spark. Writing made me want to play the game more and, as the writing has fallen off the way side, so has my gaming.

The bitter reality is I don’t play as much WoW as I used to. Much of this is due to straight up scheduling; I’ve sort of jumped into just about everything I could have at school – a jam-packed academic schedule, a number of intense clubs, and a job all at once – which leaves me with little time to do anything else. The other issue, however, is that I’m just not as interested in the game as I once was. Both I and my father still play but we almost never play together. I’ve been finding it harder and harder to motivate to log on with the massive amount of “wizard chores” that await me in-game. I’ve barely touched my alts, and those used to be my biggest passions. Perhaps it is me who has changed, and perhaps it is the game that has changed, but regardless of the cause, the effect is that I’m just not playing nearly as much as I was before.

That being said, I’m still deeply invested in the story and the community of the game. I actually quite like the lore of Battle for Azeroth – it’s much more of the actual in-game mechanics that bore me. And I would play pretty much any game so long as the people are friendly and funny, and I have been lucky to know tons of people like that in Azeroth. It’s these two factors (along with the sheer amount of time I’ve already invested) that have kept me from leaving entirely. I’m definitely not done with the game. However, that leaves me unsure of where I stand.

Throughout this recent period of low energy however, I have maintained my love of raiding. With my spectacular guild Praetorian Guard/Objectively Bad, I’ve gotten to see content I would have never thought and challenge my gameplay in ways I never have before. Additionally, I’ve gotten close with a group of people who are truly, truly, special. I am going to Blizzcon this year (side note: hype!) purely because I want to hang out with my guild. They are fantastic people and I am so blessed to call them my friends.
That brings me all the way back to the event which happened three weeks ago, the one I’m still struggling to parse through.

Three weeks ago, my guild met and came to the decision that we would be retiring from raiding for the foreseeable future.

The decision was spearheaded by our guild/raid leader who realized that he no longer had the passion for the game that he once had, and that he didn’t find it fair to us to continue leading the group by only giving half effort. His sentiments were shared by a number of our team. We are definitely not disbanding as a guild, but instead transitioning into a multigame friend group instead of exclusively a WoW raiding team.

It was the right decision to make. And, it was such a hard one to take.
As I mentioned earlier, tow of my biggest passions in the game are raiding and community. Since my enjoyment of raiding is largely due to the social, team-building aspect, that reveals my truest motivation to be the people I play with. I’m not my dad – I can’t play the game barely interacting. I love logging in and chatting with people. So where do I go in WoW when the people have gone?

This is the crossroads I’ve been stuck at for three weeks now. Do I go and find a new raid team? That option carries the baggage of having to make entirely new friends, which is a challenge I’m willing to undertake but one that would be a lot of work. Do I create a raid team out of the friends I have in the game? This option makes building relationships much easier but returning to raiding becomes a much more difficult task. Or, do I give up the game entirely? It churns my stomach to contemplate the last option but it is arguable the easiest path to take.

If I do choose to continue playing and continue raiding, that begets the further question of whether or not I opt for mythic or heroic difficulty. My school schedule begs for heroic, but my personal enjoyment of the game pines for mythic. I have the most fun doing mythic raids, but I’m not convinced I’ll have the available free time to complete all the out-of-raid chores that mythic raiding requires. Furthermore, the likelihood of me finding a mythic team that is flexible with my sometimes erratic college schedule are probably very slim. That being said, it is so hard for me to step down, knowing I have the skill-set (if not the time) to push harder.

I don’t have the answers yet. With the new raid coming, I should be settling on an option, especially considering the first two paths, but instead, I tread water. Maybe, hopefully, writing this all out with make things clearer, but right now, I just don’t know.

One thing is for sure though, I’m casting Resurrection on this blog!

4 thoughts on “A Crossroads

  1. Couple thoughts and questions here.

    1. Blizzcon 2019: HYPE!!!!!!!!!! My g/f and I will be there too. Our first BC.
    2. Raiding: My g/f and I are finding ourselves wanting to raid, but without the toxicity of LFR. However, we live on the left coast and OtQ is mostly right coast and juuuuuust west of right coast (with others that are even further east internationally). We frequently log in to crickets in the green text (not always but mostly).
    3. We enjoy PVP a LOT, but without may PVPers in the guild (or maybe they are in the guild, but just sleeping when we log in) it makes for a bad time. Sharding is creating some serious imbalance right now. For these reasons, we were just discussing last night that maybe it’s time to move guilds, or even servers (since Nes/Naz/Vek are central time zone servers).

    Now for the questions…
    1. If scheduling permits, would it be possible to finally meet Yotaan and Pants in person at BC?
    2. If you are looking for friends to raid with, are you on left coast time (Pacific) or right coast time (Eastern)? If closer to left coast, we’d love to raid with you. You have always been my favorite raid leader to date (“Aes Tranq!” still immediately gets heard in your voice, regardless of the gender or deepness of the raid leads voice).
    3. If you or your guild are looking for PVPers (assuming time zones aren’t a problem), we’re totally cool with moving our toons (guild move and server move if necessary).

    • Lots of thoughts and answers here as well!

      1) Unfortunately, Yotaan is not going to Blizzcon this year but you can absolutely find me! I can’t stay for very long outside of the actual dates of the convention (due to school) but I’ll definitely be game to meet up during the convention itself!

      2) I am, unfortunately, located within right coast time for most of the year. However, because of my school schedule, I tend to raid pretty late in the day for EST so if I do end up raiding again, I will be sure to reach out to you to let you know!
      Also, thank you so very much, I am so flattered!! ❤ I absolutely loved raiding with you back in the day and I'd love to do so again!

      3) I will keep you up to date on the guild thing, right now stuff is really up in the air. I may hopefully have a more conclusive answer soon though….

      It was so good to hear from you again Aes (we need to talk more often!) and I can't wait to see you and meet the g/f at Blizzcon!

  2. Oy, I’ve been there. Our guild stopped raiding regularly in MoP, though we were trailing off in Cata. Our RL / GL basically said the same thing, that it wasn’t fun for her any more. I feel like maybe we leaned too hard on her and that contributed to it, but, lacking the skills to do the RL job, it’s hard to say what I could have done to help. Her honesty in that scenario kept us together, though. I’ve been in a raiding guild that blew up in spectacular fashion, so given the options, I’ll take Option A, thanks much.

    Finding a mythic team that can understand the college thing won’t be easy, but I doubt it’s impossible. There are plenty of people out there with similar situations, I’m sure. Best of luck finding them – if I had any leads I’d drop ’em, but I’m just a broken old dirty casual living in LFR these days. Which is why I recommend finding that Mythic group if at all possible – it sucks in here! 🙂

    Ain’t nothing like being part of a good raid team (or a bad one that still likes the effort). Good luck!

    • Thank you very much! And I absolutely agree on preferring it end the way it did. Luckily, my guild is filled with fantastic communicators so we had a very candid and honest discussion (with not a few tears). Much better than a drama implosion!

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