New Direction

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.22.24 PMAfter many days of decision making, Yotaan and I have decided to change the focus of the blog.  From now on, we will cease writing about WoW, and start writing about a new addictive game we have discovered called ‘Minecraft’

We came to this decision after we realized that both Yotaan and I were spending way more time playing Minecraft than WoW.  We do love WoW, but to us Minecraft was the better and more attention grabbing game.  Thus, it would be silly to continue to write about a game we rarely play so we decided to switch the blog’s focus.
From now on, this blog will be called Growing up in Minecraft, and will be all about Minecraft.


Community Blog Topic: Design a new WoW Holiday

Fussypants's attempt at Photoshop= failure
Over at WoW Insider, they have a column called Community Blog Topic, which is a chance for the opinions of other blogs to be gathered and published on their site.  This week, the question they asked was “Design a new WoW holiday”.  Fussypants and Yotaan blogged their answers here!

Fussypants:  I think we should have more Azerothian lore holidays, celebrating things like the fall of the Lich King and Deathwing, and such.  But for holidays like that, I think it should be a little thing, like a few NPCs, and one or two quests.

However, I think April Fools should be a HUGE holiday affair!  Every year, on April First, the citizens of Azeroth, (and beyond), should just go crazy playing pranks.  The main proponents of the holiday would be:
⦁    Tons of new toys, such as ones that let you swap appearances with the target, or ones that make the target appear naked except for boots and gloves (target would keep the items equip however) and more.
⦁    Random NPCs would be sporadically replaced with mini bosses (like Timeless Isle rares), and would be able to be taken down by the players for a chance at MORE TOYS!!
⦁    Any portals or porting devices would take you to random locations.
⦁    Players would receive mail that would seem to be never before seen mounts or pets, but would turn out to say ‘APRIL FOOLS!’ when learned.
⦁    Going though a loading screen would have a chance to grow or shrink your character for a few minutes.
⦁    Players would be able to polymorph/hex friendly players too! (Subject to diminishing returns, not usable in PvE or PvP instances)
⦁    Chests would randomly spawn around the world, and opening them would drop either a rare toy, or transform your character into a ‘fool’ costume for 10 minutes.

And more! Basically, random world events would happen, all to prank the players, or have the players prank each other.  I would imagine that it would only last for a few days, and most of the toys would be available only for the event (but some special ones would be year-long).

Yotaan: Clearly Fussypants is a genius because I can’t think of anything better than this!  Or maybe I’m just lazy…

What holiday would you want?