Ordering Process

Commissions are now officially closed! Thank you so much for the wonderful 2016 Blizzcon Badge season!

The ordering process! I will email you throughout this process so make sure to keep checking your inbox!

Go ahead and fill out this form!
>> https://fussypants.wufoo.com/forms/fussypants-badge-order-form-2016/ <<
All the information I need is requested on the form, so make sure to read it carefully!
I will send you an email to let you know that I have received your request. (This might take anywhere from 1-5 business days)

Once I am all set to start you commission, I will send you a Paypal request. As soon as payment is received, I will start!

I first start out with a pencil sketch of your character. This is the point where all of the major edits can be made. Since pencil can be easily erased, all major changes must be submitted at this point.

After I get your approval on the sketch, I will go ahead and begin the ‘wash’. This basically means that I am putting down the first layer of all the colors. I will again send you a picture of your artwork at this point for your input but far less changes can be made at this point.

As soon as you email me approval of the wash, I will go ahead and add the details and finish up with your artwork. After I have finished, I will send you one more photo of the badge for any last minute changes. Once I’ve gotten your final approval, I will scan in your artwork, send you a digital copy of it, and mail you the physical copy!

(This is what the order form page will look like when it goes live- start gathering your links now!)

Orderform Image


I’ll write your name down here in the order in which your commission will be worked on.

The Commission Queue

  1. Alvilda the A
  2.  Sintra E’Drien
  3. Worldhopper
  4. Lavindar
  5. Bodhi Rhana
  6. Xunam
  7. Secret
  8. Badge Trade
  9. Badge Trade
  10. Yoshikaage
  11. Alvilda the A
  12. Yotaan
  13. My own badge!


If you have any questions at all, absolutely email me at thefussypants(at)hotmail(dot)com. You can also reach me on twitter as @Thefussypants. Thank you for your interest and support of my work!