Busy Bee!


In case you haven’t already noticed this yourself, I’ve been a little absent these past two weeks.  No, I’m not embracing my crime-fighting alter ego, I’ve just been swamped with end of the school year related work.  Sadly this has meant I’ve had to take a step back from blogging, commenting, and playing the game in general.  Not fun!

Luckily, I’m taking my final tests this week which means the end is in sight! By the beginning of next week, Growing Up In Azeroth will be back in action.  Thank you everyone for being so patient.  See you in a bit!

Holiday Hiatus

WoWScrnShot_121315_121732It’s that time of year again and between family get togethers, finals for Fussypants, and holiday craziness, Fussypants and Yotaan have had almost no time to write! We’ve decided to put the blog on hiatus for two weeks so we do not get totally overwhelmed.  We wish you all a restful and enjoyable Holiday season and a happy New Year!  See you in two weeks!

Patch 6.2 Impressions

6.26.2 has officially dropped, unlocking Tanaan Jungle, shipyards, mythic dungeons, a raid, and much more for the players to explore. Especially since the patch came after a long drought of content, the Fury of Hellfire has been the talk of the community. So what have Fussypants and Yotaan been doing?


Fussypants: I have been eagerly awaiting this patch! The new content is great fun to do together with my guild and I really enjoy the ‘Timeless Isle’ nature of Tanaan Jungle. My one complaint is, like most content, it is not really geared towards healers. So consequently, all of my exploration of Tanaan has been with others. Because of this, I am probably not as far along as others with the rep grinding and whatnot. This is of little important though; I am really enjoying exploring the zone. And finding all the hidden treasures has been one of the coolest thing.


On the shipyards front, I am less impressed. I wasn’t all that excited about shipyards in the first place and I’m just luke-warm about it now that I have one. My problem is two-fold. First, it seems so hard to get off the ground and start actually getting useful things from the shipyard. The rewards for the naval missions are rather boring and I often can’t get over 80% on the mission success rate. In addition, everything is so spread out! It’s a trek down to the docks, and then another trek between the ship making guy and the ship sending guy. I know this might sound like lazy complaining, but the time really does add up. All together, the shipyard hasn’t really been worth my interest, so I haven’t really done anything with it.


But the rest of 6.2 has been superb. I can’t wait to start running some mythic dungeons with my guild and really digging deep into the secrets of Tanaan. Oh, I almost forgot the best change! You can spacebar through the garrison mission animations. I don’t use MasterPlan (and was chuckling when it was down for those two days and y’all were dying) so I was using the default UI which used to take forever. But not anymore! *happy dance*

The most I have done with this place is give my ships silly names, really (Fussypants)

The most I have done with this place is give my ships silly names, honestly (Fussypants)


Yotaan: Well, my interest in WoW has been very low lately. I stopped playing for several weeks. Yotaan languished in his garrison, looking for something to do. He heard that Fussypants was busy, but he just didn’t care. Then, news of 6.2 came along. Hmmm, somewhat interesting, but nothing compelling, really. But one significant change gave Yotaan a goal, finally something to work towards. Flying. While I have not been a proponent of flying in the game, it was intriguing enough to go after. And Yotaan ventured out the garrison, doing Apexis dailies and gathering treasures. He even raided with Fussypants once!


Now 6.2 has dropped, and there is stuff to do! Honestly, I haven’t gotten very far, but it has been interesting. The on-rails feeling was there to get to Tanaan, but it was an enjoyable set of quests. I am not so sure about the shipyard, and why did have to rescue the rebel orc shipwright? The night elf dude is making my ships! My other quibble is that the story is disjointed if you don’t raid. All of a sudden Gul’dan is in charge, and I don’t know why. Anyhow, it has been great to finally do some new things and see new sights. Yotaan will be working on those reputations to get flying for him and Fussypants. Of course, he will explore all he can and get that flying mount!


Fussypants: Oh yeah, I forgot about that, thanks for reminding me Yotaan! I also thought that the ‘And Gul’dan said Let there be Fel, and there was Fel, and Gul’dan saw the Fel was Good’ switch was rather abrupt. We go from fighting the Iron Horde all expansion to suddenly hello! Burning Legion!

Also why did the Alliance have to go get that orc guy anyways? We have countless engineering feats (Stormwind Harbor, Deeprun Tram, Skyfire, to name a few) so why couldn’t we build a simple dock and some ships? We recruit the orc and then he just disappears? I think that might have been Blizzard’s way of showing the collapse of the Iron Horde, but they could have come up with a better reason for the Alliance to recruit the orcish shipwright.


So what did you guys think of 6.2?


Note: Fussypants and Yotaan are going on vacation for a bit, so there will not be a blog post next week. Us writers need a summer too!

WoD Cinematic Supposition

Created by the magnificent Scott Leyes

Created by the magnificent Scott Leyes

Since the cinematic for Warlords of Draenor isn’t due to come out till August 14, there’s still plenty of time to speculate on what it will contain.  Will it be a montage like BC? Will it contain a story line like Mists?  Will there be gnomes??  Inspired by an article on Wow Insider, I’ve decided to write up what I would like the Warlords cinematic to be.  And hey, after the cinematic’s done, I can go back to see just how close or far away I was.

The Dark Portal
It would start with a black screen, and some serious sounding voice speaking about old stories becoming new.  Then, the black would morph into the sky over the Blasted Lands, and the camera would pan down to that camp in front of the Dark Portal.  Guards and whatnot would be milling about, some playing cards, others napping, generally not paying attention.  The camera would stop with a view of the camp, and the Dark Portal as the background.

Suddenly, the Dark Portal would start swirling, and it’s color would change from green to red.  A gnome mage would notice, and she would start to stand up in confusion.  The screen would cut to only the portal, and it would finish swirling and changing.

Then a huge flaming boulder would shoot out of it, crashing into the middle of the camp.   Whatever music that was playing in the background would cut.  Now everyone’s eyes would be first on the boulder, and then on the portal.  People would be tensing and falling into almost battle positions.

With a tremendous roar, orcs would pour through the portal and begin attack.  A quick battle scene would go on, and then the camera would cut back to the gnome mage from before.  She would be casting a spell, and right as the orcs got close to her, she would vanish in a flash of arcane magic.

Now, the scene would change, and the proud towers of Stormwind would be shown.  There would be a brief clip of the gnome mage telling Varian about the attack, and Varian looking pissed.  The screen would again cut to another view, and this time it would be the various faction leaders with entourages charging across the Blasted Lands.  They would come to the Portal, and find the guards’ camp destroyed, but a few battered looking guards still lived.  These guards would point to the portal, and again the camera would focus on the now red portal.

Now the camera would focus on the steps in front of the portal, where Varian, Vol’jin, and the gnome would be standing (the other faction leaders would be behind them).  The gnome would slowly step through portal, and we would now see her in Draenor.

A massive amount of orcs, orc machinery, and an impressive fortress would dominate the landscape.  These orcs would notice the gnome right away, and would charge at her weapons raised. (The music would start building like crazy.)  She would raise her hand to cast a spell when the music would cut and…

Warlords of Draenor Logo!

(Yotaan thinks the cinematic would be the exact same except that it would be a troll mage.  And yes, said troll would still go to Stormwind to tell Varian.  Don’t ask.)

So what do you guys think the cinematic should be like?

Addendum: Yotaan and I are going on vacation, so we will be AFK for a little over a week.  See you when we get back!

Avatar: The Last Windwalker Monk

This was my life for a couple weeks, but it's all good now!

This was my life for a couple weeks, but it’s all good now!

Before I dive into an article, I want to offer an apology to you guys.  Yotaan and I abruptly stopped blogging last week, and we didn’t really give you a warning.  You see, the boss fight called SCHOOL OF IRL got down to the last 2%, and I was required to help down that last bit.  The debuff FINALS has kept me away from blogging and WoW for the last couple weeks.  Don’t worry, I’ve dispelled the FINALS debuff, and have almost downed that boss.  We are back in blogging business!

So now, onto the article!  I received many ideas for an article from the friendly people of the twitters after my plea for help went out.  The venerable SpaceBard suggested I write a spin off of one of his articles in which he assigned classes to his favorite characters in the TV show, the Walking Dead.

I’ve decided to do the same, only with the TV show, Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Aang- As the title suggests, I can totally see Aang as a windwalker monk.  He’s a very much use his enemies weapons against them in a way that Windwalkers do.  Also, monk just fits because he is an air nomad.

Katara- Katara would probably be a cross between a frost mage and a resto shaman.  She can fight like a BA (hence frost mage… ha ha, you know where my loyalties lie), but also is concerned with healing and balance between people and the planet, like a shaman.

Sokka- This one is easy; I totally see Sokka as a warrior.  The way he fights, and the way he thinks are very warrior oriented

Toph Beifong- I have no freaking clue what Toph would be.  A tank of some sort, maybe?  Prot warrior?  Guardian druid?  She’s got such a layered personality.

Zuko- I can see Zuko as a cross between a Fire mage (because firebending) and a combat rogue because of his stint as the Blue Spirit.  His personality matches both too.

Azula- Demo warlock most likely.  Fiery and unstable, but cunning and controlled and all at the same time.  Actually, her insanity is mostly why (MAGES RULE!)

Iroh- Brewmaster monk.  Definitely.  Iroh is both deep and thoughtful, as well as free-spirited and jovial.  Plus, he loves food and tea, and is obsessed with balance.

So, what do you all think?  Do you think I have matched up the characters pretty well, or was I way off the mark?
Also, if you couldn’t tell, I’m kinda a cult Avatar: The Last Airbender fan.  If you haven’t seen the series, I strongly suggest you watch it!  Even Yotaan as an adult enjoyed it!