Transmog Time: For the Alliance!

Sometimes, the coolest pieces of armor are locked behind PvP requirements, which can be a bit rough for a PvE transmog fan such as yours truly. How will I be able to collect the perfect shade of that tier recolor or those wonderfully dynamic shoulderpads? I’m pretty sure no one wants my gimpy, rarely played shaman wandering around in their arenas! Luckily, with the advent of Marks of Honor, it has become a lot easier to farm up some of those previously more difficult to acquire sets, even without stepping into instanced PvP content.

All of the following transmogs have elements of PvP sets incorporated some how. Because I mostly play on the Alliance-side, I’ve started off with the Alliance-locked sets (but I promise, I’ll create a Horde equivalent eventually)! Some of the sets are class-locked but most of them are available for any user of that armor type. Additionally, many of the items have numerous gear look-alikes, so do take a peek at the WoWhead links. Enjoy!

Cool Justice

Recently, I’ve become a huge fan of the armor in WoW that borders on actually potentially realistic. Legion was perfect for this as it introduced a bunch of new model bases that look closer to what actual plate might appear like. This set is an ode to that bulkier plate look, with more subtle tones than the traditional Paladin gold.

(Apologies to Death Knights and Warriors, this is the only class-locked transmog set of the bunch!)

Electric Soldier

For this look, I was going for a more classic Alliance color scheme – blue and gold. However, I wanted a look that would suit a more elite member of the Stormwind Army perhaps (or maybe just a really patriotic mail-user). Additionally, I’m just a huge sucker for shoulders with electric elements, so I had to throw that in as well!

Windstep Traveler

Simple can sometimes be best. Inspired by the minimalistic look of the Monk PvP Wild Gladiator set, I wanted to go for a transmog with strong accent pieces offset by coordinating colors. The Alliance colors are most subtle here but it’s nonetheless constructed of the familiar blue and gold palette, albeit with a splash of red. This set is, excluding the gloves (which you can actually turn off with the changes to transmogrification!) is open to any leather user.

Seafaring Oracle

This was the outfit that inspired the article!

The only thing of value in the Trial of Valor, at least in my opinion, were the super unique transmog sets for each armor type. The cloth one, in particular, is one of my favorite sets of robes in the game! However, the original complete set includes absolutely enormous shoulders and helmet which overshadow the crisp design of the rest of the set. I paired them instead with some Battle for Azeroth cloth PvP pieces and found that the colors matched perfectly.

That should just about wrap us up for this installment of Transmog Time! I’m hoping to throw together some Horde sets for you guys soon, although I myself will likely never transmog them in-game, haha!

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