100th Blog Post Contest!

My photoshop skills are improving!

My photoshop skills are improving!

One hundred.  That’s a pretty big number.  And especially for blogging, one hundred posts is a lot of blog posts! Today, as of this post, Growing Up in Azeroth will hit this big milestone!

In order to celebrate this milestone, Yotaan and I have decided to throw a little contest for you guys! The theme is “Who is your Main Character?”

How does one participate?
The idea of the contest is for you guys to tell us about your main character.  Why did you make them? Why are they still your main? What is your headcannons/RP? In order to tell us this, you can submit an entry two different ways. (Note: If you do not have a main character, you can still join in! Just tell us about your favorite character.)
Option one: Write about it! Write up a blog post or an email explaining your character, or telling your character’s RP story.  The more creative the explanation, the better!
Option two: Take a screenshot of said character that best represents them.  It can be an action shot or a still shot and again, creativity is king.  Also, artwork of your character is more than welcome!

How does one submit entries?
You can either blog your entry or email us at thefussypants(at)hotmail(dot)com .  If you do a blog post, please let us know!  Please make sure to include a method of contact (email, twitter, etc).

You said contest, so what are the prizes?
There will be two winners, a written and a screenshot.  The winning entries will get a choice of prize: either a Blizzard Store Pet of their choice worth $10 or custom artwork of their character done by Fussypants (digitally sent).  The winners (and perhaps the runners up) will be displayed on the blog as well!

How are the winners selected?
The day that the contest ends, Yotaan and I will round up all the entries and pick which ones we like best.  Yotaan and I are the sole judges of this contest.

When does the contest end?
The contest ends Sunday, April 26th and winners will be contacted shortly after.

And the contest starts right now! Good luck everyone!

Ready… Set… Go!!

The Beta Key contest is starting… now!

Your first riddle:
The first word be a story
The end of a ferret
An adventure of merit
Something so great you must share it.

The second and thirds
Are more filler words
And ones that are often times heards

The word numbered four
Is an action and noun
That the vikings did sound
In the days when they were abound

And finally to five
Is a valued druid spell
When a person hath fell
And your raid leader shouts with a yell

Together these will form
An article of inform
And one that is out of the norm


EDIT: We are now giving TWO keys away! Yotaan and I decided to give away the other beta key we got, so now first and second place get a key, and third and fourth get a painting! Happy hunting!

Good luck!
In this article is the first riddle.  The answer to the riddle will be either the title or the topic (or some other such clue) of one of my previous blog posts.  Upon going to that blog article, you will find the next clue in the bottom of the post.  This riddle will lead you on again.

There will be four riddles in all.  Riddle number four won’t lead you to a new post (you will be reminded on that riddle that this is the last one).  Instead, you will email me at thefussypants@hotmail.com (remember the ‘the’ in front of Fussypants in the email, or I won’t get it) with the answer to the riddle AND THE TITLES OF THE OTHER POSTS IN THE ORDER WHICH YOU HIT THEM.  This way, I will know that you actually followed the trail instead of just answering the last riddle.

The first three people to email me with the correct answers win!

Prizes will go as so
1st place: The beta key (obviously)
2nd place: A watercolor painting of your character
3rd place: A (slightly smaller) watercolor painting of your character
(Key will go out the following day if possible, paintings depending on when I get them done)
If I cannot reach you to give you your prize, I will award it to whomever was next.
If you are first and you don’t want the key, please make that clear in the email, and I will give the second place person the key and you shall receive a different prize.

You don’t have to want a beta key to join! Anyone can participate, for fun, for the watercolor, or heck, even for bragging rights!

Use the search function in the blog
Think outside of the box regarding the riddles
If you are stuck on a certain riddle, comment in the first clue post and I might help you
Have the email all set up beforehand so you can send it right away once you have the answer
Have fun!

This is supposed to be a fun event! Yes, it is also a competition, but don’t lose sight of the fun aspect in your race to be first!  Good luck to you all!

Disclaimer: Yotaan and I retain the right to refuse to award the prize to anyone on the grounds of cheating or unsportsmanship.  So please. Don’t do it.