Comic from the Dark Legacy Comics!

Comic from the Dark Legacy Comics!

So, I have a conundrum.  And it has to do with addons.

I don’t use them.   I don’t have a single one installed.  I raid without DMB, use the basic UI, and use the basic auction house layout.

But the problem is, is that I want to get an addon.  A damage/healing meter.  I’m always curious to see how well I perform compared to my fellow players (and I also love being at the top 😛 )

But this would be my first addon ever.  This brings me to my conundrum.

Should I download a meter and feed my vanity, or remain pure and not download one?

The reasons why I would are simple; I would know how good my deeps/heals are compared to others, and find ways to improve myself.  I would have that knowledge, satisfying my curiosity regarding my output.

There are many reasons, however, why I should not download one.  For starters, this would be my first addon.  I would go from being ‘pure’ to relying on addons to play the game.  I have a sense of pride for being able to play as well as I can without addons (other people who don’t use addons may feel the same way).  And I would essentially lose that specialness.

The more important reason is that I would probably become one of those people who can’t get their eyes off of the meter.  I would be so worried about getting to the top that I wouldn’t move for bad, or worry about aggro.  I think the comic at the top from Dark Legacy Comics perfectly describes me.

So, I’m asking you guys, meter or no?